Dopamine Dump (31 photos)

  • Conman


  • kiloweed

    second. lol

  • Htisss

    #31 Damn that Hamburglar!

    • Negron

      fucking classic

    • Ben

      Reminds me of those old Mcdonald's movies

    • guest speaker

      I got a good laugh out of this, too. Awesome!

  • nicky b

    #26 What is an escalator Alex

    • Obama 4 lyfe

      Wow. Arent you just a bright bulb. Loser.

      • Slappy McGee

        He is correct, and he phrased it in the form of a question, so…

        • Joeyk

 he has the board

          • JT Mo-Nay

            Your mothersh a whore

        • tapsnapornap

          but in his haste he forgot the question mark

      • rockandchive'nroll

        Wow aren't you a hater. Dickweed.

      • Mike

        The only Loser is the one who would want OBAMA 4 LYFE, whatever Lyfe is suppose to mean.

    • nicky b

      I'll take The Rapists for $600…. That's Therapists… Damn you Trabek!!!

    • RIP

      RIP mitch. one of the funniest ever.

      • Chivalrous

        It's ok. He had a roll of lifesavers in his pocket, and pineapple was next!

    • DigDug

      I'll take Swords for $200

    • JHL1

      Hey y'now what keeps me from acting? Fucking auditions.

    • JHL1

      I like refried beans, that’s why I want to tried fried beans, cuz maybe they’re just as good, and we’re wastin’ time. You don’t have to fry them again after all.

    • kuhanluke

      i miss mitch,got to hang with him a few times before he passed .genuinly a nice guy.

  • Fireman Matt

    #31 This is awesome!!

    • Anthny1605


  • Bloop Bloop

    #2 "I can taste the bubbles!"

    • smalls

      I can taste it… with my mouth. is that ketchup? yeah.. ketchup, and onions.

    • @pezatsea

      Still would.

  • bumble

    #13 must… find…her…

    • OpMongoose

      Yea both of them 😉

      • m3ee4

        I'll help….

      • Barrel in a Barrel

        Her reflection isnt smiling…. ill take the bad side.

    • j22

      Get that girl some shorter shorts!

  • mdog31

    #8 Fuck Facebook

    • Trolled ya so!

      Wow, you are truly a radical nonconformist.

    • Innocent Bystander

      Get Money?

  • Bendy

    #13 Stretching: you're doing it right!

  • Brian


    Amber, give me a call if it doesn't work out.

  • jdfish2279

    #17 Now that is awesome….little scary, but awesome.

    • crazydog

      that person is out of their fucking mind

    • James

      Great photo! Let's hope the iceberg spotter prevented a disaster.

      • hitechsailor

        Looks like it was taken from the spreaders of the Pelagic Australis. They run high adventure cruises to the high latittudes.

    • Max_Power

      Holy Ship!

  • Jayavc

    Love the Chive, but the Edit feature sucks

    • The_Dood

      Just delete the whole thing and start from scratch?

  • Pete_Rock

    holy shit!

  • tara

    #31 maybe its just because ive had so much coffee but i almost pissed my self

    • Woody

      Looks a bit staged…

      • tara

        yeah but its still funny

      • Brutal Deluxe

        It's real footage from America's Most Hamburgled

  • jrey81

    #15 "I hope you have a big trunk, 'cause I'm putting my bike in it." #10, Will Ferrell is the man.

    • 16inchzipper

      Will F**king Ferrell?

      Too soon?

      • jrey81

        not at all too soon 🙂

    • JOHN

      Why do people hate this kid so much?

      • JOHN

        Thumbs down is not an answer to my question

      • 2409

        because everyone else is doing it.

    • herbie hancock

      That quote is from Steve Carell in "40 Year Old Virgin", not Will Ferrell. /facepalm/

      • jrey81

        quote went with first picture, Carell from 40 yr old virgin, yes. Will ferrell statement just from 2nd picture. his comment on Beiber

    • Jason O

      Fuck- I'd be thinking the same thing about roundhouse kicking Ferrell to the face. Learn what the fuck comedy is- it's not running around in your underpants, screaming….

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Steve: That's not what we wrote. We don't go blue. That's the lazy man's comedy.
        Snot: Balls.
        Steve: Maybe we are working too hard.

      • Claude M.

        Will Ferrell is to funny as deep fried dolphin is to low-cal vegan cuisine.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Will Ferrell does not actually have a twitter account with that name. There are no authentic Will Ferrell twitter accounts. It is just a meme that people add to photos with him it it.

  • Scotsman

    #27 Spent way too much time figuring out who each of those belonged to.

    • Mei Me

      Please post them so I dont lost my entire day. I can tell about half of them.

      • Mei Me

        err lose

      • Brentos

        these are what I got…
        Toy story Aliens(row1#4)
        sponge bob(row2#1)
        Mickey(I think…row3#4
        Sonic(row 3#5)
        Red Angry Bird(Row4#3)
        Bart S(row 5#4)
        Wile E Coyote (row 6#3)
        lightning mcqueen(row6#5)
        Marvin The Martian(row7#2)
        Mike W.(monsters inc…row7#5)
        yosemite sam (row8#4)

        Thats all right now…

        • Underbaker

          You have an eye for eyes good sir, only ones I can add are 7-1 is Larry from VegiTales and 8-3 I think is Dexter from Dexter's Lab. Oh and 6-2 looks like the Great Gonzo from Muppets.

        • Mei Me

          1-5 Donald Duck?
          2-2 Nala from Lion King?
          5-1 Pluto
          5-3 Dumbo?
          5-5 Philip J Fry?
          6-3 Taz
          7-1 Daffy Duck
          7-3 Sully from Monsters Inc?
          9-5 Tweety Bird

    • ur-right

      9,1 – DORA?! what the fudge?!

    • mouse209

      (7,1) Opus the cartoon?

      • Ben N Blythe Martin

        1-2 Kermit
        1-4 Alien from Toy Story
        1-5 Donald Duck
        2-1 Phineas
        2-2 Nala from Lion King
        3-1 Ickis from Aaah Real Monsters!
        3-2 Goofy
        3-4 Mickey Mouse
        3-5 Sonic the Hedgehog
        4-4 Bart Simpson
        4-5 Porky Pig
        5-1 Pluto
        5-2 Elmo
        5-4 Homer Simpson
        5-5 Hermes from Futurama?
        6-2 Dumbo
        6-3 Tazmanian Devil
        6-4 Kenny from South Park
        6-5 Lightning McQueen
        7-1 Daffy Duck
        7-2 Marvin Martian
        7-5 Mike Wazowzski
        8-3 The Great Gonzo
        8-4 Yosemite Sam
        9-1 Dora the Explorah
        9-5 Tweety Bird

  • SolidusSnake420

    #31. FUCK YES!!!! I want to do that so bad!

  • dewarz

    I like an escalator because an escalator can never break, it can only become stairs. There would never be an escalator temporarily out of order sign, only an escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience.

    • smalls

      I like rice. rice is great for when you want to eat 2000 of something.

      • dewarz

        I think Pringles' initial intention was to make tennis balls. But on the day that the rubber was supposed to show up, a big truckload of potatoes arrived. But Pringles was a laid-back company. They said "Fuck it…….. Cut 'em up."

        • The_Dood

          I hate dreaming because when you wanna sleep, you wanna sleep. Dreaming is work, y'know, like there I am laying on my comfortable bed in my hotel room. It's beautiful… next thing you know, I have to build a go-cart with my ex-landlord. I wanna dream of me watching myself sleep.

          • junior

            I use to do drugs, I still do but I use to as well…

            • Underbaker

              Here is a picture of when I was younger, come to think of it they are all pictures of when I was younger.

              • Ciggy~Num~Num

                If fish could talk…the ocean would be really fucking loud.

                • thrillho

                  dogs are forever in the push up position

                  • JHL1

                    Hey, man, I did a radio interview for XM Radio. Nobody heard it. C'mon who has XM radio? (Some clapping) Hey, I'll be damned. It's growing in popularity! They said, "You could swear on XM Radio." "No shit, 'cause nobody can hear it… You could swear in the woods, too."

                    • JHL1

                      Xylophone is spelled with an "X" — that's wrong, xylophone… ZZZZZ! X?… I don't fuckin' see it. It should be a "Z" up front. Next time you have to spell xylophone use a "Z". If someone says, "Hey! That's wrong." Say, "No it ain't… If you think that's wrong, then you need to have your head Z-rayed." It's like "X" wasn't given enough to do, so that they had to promise it more: "Ok, you won't start a lot of words. But we will give you a co-starring role in Tic-Tac-Toe. You will get equated with hugs-n-kisses… and you will mark the spot. And you make writing 'Christmas' easier. And incidentally, you will start 'Xylophone'… Are you happy you fuckin' X?"


    why wasn't this the DMA

  • JHarris

    #28 used to light #14

  • amrith777

    #14 Meanwhile,in Compton…..

  • Bibliothèque

    #20 bullshit space travel talk get real grow up and FUCK PAULA_ JIZZ ON PAULA_ HAIR

  • Picard_

    #20 Happy Festivus… for the Rest of Us!

  • chicago

    #13 Yeah – all I needed to know about her. She's a keeper.
    #12 from Get Low..?…. I haven't seen it [yet]

    • Tuff Guy


      • Johnny Two Toes

        Second best movie ever. A close second behind The Royal Tenenbaums

  • Dale Doback

    You’re probably wondering why u gather you here today…

    • PieceofMind

      Yes, we were. As were you. It's an intervention. Stop using English, you're not ready for it yet…

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