A little inspiration goes a long way (29 Photos)

  • fritz müller

    #28 is simply the best, and so true!

    • fritz müller

      and, by the way: 8======>

    • Lulatsch

      OMG I was literally rolling on the floor laughing!

      and, by the way:

      (o°_°)/"(>_< .)

      Du hast nen übertrieben deutschen Namen! xD

      His name is as German as Bratwurst!

    • momoneymoproblems

      Deep thoughts by Jack Handey

  • kevin

    #3 amen brother

    • Underbaker

      And yet our wives are masters at getting us to do both.

      • etcrr

        You are so right, they know which buttons to push and do love pushing them often

    • Dave

      wish someone told me this before i had two kids with a total bitch.

  • https://www.facebook.com/JeremyHRoberts Jeremy Roberts

    #3 Then i'd never be able to decide anything….

  • bse35

    #2 is beautiful #9 is true

    • JHL1

      The irony of #9 is that Apple continuously and increasingly forces their customers to do things the way Apple wants them to instead of the way the customer wants.
      Every once in a while this is good, but mostly it is not good.

      • DaddyD

        There is no irony. The conventional wisdom is that the customer is always right. If Apple responded only to their customers instead of to Steve's vision, there would be no iPod, no iPhone, no iPad …

        Microsoft pretty much ignores what their customers want also, but at least Apple delivers products that work.

        • El_Hefe

          "People don't know what they want until you show them"

      • Smokey

        Isn't every single person with Apple products "living with the results of someone else's thinking" (namely, Steve Jobs' thinking)? Dogma, indeed.

    • a litle rationality

      Yeah well, that type of thinking had him chase homeopathic cures vs proven ones for his cancer…I'm just saying…

  • ABC123

    #9 is a lunatic's license.

    • Guz

      He sold you ipods, he didn't solve world hunger or anything!!

      • Smoke-n-Water

        Neither did Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or the Pope…..

        • Guz

          The Pope just presides over a load of kiddy fiddlers.

    • jimbojones

      "Also, eat nothing but carrots for a month."

  • Holy Hell

    I guess that we're all depressed then.

    • Underbaker

      Nope. I am just surrounded by Assholes.

      • sol

        women assholes is cool

  • chicago

    #23 –close, I prefer Tanqueray
    #10 – true, I'm heading back over to Stockholm next week. Swedes are genuinely nice people and live in a more advanced state of technology than the US. I hope I have time take a boat to see Finland.

    • World Population

      Nobody cares.

  • CBRian1K


    Thanks for the little reminder. No matter how shitty I think my life is, millions of people would trade places with me in an instant.

    • HUNK

      Now if the OWS losers would see this then maybe they would quit their bitching and be happy with what they have.

      • The_Dood

        Not a chance.

      • GTH

        yea and maybe if u keep giving rich people more money they'll give u some. or not. either way ur fucked.

        • armyabn

          The rich aren't given money, just so you know.

          • passwordistaco

            So I guess all the huge bonuses that were paid with bail out money was earned? The goal must have been to run the companies into the ground. or not.

      • jeralin

        And I guess all those people in Egypt, Lybia, and Sudan should have just sat back and taken it because people in the Congo and Somalia have it worse than them too? Should African American's and women never fought for their rights because elsewhere in the world people were more oppressed?

        Just because someone has it worse than you doesn't mean you should accept your own lot in life. If you're not happy do something. Apathy is death.

      • occupy_fail

        They're not losers and don't support their movement. Their ideas are not new. People been debating this for decades. These statements in the above photo are mostly true. It's not going to stop them from complaining. It'll probably enhance their arguments. They are not my voice, on paper sure I can be in their so called 99 percent, but in reality I'm not.

    • fred

      who gives a fuk really

    • Shinanigins

      Perspective…… what a great thing!

    • somebloke

      This is a powerful message. I believe it is true in spirit, but I wonder if anyone has actually checked the claims. I have a jar of coins, but I sure don't feel like I'm in the top 8%.

      But I must admit, I'm not starving or in prison (yet), so I should be grateful for what I have.

    • Amber

      It is a very nice message and the image is very well done in aesthetically but it is something we already know and don't need to have shoved in our face in the form of a very pretentious message. It just sounds like they are reminding us that we are all privileged and that none of our problems matter because other peoples lives suck more and so get over it, pansy. It isn't very inspiring either.

  • Jacko50

    #1 has worked for me so far.
    #22 is just awesome!

  • BlLL

    #12 Or maybe English just isn't your language?

    • Yeah, okay


    • newscot

      My thoughts exactly.
      Are they saying that 4 billion people in the world can read English? Doesn't sound right…

      • Stefan

        unless we grew up from round about 6,9 Mrd just in a year

  • Dee

    #5 unless youare a jerk then go back and change soem things!

    • yup

      Couldn't agree more. Making mistakes are something to learn from, not an excuse to continue "keepin' it real".

  • Anonymous

    Thanks chive. Sincerely.

  • Jamie

    The inspiration posts are some of my all time favourites. Another reason why I love The Chive so much.
    #5 is brilliant


    we should know these things, without being told.

  • jdfish2279

    #7 Never knew why this one was so true

    • Dan


      • jdfish2279

        Please explain to me how jealousy is the cause of stupid people being called cool.

        • rabble

          Because the ignorant people are jealous of what they do not have, intelligence.

    • SKEWED

      I'm Guessing a COOL person wrote this one!

    • Joel

      I've never called a smart person "the stupid are cool."

    • radishes

      its really more of an American thing than a problem with the whole world.

    • lonin

      It's 'merican High School mentality. The stupid jocks/football players are the cool ones and the "nerds" are the uncool ones.

  • Steverino

    Well I guess I am a member of the lucky sperm club after all !

    • Bob

      This is so true every time some whiny-bitch kid complains about how hard his life is I tell him to read Angela's Ashes or Grapes of Wrath etc., and find out what hardship is…

  • JDub

    Missed these, thanks for bringing them back

  • Dave

    #9 They Tok R Jerbs

    • JAMES

      de tk r jbs

  • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    #7 is flat out wrong, especially after you leave school and enter the real world. Geek and Nerd are no longer 4 letter words, they are 6-7 digit incomes….

    • SadAmerican

      Palin. Your argument is invalid.

      • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

        What? Michael Palin has done very well for himself, and his highly regarded in both the comedy and travel fields.

        • nope

          Kim Kardashin and the rest of the KK clan.

          • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

            You mean people think they're cool?!?

          • gern is correct

            that's the stupid fans propping the stupid celebrities…invalid

    • radishes

      Meh, go on down to Wall Street and meet a whole parade of frat-boy douchebags with not a brain cell to share between them making millions and millions and millions, yet producing absolutely nothing of value. the rare geek who breaks through and gets rewarded for his or her smarts is the exception, not the rule.

      • gern is correct

        that's a very small cross-section of individuals you're comparing to the entire rest of the work force – you could have just said the NBA and been correct with that line of thought

        engineers alone outnumber wall street…

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

          gotta say thats true. I was the geek in school who was smart, played too many video games, watched too much anime, and now…well 😉

  • sol

    #12 i read that and cry i could have been…."I COULD HAVE BEEN A CONTENDER"…"I COULD HAVE BEEN SOMEBODY"

    • Carlos Spicy Weiner

      Not just a bum.

    • http://www.hotornot.com Troll_The_MOFO_World

      #12 — false. The world is NOT 50% literate. Seriously, the literacy rate is 83.84% .. SO WTF ever .. just goes to show .. most people read ..and mos tpeople who can't raed but want to learn . .can find a place to learn for ALMOST free if NOT 100% free and earn some type of money learning how to read ..

  • dashete

    #21 I identify with this one the most.

    Although now, evidently, I don't.

  • Omar bouquett

    Chive, today I say goodbye to my brothers in uniform; as Marines we are afraid to do that our whole careear…and I did wake up afraid and sad, but all this pics helped me keep calm so I will chive on to bigger and better things and I will remember the ppl I love even more so than I planned…thank u

    • Underhill

      Why not stay?

    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      Best of luck to you sir. Semper Fi and Chive On!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/bill.whittle Bill Whittle

      There are no Ex-Marines Omar. Once a marine, always a Marine. Forgive the presumption, but you could be of real use helping other Marines come home. We have no idea what they have seen, but you do.

      Semper Fi, and thanks for keeping my family safe.

    • Tyler Durden

      That was simply one chapter in your life brother. Time to turn the page and start writing the next one, maintaining the knowledge you have received up to this point. You'll do just fine.

    • kater

      fcuk military – better get a proper job and stop fightingfor oil and companies' profits!

  • etcrr

    II live #11

  • RoadieJoe

    Philosophy does not fit on a bumper sticker. 80 percent of this is misguided or merely wrong. The rest is taken out of context. I am glad that the question of meaning has arrived for you, but the bad news is, you'll have to work harder at it than this. Peace.

    • sol

      well done roadieloe u always seem to pop up and put everyone @NOT@ including me on a debbie …………….so i think u should fuk off and suk a lemon (not a lesbian)

    • Gisewuy

      At least it's better than some non-specific rebuttal attached to an unsupported conclusion. Being contrarian doesn't make you any less trite than the packaged wisdom you deride.

      You do sound cool, though.

  • Damian

    How about “come up with your own sayings about life” and stop reading someone elses BS. Seriously none of us are special, so stop trying to put special meaning to meaningless lives.

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