So about that Sexy Chivers… (7 Photos)

Once a year, the Chivers are allowed out in public for our annual Christmas undoing. Last night we went to IRIS, the spectacular Cirque du Soleil show at the Kodak Theatre.

At that time, I had every intention of bringing you a Sexy Chivers today but the wheels fell off that intention somewhere in ether of the evening. Ever have one of those nights when you tell yourself, 'alright, fuck it, I'm getting Christmas Uncle drunk tonight'?

So please accept my apology for all this, it's happened before and I can't promise it won't happen again. We're not the smartest lot over here. I'll make next week's Christmas SC one for the books, promise. Stay tuned for the Friday DAR, I'm sure you'll find some hi-res Chivettes in there somewhere.

Also, if anybody has seen Mac the Intern today, please return him promptly to his parent's basement.

Chive On,


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  • chicago

    #7 if they can walk, they're not drunk enough. New SC plan: submit the mid-day prior to drinking day. No need to forgive an early SC post.

  • poetic

    "but the wheels fell off that intention somewhere in ether of the evening"

    well said for a drunk dude

  • Forest

    "Christmas Uncle Drunk" is the new phrase that pays this holiday season. Brilliant! I will be using it (and achieving it) tonight.

  • ottomanismydog

    you look like Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins

    • _Moose_

      If you add fifty pounds and 2 inches of neck, I can see it.

  • Mike

    photos of guys. huge fan

  • Maberham

    #4 Draw me like one of your french girls….

  • MaverickAg

    Christmas uncle drunk… that's a first for me. Been stressed out myself these past couple of weeks and am planning to get that way tonight. KCCO!

  • jasgat66


  • AllanA

    #7 at least it made me laugh….I look forward to the Christmas SC "one for the books"

  • krisbenson

    Yay! this means there's still time for met to submit… for an epic holiday edition. Glad you guys had fun 🙂

  • CalAb13

    No worries – glad you had a good time and hopefully its not one of those "Kill me now" days.

    BUT maybe next time could you put the text at the top? I opened up the thread and went WTF?



  • Jtrain

    You guys are a couple of losers. SC is the most anticipated post of the week and you douches fail to deliver at LEAST once a month. I don’t want to see seven pictures of your lame drunken escapade. I want to jerk off to some hot chivettes.

    • arandomchick

      No worries faithful men of the chive. To the rest of you assholes out there, quit bad mouthing these guys. Do they not deserve to go out and have a damn good time? Maybe you guys should quit relying on these pictures so much to make your day. Go out, get a girlfriend and actually fuck her..rather than sitting home, lonely with your Dick in your hand..jerking off to pictures of women who aren’t even naked! There are thousands of spank bank websites dedicated to helping you fools jerk off. Get over it. How about showing actual appreciation for the female form, as opposed to complaining about how you can’t jerk off today? Assholes! Keep calm and chive on tomorrow ladies and gents! 😉

    • Soccer-drinking

      You are not a real chiver. A true chiver would not be mad that they went out and had a great time!


    So basically you're saying "Sorry I'm not sorry for partying"

  • Joe


    • Edwin Winnipeg

      you know all the coolest cats wear black: johnny cash,darth vader,ninjas,the terminator then you have this guy…

  • Bryan

    *loser sign*

    • Active_hunter

      Sorry, your pic didn't load. We don't know how big of a looser you are.

      • Bryan

        You're not exactly overflowing with the wit, huh?

        • Active_hunter

          I'm stuck in a broom closet at work all day, what do you expect?



    Did this one make the Sexy Chivers calendar?

  • White15

    Excellent!! So about that greasy pork chop served in a dirty ashtray..

  • MikeAtso

    You guys are champs. If I ever come to Chicago we’re going partying

  • kenzington III

    Completely unsatisfactory!!! With the thralls of dirties you have sending you images all week; this could have gotten done ahead of time.

    I'm happy you guys had fun. But now I'm stuck at work, with no chivettes to look forward to 😦

  • sir tickle

    What the fuck is this shit? You guys fail to deliver the goods on a weekly basis you fucking retards. Half your shit is stolen from reddit u fucks. Sexy chivers is a piece of shit for the most part. I cant wait for this website to crash and burn because you guys are to lazy to have any staying power you fucking assclowns. If you guys didnt have the FLBP or hump day this the chive would be a failure. And why dont you pick a “Chivette” that is actually a hot woman and not some fucking cutesy nintendo player with no titties. Get ur dick hard chive! Be a man and do ur work!

    • Soccer-drinking

      You say you hate it so much but then Spend the time to check the site and post a comment. Why check the site if it sucks so bad? Yet another person that doesnt understand being a chiver

  • jjjjrrrrrrrb

    you guys are a joke. Too hung over to search the internet for T&A? Or to post pics that chicks have sent YOU!!

    All of us with a 8-5 job REALLY feel for you.

  • Guest

    OK so I'll go there – "So you got wasted…" Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

  • Taco_Depot

    #5 "Now let me take a picture before your first day of school"

  • FrankDTank

    And not a single fuck was given.. hope you guys had fun!

  • sir tickle

    Where are the women that u guys should be with? This stupid website has probably made u millionaires and all the crazy photos you take are of a sausage fest that u and ur work buddies had. You guys are a disgrace to all human kind. Fuck! Im mad as shit! Get laid and quit pretending to thank all the chivettes for there submissions..when ur just wanking off like the rest of us…fucking losers. Why dont u go to a call one of these sluts you call chivettes invite her to fucking the chive and fuck her! Be a man!!

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