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    GO ON!

  • http://www.theChive.com Mack318

    I just shed a tear. This is truly inspiring


    Chive NEEDS to get rid of these advertisements

  • Mike

    WOW! Just WOW!

  • shoelessjoe

    "i've wanted to get back on the horse ever since I got knocked off" – dude you definitely got back on. Very, very cool stuff. Arms oustretched, eyes to the heavens – you were perfect.

  • satchelcharge78

    Guy in first few secs says his friend broke his back in 2004, you got it as he broke it in 2008. KCCO.

    • satchelcharge78

      Also i had a friend almost same thing but it was water surfing, hit a jump just a crazy speed boat went by he landed on the main deck and broke both legs and shattered three vertebrae.

  • satchelcharge78

    i mis read the link quote my bad it didnt say 2008 it jsut said 8,, no more drugs for me i think.

  • Jake too

    Simply awesome! He said it correctly about getting back on your horse after you get knocked off!

  • love

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  • CarzyB

    I highly recommend watching "The Freedom Chair". It was screened at the Banff Film Festival here in Vernon. Josh was there at the screening and the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation. I had tears in my eyes. He's such a fucking champion ❤

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