Clever geek girl makes a DIY R2D2 helmet (8 Photos)

Jenn is the founder of the popular Clever Girl blog. She's created an R2 helmet that would make anybody's morning commute a little brighter if she passes you on her bike ride to work in Philly.

More photos of Jenn's nights out with R2 here.

  • frist


    • Logan

      in your hurry to show us how troll you are you actually ended up showing us how ignorant you are as well

      • frist

        intentionally frist…success!

      • Major_Rocker

        Eat it Jack:

        Report this comment for a violation
        Thanks for reporting this comment. An email has been sent to the website admin!

    • Hamlet

      Too bad there isn't an option where if a comment gets a certain number of "thumbs down" it automatically gets deleted.

    • Charlie

      I'm gonna Frist you…

    • HAN

      No. One. Cares.

    • That's Hot


  • Marc


  • the kid

    I guess if she is out of the kitchen then this is a reasonable excuse

  • Major_Rocker

    $20 says she rides a scooter.

    • Jaives

      I would take you up on that. Last picture has mirrors too far apart for a scooter. A DIY geek after me own heart.

      • caleb

        You sir, are an idiot. Anyone that knows anything about bikes will laugh at your observation. That right there is a 50cc or at best 120cc scoooter.

        • caleb

          It even frustrates me more that you are so stupid that you can't evaluate the width of the human body! Regardless of the machine, mirrors need to be more than the girth. efffff, please end your life Jaives and save me some air. What, over the top?

          • ShakeytheMoyle

            No. Under the bottom….relax son, life isn't that bad.

    • Troooooooggggdorr

      Knowning philly its probably a scooter/ moped thing.

    • solved
      • Matt


        • jason

          gawd, that thing is hideous. The scooter, I mean. She's ok.

          • douche

            $20 bucks says she rides my face. ZING!!!

    • Matt
  • Polle

    nice! …if you want people to start aiming at you in traffic.

    • Drew_BfloTrace

      I agree, if I were to wear such a helmet either on a bike or scooter, pretty sure I'd have several rocks thrown at me while looking like such a fairy.

    • KyleRetrato

      Yeah. Aiming for a high-five.

  • frodo

    Clever geek girl looks stupidly hot…

    • Bill57

      you took the words right from me, talented, clever and hot rare in a woman kkudos to her

    • Malkintosh22

      "stupidly hot" does NOT describe this girl. You might find her hot but she cannot be classified as stupidly hot. I will not stand for it.

  • fack!!

    Bullshit Wtf do you ppl do all day besides hit refresh to comment first.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Nothing, why do you ask? 😛

    • Bill57

      some of us are retired and get lucky

    • Waylon

      Occasionally I hit the back button too. When I'm feeling froggy I click on other things.

  • JHarris

    If you want to show me a clever craft project that someone did, can you please make sure she isn't a cute redhead with a nice rack?

    • JDB

      I didn't see any helmet.

    • josh

      you know how i know you're gay… said craft

  • patov40

    Okay, that's pretty awesome. B)

    • houtini

      Also, illegal where I live.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #7 does that come with stun gun?

    • bart

      I love her eyes!

      • Bill57

        it doesn't but it should though she could kill you with those eyes alone

    • NebraskaGuy

      … I think the helmet fits OVER the 'stun gun', which is her beautiful face and eyes!

  • Hamlet

    Damn, upon first glance I thought this was about R2 girl, but I was disappointed. Could you remedy that Chive?

    • Ed Wood

      oh god, no. no one wants to see her big-nosed, meth-scratched face.

  • Tom

    i bet she gives great helmet #8

    • David

      Love the reference lol

  • Stafferty

    I'd beep beep boop her

  • sniggi


  • BHatch

    Great FLBP candidate.

  • Matt0001

    i don't always make helmets, but when i do….i get chained up and taken back to the kitchen #4


    #7 I think she is not only a geek, also super hot…i would like to see moar of her…..URGENT!

  • Pedro

    This is awesome! I need to know how to get her to make me one! Chive do you know if she sells them or if she's got a website?

    • ZachBob

      seriously. i want one, too.

  • Buck

    You guys made an editorial error, you misspelled beautiful. It should read "beautiful geek girl makes a diy R2D2 helmet". Probably the ned interns fault.

    • dorkfish

      "ned intern"….good job

    • john connor

      Misspelling a simple word while pointing out the spelling faults of others: Troll Genius.

  • MonkeyMadness

    Clever geek girl is clever. AND HOT!

    • Buck

      Why are you ALWAYS coming down on me man. I think she's beautiful, can't you just let me type that on your site? Why do you always have to fuck with me? Please bring the 6000 trolls to answer.

      • MonkeyMadness

        Ok, I'm confused. What are you talking about???

        • Buck

          Man you just keep pushing and pushing, some day you're going push too far. You don't see me chasing you down do you? All I said was the girl was beautiful, as my opinion. There is no need for you to correct me on my opinion. If you feel I am wrong please explain why. If you lack the ability to form a complete sentence expressing a conflict with my opinion with the womans beauty then do not further ask me to to remind you of the subject matter in your original reply to my post. I have already apologized to you if you are infact a member of the editorial staff for this website, for which you have not denied. What further do you want from me, other than repeating my statement that the woman in this article is beautiful?

          • MonkeyMadness

            You must have me confused with someone else.

    • Buck

      Pardon me I was complimenting the young lady, if you're management here on this website I apologize. I find the woman in the story to be beautiful in many ways I meant no disrespect to your website or it's editors. Thank you have a nice day.

  • R2G Fan

    #7 Does she wear it during sex?

    • the rest of R2D2

      yes she does…giggity giggity

  • just find her

    never mind geek girl find this babe she featured in DAR earlier this year and is smoking hot, an all out find her campaign must be statred ASAP

    Come on guys who knows her????

    • Meh.....

      Do you need jacking material?

    • Meh.....

      Do you need jacking material?

    • Nesbit Faulkner

      Do you need jacking material?

      • Nesbit Faulkner.

        Do you need jacking material?

        • Eeik5150

          Do you need jacking material?

    • ZachBob

      I think you need some new jacking material.

      • ZachBob.

        Do YOU need jacking material?


    nice rack

  • AssClown

    #4 Looks like she is taking a huge piss…

    • Meh.....

      That would have been much hotter……

    • Underhill

      That would definitely be a bomb. Check your background when taking photos. Some genius will always focus on the space alien in the background instead of the babe you meant them to see.

    • MonkeyMadness

      hahaha I noticed that too. 😛

    • caleb

      jesus ass-clown, your shit is weak! ……or is that piss?

  • Tommy2X4

    The movie Star Wars debuted in 1976. If someone born way after that wants to emulate a cool science fiction movie, how about Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet? 1956

    • Waylon


    • TGor

      Star Wars came out May 5th 1977

      • gocubsgo!

        That comment was a little too obtuse for the Chive. And somewhat dick-ish, in a hipsterish way. So what you were saying is that it is uncool to like something simply because it is popular? That is SO hipster BULLSHIT. Popular culture is popular because it is broadly appealing, so feel free to worship at the feet of obscure references that no one will ever understand.

        • caleb

          I was in until i looked at your name. How's the handicap lane working out for you? First in line at Walmart is good times.

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