• sketchent

    that man got a rough dose of sexual delight that night and many to follow

  • gary

    Far more entertaining than 33 pictures of the country girl!!

    • HAM

      AGREEEEEDDDDD! IDK what the huge hype is on that chick. She's just an average looking girl willing to show pictures of her ass on the internet.

    • j-roy

      i second that!

      • priceless


        • Derek A.

          4th never heard of guy wanting a girl to go hunting…she should be waiting behind with dinner

  • charlie harper


  • Kato

    I guess it's never too early in the marriage to show the world you no longer have any testicles.

  • VooDoo

    still waiting for the "epic"ness I guess…that 5 year old break dancer was epic – this was, well, it just was.

  • rabidbannanas

    Saw the dance, heard the song, immediately got AIDS and ran for the hills.

  • chlamydia

    had to watch that bafoon on mute

  • ryan"priceless"price

    there was fluid everywhere when i watched this. i cryed bc the song was so bad but pissed all over the place bc of laughter. keep up the good work. chive on damnit.

  • Yahoo! Answered

    is there anything whiter?

    • Jake

      Having Eminem in the song instead of Luda.. but then there'd be far more talent in the song as well.

  • guest

    anyone who does a dance to that dbag's music can't be epic…this was horrible and nobody should watch it

  • VedHead77

    Her gaydar is broken.

  • John

    Poor fucker ruined the first and only time he was ever going to get laid.

  • Amy

    You guys are losers. This is hiarliously awesome. Any guy willing to dance that badly for his wife in front of a crowd is totally getting laid.

  • fdubzou

    Haters gonna hate.

    This was awesome.

  • ColaChiver

    Yes we all know Justin Bieber should be water boarded until he suffocates but the fact that this guy was willing to do that and make a fool of himself for his bride was beautiful and hilarious…get a sense of humor you sheep

  • khalili

    when hipsters doing bieber..

  • Kate

    i want a man who's willing to do that for me. There's not many out there who are as awesome/ballzy enough to put his heart out there and have some kick ass friends willing to participate in that dance also. Props to these gentlemen and the lady queen as well.

  • Grenny

    You did this to yourself, now every time she asks what "our song" is for the rest of your life you know what you have to say….

  • Hat

    Look, the song was chosen because it silly, doubtfully because anyone there liked it. The point was that this dude did a hilariously good dance to a ridiculous song for his wife at his wedding with a bunch of his mates. This looked fun.

  • AndreLei

    A day later she divorced him for wearing a turquoise-orange baseball cap at their wedding.

  • Derek A.

    coolest video, looked like a sick wedding

  • Axy

    Sexy beasts.

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