Happy Thanksgiving!!! (20 Photos)

From all of us here, let me just say that we are thankful to have the best damn fans on the planet. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have safe travels to wherever your family is forcing you to visit.

TheCHIVE will be shut down for the holiday for the most part (although I hear rumblings that John may roll out a special HQ DAR tomorrow) but will be back stronger than ever this Monday. If you need to get our attention the most likely place to look will be face down in a dark alley somewhere with a death grip on the last scraps of an overcooked turkey. We're competitive like that.

Chive On!

  • lukakeanu

    when i was in usa 2 years ago…i stayed at my friends house on thanksgiving…..how can you eat that crap…come to europe and taste real meat

    • Anonymous

      Stay in Europe. Dumbass.

      • Anonymous

        Wow ppl love to hate on us. Guess they’re all jealous. OMGGG we got better quality of meat then u guys then suck it ape! Don’t give two fucks

    • Anonymous

      Come to the United States and learn punctuation!

    • The Noz

      I’ll give you some real meat! My 10 inch kilbosa, same one I gave to your mom last night!

    • JaketheSteak

      You ate one Thanksgiving meal, and most people don’t know how to cook turkey correctly. Best holiday ever, now you can choke on my American meat anytime you want.

  • Miso

    #18 oh dear

  • bse35

    #18 OH SHIT!

  • JOhnnnny5

    Thanksgiving was in October

  • vent187

    I’ve been to europe several times lukakeanu and o always can’t wait to get back home and eat a real meal. Suck it douche…

  • http://www.allexam-results.com Shane

    Its delicious dear,, water in my mouth !!!!!!

  • zach

    Nothing says awesome quite like a deep fried turkey

  • http://yahoo genelle

    So I’m a fairly new chivette and I’ve only been on the chive on the app on my phone so I was curious if somebody could tell me what dar is… sorry if I seem like an idiot just totally in love with the chive and would love to know everything I can about it. Thanks guys. :o)

    • Thegregcake

      Daily Afternoon Randomness. Also my bible

    • Geek

      Dar = daily afternoon randomness. Each afternoon it’s posted with a cournicopia (sp?) of awesome pics. It’s the time of day all chivers look forward to (next to FLBP – future lower back problems – girls with big boobs, and hump day – bunch of nice asses. Enjoy 😉

  • Noah

    #13 Chive on from a Happy Thanksgiving in JAPAN!!! Turkeys, you are not safe here!!!

  • Marcos

    I’ll tell you what dar is for a burn your bra submission 😉

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #11 jajajajaja

  • A8eez

    #16 if only they were her FLBP!

  • Anonymous

    Just for the record, north America has the lowest standards in breeding, feeding, and selling meat. All other first world countries like alot of Europe and Australia have the most delicious cow, pig, chicken and turkey you can find. Suck that you unglobalized dillweeds.

    • tom

      Like I said because of your high standards or lack of u have mad cow disease the u.s. wont import your crap so please stay home we don’t want u hear

  • JOUJ

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Chive staff and all chivers & chivettes from Montreal, Canada !!! You guys are awesome!

    • CHiver

      Thought I was the only one 😛

  • Anonymous

    ahh the old my country is better than yours debate…. gotta love it….
    dont like america? dont come here.
    dont like europe? dont go there.


    USA or GTFO!!!!!

  • M.O.T.

    Ah, you Americans and your crazy made up holidays…

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a made up holiday. It’s to celebrate when our ancestors tricked the Indians!

      • tom

        Your an IDIOT

  • agent_chuck

    I hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving, as a Brit I was honoured to be invited to a American friends yesterday for their Thanksgiving meal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/VictoriaElizabethBourque Victoria Elizabeth Bourque

    #7 Oh good grief that's hysterical!

  • Anonymous

    Why the hostility, enjoy the day

  • tom

    That’s why u have mad cow disease in Europe because of your high standards give me a break and please stay home

  • Anonymous

    You know, ive never been to europe and ive never eaten european meat, but because im american, and everything we do is better, ill stick to what I know and love.

  • MattKL

    #18 SOON.

  • jebu

    #16 Lopsided

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