Friday Dopamine Dump (31 photos)

  • Taylor Murphy

    #15 just wtf lol

    • WTFLOL

      how about you just type out the full words instead of coming across like a teenage girl?

      • Gunner Stahl

        nice name idiot

        • NEALZ!

          i almost crapped myself laughing! 😀

      • Gunner Stahl

        now fill my asshole with your cum like a good chiver

    • R2GFan

      I LOL'd. People looked at me funny.

  • BaseballRube

    #13 Legen… (wait for it) …dary! (BTW, I'd tap that)

    • CalAb13

      Which one 😉

      • ..........

        doesn't matter they both like wiener

    • douchewad

      Yea I'd nail NPH too, esp during the Doogie years…I likes em young & socially awkward…

    • lost in time

      so why is chive dedicating so much space to this fag?

      • 9489jgb

        because they're a bunch of super white gay guys.

  • DerJöe

    OMG I made it to the top comments. YEEAAH

    • Madhatter!

      chive don't deny it! thanks for the virus!!!

      • bitch

        whoever gave the thumbs down i hope you get it!

  • that_dude_b

    #5 bahahahaha. awesome!

  • jasgat66

    #10 The less succsessful Canadian version of "Jersey Shores"

    • SKEWED

      what's up with the random floating head on the bottom right?

    • truth

      Is the guy in the lower right 'shopped into the photo? & LOL at there being a successful Jersey Shore…from concept to casting, that show is failure.

      • Craigery

        Hardly a failure. The point of the show (as is the point of ALL TV shows) was to make money for MTV. Jersey Shore gets HUGE ratings. The cast probably agreed to do the show in order to make some money and maybe get famous, which they did. The show was hugely successful in accomplishing what its creators and cast wanted it to accomplish. Just because you hate it doesn't make it a failure.

        • truth

          I am sorry, I should have clarified. The show, while it did increase revenue for MTV, it is unworthy of being called a success. The cast is a sad lot of characters, ridiculed for being moronic douches. There is hardly a redeemable aspect of the show. Calling Jersey Shore a success only cheapens the term 'success' and insults anyone and anything in life that has ever been called a success.

          • Brutal Deluxe

            So by extension, 'failure' is positive and my wife DOESN'T want me to get hit by a train full of dynamite.

          • KillKanyeWest

            I agree Truth, and anyone who would defend that abomination should join Mr. West in a horrible death.

    • Craigery

      *Jersey Shore. There's only one.

    • hMMMM

      the guy who is photoshopped in looks a bit like Drake, no?

      • Topie


    • Truth


  • Shawn Bell

    #9 *slooow mo voice* Gaaaaawwwwwwdddddd Daaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn"

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Hit him right in the pituitary tumor

  • Jules-CO

    #20 Going to print these and post them in the ladies room now:)

    • monkey sampan

      Good. It"ll give the ugly chicks something to read while they"re in there.

      • MylesofStyles

        ^ This.

        • Meh

          Coming from someone who probably is the ugly thing in the bathroom. It's okay, there is yet help for you. It's called plastic surgery.

  • chicago

    #27 the only ugly thing on her is that wedding ring…

    • asdf

      didn't even notice. Im heartbroken

    • DoomsDayDub

      Playing with pussy lips…..You're doing it wrong!!! Oh so wrong.

  • asdf

    #27 I think there is more of her face in this one than previous pics of her. Does this mean you are closer to finding her chive? PLEASE do.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      What face…….?

  • Anonymous

    #28. Pretty sure dude in the middle is kenny powers

  • Jules-CO

    #9 Haha, "Boop"

  • The Guy

    #4 Yo Dawg….

  • Ricky


    • TheBAMFinater

      So she doesn't sue.

    • dominantone

      why you no have this pic saved somewhere?

      • Ricky

        because i have a life.

        • KingDerp

          You are complaining on the chive….you don't have one.

          • Ricky

            complaining or not it's the same amount of time. so we both have no lives.

    • real talk

      i thought it said.. i love POOP PARTS

    • TM.

      Search it on Tin eye

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Oddly enough….Pop tarts was the LAST thing that popped into head when I saw this picture


    Doesn't matter…..had sex

    • Chivalrous

      How long did it take you to spot the pop tart? Took me like 20 seconds.

      • Spencer_on_Fire

        Wait there's a pop tart………OOOOOOhhhhh…..took me three hours then

  • Oatzfactor

    I got a virus that crashed my work computer from the chive. We all still Chive daily.

    • chris

      I got one too yesterday, was that from here?

      • theKev

        I got it too while I was here.

        • dominantone

          me too had to do a system recover.

          • Gammers

            strange…no problems here.

    • MylesofStyles

      I heard it's an old virus going around called "Internet Explorer". Delete it from your computer and you should be fine.

      • chris

        I'm on firefox, it was malware, windows security 2012

        • pen15

          I got the same thing last week. Security Fix 2012

          • Steve

            thats why you idiots don't click links to secuirty suites… if windows wants you to have it it will be in the windows updates… seriously. stop blaming chive for your idiocracy.

            • TheAutomaticMan

              or just by a Mac….

              • Gabriel

                idk, i heard they don't have spelling and grammar check…

      • Kay2

        And don't forget the folder it creates called 'system32'

    • its_forge

      Boy you got a really shitty proxy server and what the frick virus protection package are you using? We have a proxy and Microsoft Weakass Forefront and we don't get NOTHIN'.

  • untamedride

    #28 "Do you think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while i'm wearing these bad boys?"

    • Turntable


    • JpJ

      My thought exactly.

    • ClintSchmitty

      I just assumed that someone was having a Kenny Powers themed wedding…

  • jrey81

    #18 awesome! Flawless victory! #22, ahhhh clever bastards….#13 a slightly more subtle art of negotiation than the connery method…

    • Elton John

      Family Guy sucks more cock than I do.

  • rick ross

    #15 no way he died from that, it was somethin else

    • Bogdan Gavriloaia

      it got you concerned ?

    • rick ross

      who the hell can seriously jack off 42 times in a day? People got shit to do and after like 10, theres no way u can even get it up

      • Tall Mike

        challenge accepted

        • Captain Awesome

          Hahaha – Before you start let someone you know what you are doing so they can scan your obituary and send it in. And good luck to you.

          • Tall Mike's Mom

            I'll help him…..

          • Joel

            Also be sure they're keeping count.

    • incognito

      I'm guessing it was a 43 picture edition of thai girls on thechive, and upon reaching the bottom he realized he had been… decieved.

  • pooper

    only newbs use ie. grow up

  • pooper

    firefox is falling behind. chrome it up if u want uber game

    • SamIAm84

      Chive, why u delete everything? I have a feeling it was funny.

      • Buster Douglas Fir

        I must know!!!!

        • Madhatter!

          we got a virus from the chive.

          • Madhatter!

            so that's why it was all deleted. Chive conspiracy!

          • YOur Mom

            why give a thumbs down??? FUCK YOU

            • KingDerp

              why give a fuck

              • Brutal Deluxe

                This administrator has been deleted by the comment

  • Jeff

    #22, me too!

  • Joe Schmo

    The shirt on the right in #2 is better than most of the ones you guys posted in the new t shirt poll.

  • GernBlansten

    #8 Indeed.

    • JHL1

      Steve "Wild & Crazy Guy" Martin!

  • Jack_LeMac

    Chive can we please have a droid app for christmas? Thanks guys

    • bemilm


    • StillLovetoChive

      I paid for the iPad app but I've gone back to the browser. Don't think that you are missing too much. Loads slowly, no animation in GIF images, missing text, poor comment system and it seems to lag against the site. I never noticed before how many pics are animated GIFs.

  • zimzum

    #21 damn… now i want a hug

    • Buster Douglas Fir

      #14 There ya go

      • zimzum

        that's cold dude

        • Lulzypop

          well the chivers obviously love twilight. that's why they keep stealing posts from reddit about it.

    • LoupFer

      Heck! I want a Wookiee!

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