The man who lived on his bike (Video)

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Music by Paul Maco
End credit music (Mpc Work) at
SFX by Sonart, post by Minh Tran
Special thanks to Yvan Bilodeau
and Renée Lacombe

Shot with GoPro Hero

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  • Greg J.

    The best part about this video were the comments throughout it.

  • DocShivers

    idk why yall are hatin. its was a creqtive and interesting video. i thought it was cool.

  • etcrr

    The video was well thought out and done well enough and really liked the music, but it did get boring after awhile

    • MonkeyMadness

      Totally agree.

  • joel

    god damnit chive.

  • getreal

    People are bitching about a man doing something nice for his dad? Obviously these dipshits just feel guilty, because they would never take the time to do anything for their dad.

  • nonono

    Of course he uses an Apple Mac, because hey, he's hip.

  • Mike

    He obviously just bought a GoPro and wanted to see what he could do with it using his bike. That's all. It's not super intelligent but it's interesting for a bit. Probably trying to win the GoPro daily facebook prize or something.
    Chiveworthy because it's something different, albeit not mind blowing.

  • TokyoREW

    Okay, Mr. Schwinn-fucking-Armstrong, who asked you to drive a bike?

    You know what, I'm not the only person in the world…who rides a bike.

    Yeah, everyone rides a bike, when they're fucking six.

  • wobbler

    My legs would be wobbly when i finally got off the bike..

  • Farrukh9
  • Jeremy

    Fapping to this was the best idea ever!!!

  • Yo Mamma

    Anyone have the name of the song by Paul Maco?

  • JDB

    I like the song.

  • Dylan

    wow some cynical bastards watched this. i think its pretty cool!

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