The ‘Tough Guy Challenge’ of 2012 (23 Photos)

Photos via Denverpost


  • Dave

    They don't seem too tough! First post!

    • Dave

      Actually, yeah. They seem pretty tough. My bad.

      • Dave

        Actually I am a douche

        • Dave

          the biggest douche that ever lived

          • Dave

            I like when people poop on my chest because I am a douche.

            • blunt


  • Tuff Guy


    • uhhh

      GO PATS!!!

  • Jake too

    Looks like fun.

  • @bckwdboi

    Not sure if adrenaline junkies or just crazy. Hmm …

  • psully23

    What about the Spartan race I heard of? These things look fun as shit.

    • cedrikleblanc

      I did two Spartan race and believe me, they are incredibly fun!

    • Legion

      You should look into Americas version called Tough Mudder.

    • averageguyfitness

      Tough Guy races have been around for a while longer, and I think Tough Mudders were originally based on the Tough Guy.

    • roclawzi

      Spartan Race is usually 3-6 miles, doing my first one in June. The Tough Mudder is usually 10 to 12 miles, did my first one of those in November. Yes, they were fun as shit. I was freezing cold the entire time, which was good, because after I warmed up, I was in full body pain for 2 days!

  • The J

    #1 Tough guys wear devil jammies in England?

    • jammin'

      They wear them while they punch your face, yes.

  • BloodScrubber

    Funny how looking at this reminds me how I felt after my divorce. xD

  • blazinsumgreen

    shits intense, but they all look like pansies

    • MIT

      They may look like pansies, but watch what you say – or else they'll put out your lights.

  • CP7

    Looking at this post while eating left overs from the chinese buffett = fail….

  • echogeo

    Compared to spending the day trapped in an elevator with Paula & stuf? Cake walk.

  • haju

    Send them to SAS training…they will be crying for their tea and bieber music in no time.

    • RayBoogs

      what a pointless comment.

  • Mad Hittman

    #12 is the toughest motherfucker

    • ysoserious

      If you can do this in a mascot uniform it can't be all that tough. I've personally seen tougher. Much tougher.

  • passwordistaco

    #19 Paul Stanley is a beast.

  • bob

    If this looks appealing to anyone, you should check out Tough Mudder. Similar concept, slightly longer course.

    • Corwin

      I was about to say, this is Tough Mudder

      • paulhitchcock

        No, this is Tough Mudder Lite. Tough Mudder is 10-12 miles instead of 8, and there's 10,000 volts of electricity awaiting you at the end.

    • mutant26

      try the Ironman….nuff said. But I want to do the mudder sometime. Looks like fun,

      • averageguyfitness

        Try the Spartan Death Race.

    • AyJay

      Except, Tough Mudder ripped this race off. Tough mudder pricks were business students that asked to see Tough Guy;s business plan for a 'project' then stole the idea. Look it up.

      • Ferociousaurus

        Yes, and every marathon is a ripoff of ancient Greeks, and every 5K since the first ever 5K is a ripoff of that idea. Running a race through obstacles and mud is the express intellectual property of Tough Guy, and expanding the idea to more accessible locations for Americans while donating thousands of dollars to the Wounded Warrior Project every year is prickish behavior.

        • MultiTrollin101

          They've actually donated over $2 million to the WWP, but who's counting.

      • roclawzi

        It must have pissed you off when you saw other toddlers walking, since you invented it as a baby.

    • grw2112

      I'm sure it's tough. But for killer you need to check out the Canadian Death Race

  • theblenny


    frackin Paul Stanley, nice

  • @crazyjayzy

    Tough guys turn me on 😉 haha!

    • ToughestGuy on Earth

      I come from a real tough neighborhood too, when I was a kid I put my hand in wet cement and felt another hand.

      • @crazyjayzy

        bahaa i wasnt serious…

        • ToughestGuy on Earth

          neither was I, it's a Rodney Dangerfield joke 🙂

          • @crazyjayzy

            Lol, sry I didn't catch that one

    • @Gingergreek

      *smashes paper cup on head* Oh yeah, I'm hardcore lady!

  • Eric

    "Probably the toughest event on the planet".. .

    • ayjay

      tough mudder stole the idea from tough guy. look it up.

  • NewBrunswickGuy

    I would do this to just meet one Chivette in my part of the Canada

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Where is "the" Canada?

    • ysoserious

      Fuckin Acadians. They claim to be able to speak both english and french, but they fuck up at both…

  • Travis

    I've done the Warrior Dash. Similar to all of the above mentioned, but not as long. Lots of fun though.

  • Mike

    If you want the equivalent, check out Puts spartan race and warrior dash to shame.

    • Mike

      plus they support the wounded warrior project

      • tomy

        so does spartan race…

  • trulyrough

    Doing the Tough Mudder in a couple weeks. TGC ain't nothin.

    • paulhitchcock

      Georgia? I'm doing it then, too.

      • trulyrough

        Yep. See ya there!

  • mickdeck

    #19 This isn't my coffee

  • Del


    Best mask

    • Unfkngblvbl

      …..or paint.

  • Katie

    #17 Awesome Picture, I give props to these people. #14 Especially her for trying

    • Katie bee killer

      opps #4 Her

  • gingergreek

    #23 Bet he wishes he never had that Curry?

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