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  • Tri140point6

    #17 That is art????

    • occupy_fail

      What is not art?

      • thom

        Probably $5 million of Obama's stimulus money.

        • that dude B

          did you miss the argument earlier? you probly just started a political debate all over again………kidding 😉

        • teh dude

          Except its in australia you stupid redneck fucktard.

    • ConstableDubs

      Post-Modernism FTW

    • Jin

      AHAHAHA! i cant believe i made the chive.
      yea, this was taken at Bondi, a beach in Sydney Australia, for you americans.
      and yes, it is art.

  • Beer man


    • Beermanisafailure

      You fail

    • Giraffe

      Beer man, next time you want to post "1st" why not just use the name thumbmethefuckdown.

  • Tri140point6

    #22 Would be funnier if the sign read "don't handle the Mutsu"

    • John Doe

      You want the fruit? You can't handle the fruit!

  • ChJaKo

    #33 The epitome of lazy

    • Jay

      She/he/it at least managed to waddle their way into the store.

      • 'merican

        'merica! F yeah!

  • Toomuch

    Wow doug first!

  • Dark

    I use toothpaste on my feet… I do what I fuckin' want.

    • Giraffe

      That is because you are special and hasn't actually be taught that toothpaste is for your teeth.

  • Mike Hunt

    #28 — that is right below Barton Springs in beautiful Austin Texas! there should be a chive article on the epic bikini's of Barton Springs!!

    • jaime

      I love that place. It's a mixture of all kinds: homeless people, families, stoners, pitbull owners…

    • ross

      or lack of bikinis!

    • Crobli1

      Really cool place

    • Truth

      Must be a new sign; I've lived here 8 years and never seen it

    • Gumbo

      It's called the dog wash

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Find Her

    • pooper

      her or him?

      • Stop being pointless

        ^^^ this guys a dumb fuck.

        • pooper


    • Brian

      She looks like my friend Jasmine. let me see if this is one of her pics.

      • adub

        it's not jasmine. it's my wife and pooper is a dumb fuck

        • pooper

          keep clam…

    • TylerV

      meh :/ hate to be "that guy" but whats the point of saying "Find Her"? Yes, I know they find more pic's of her and post them but still…idk. I'd rather see these women in real life.

      • Jen

        That is a pic of me (and not Jasmine, but she sounds like a real awesome chick!). I'd say, TylerV, that I'll meet you in real life, but I might turn out to be a aging fat man in a diaper. Still wanna meet?

    • Jude

      Amanda Knox

    • pooper

      ok seriously i showed this picture to like 4 friends and all my office workers. no one thinks this boy is hot. am i missing something?

  • http://www.hubcityradio.com/therock Rusty

    #16 That's a "hot" party……no? Man, that guy radiates a good time….still no? Fuck it, I quit.

    • Bon_nie

      Not bad, not bad!

    • etcrr

      why quit ya had a lot of steam going

  • Tri140point6

    #33 If there is any suction between her butt and the floor, they will never get her back up

  • beano

    #21 LOL

  • robsterling

    Use the taser!

    • Kevin

      I didn't do anything, don't tase bro! What did I do?

    • passwordistaco

      Where's the pepper spray guy when you need him?

    • Dorkfish

      Spray him

    • etcrr

      there are somethings ya just don't do unless you expect to get it back in a big way

    • SuperCereal

      Ok, so where's the follow-on pic of Slick here laying in a puddle of his own piss next to a broken billy club?

    • thedude325

      get his ass rufio!

    • DeRaNgEd

      am I missing something but Blowing smoke in another person face also meant he wanted to fuck them..

  • http://gravatar.com/busterbwn Daniel

    #28- the free, or poor part of Barton Springs pool Austin tx, u take ur pick.

    • bmb

      It's the area for poor people and pet owners. Not sure how this picture doesn't show the hundred dogs running off leash hah. It's a great spot to take the dogs to swim.

  • Illuminati

    #1 thats what she said

    • etcrr

      it is funny to pour the liquid on a sign, but I assure you pour it on that substance and you wouldn't think it was funny at all

      • GTO

        i dont think some people realize that moisture can make some substances explode, violently

  • http://twitter.com/asylumstudio B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #33 that’s just wrong!!

  • http://www.tube8.com Troll_The_World

    Seriously .. .that kid in #5, is going to molest somebody .. if he hasn't already.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      nope, just European

      • jake

        nope just australian

    • Travis

      He might benefit from a few pushups or squats

    • jake

      your just jelly i got sex appeal

      • Kelvin

        I'm jelly of yah Jake.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #3 why not?

    • foreskinman

      this guy looks like he has cancer

  • TurboCDN

    #27 – People that do this are dumb to begin with but doing it in a company car? Find this person and get their ass fired!

    • etcrr

      I agree with you, but they parked it that way for the advertisment on the side of the car.

      • TurboCDN

        That may be but it's a douche move and not one that should be done in a company car.

        • TheAndychrist

          Wouldn't have expected the Joker to abide by the rules so…

    • Simon

      That's grounds for having a baseball bat taken to your car!

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #8 And he just stood there GROOVIN ON IT!!! CHIVE ON!!!

    • passwordistaco

      He was just shotgunnin it, now must eat doughnuts and siesta

  • R2GFan

    #13 Cute…and I love the look of defiance in your eyes.

  • Los

    #28 is the dog park right next to Barton Springs Pool. The pool is awesome! Many good looking peeps and has a nice story too

  • eric


    Is that a BC Ferry?

    • http://modpc.co.nz larsborg

      nope, that's in the middle of the Cook Strait in NZ:) …and that bad man is not me…i swear….

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    #27 Ok thats funny if the car wasnt originally parked like that!

    (Did that to our shop teachers Mustang once LOL)

  • Falthor

    #16 must be a Fountains of Wayne concert…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306794685 Michael McCloskey

    #23 wtf is flying in the background

    • learn a lesson

      bird shit

    • Will Smith

      Is that a whale too?

    • anomic

      ancient aliens

      • Guest

        Red Bravo flag.
        Used to indicate the end of the bulbous bow of a ship, in this case a cruise vessel.
        Normally it is used to indicate the loading, unloading or carrying of dangerous cargo.

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