• Eagleheart


  • Hotcarl

    Go Canada !!!

  • Ref

    Wait wait wait, I coulda swore I saw one of them get hit…….. and they didn't go out!

  • @mcraephoto

    I am from Edmonton and I am glad to see us still getting noticed on The Chive. KCCO Edmonton…

  • Elliot

    Nobody got out because Canadians are horrible athletes.

  • Etown Celeb

    Who kicks a ball in dodgeball? Would suck to be one of those poofters on video evidence.

  • jordan

    I go to the u of a and we just beat the record again with 4979 people.

  • Brian

    My GF goes there. but was abit to busy actually doing school work haha

  • Jeff

    I go to the u of a and we just broke the record with 4979 people….so infos wrong

  • @DJCuza

    wroooooooooooong Devinsupertramp did a video a few months ago with 3,975 people.

    • U of A

      too bad u of a got 5000 this year… wrooooooooooong

  • lemonDorito

    Impossible not ot get hit!

  • love

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  • athmane belabes


  • Vanderslice

    Those crazy Canadians!

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