• 54adam

    "Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are wickedly funny!" I'll be the judge of that…

  • tim

    What you can't see is the 50 zombies running after him!!!!!!

  • anon

    oh man…. i'd crash so hard… haha

  • sketchent

    THOSE ROCKS….dayum

  • http://twitter.com/DJintheMHC @DJintheMHC

    Nope. Fuck that. Fuck all of that. I'm surprised this man's (or woman's) enormous testes still allow him to barrel down a mountain like that.

  • AWOL

    You would be surprised what 180mm front shocks will absorb.

    • Anonymous

      Or 203mm

    • EB25

      It will be 200mm

  • awnel

    argghhh my testicles

  • DC22

    well fuck you and your mountain bike!

  • EasternCanuck

    Its all fun until you blow the front tire and bust your face on those rocks. No thanks

  • http://hallucinatingmartyr.wordpress.com hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

  • sixdeadelves


  • http://twitter.com/unkindagiza @unkindagiza

    Warning: Drop Deuce before attempting.

  • ryax44


  • BenC

    holy fuck, fuck no…. at least with skydiving you've a reasonable chance of living, and its all planned, this is just one huge jump off a cliff, waiting to happen!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like this person has ridden that trail only once before… clearly has no idea where he’s going.

    Obviously he should have just turn right and taken the quick route to the bottom. I know I would have. Who cares if I meant to or not!

  • Trailer Ray

    I was genuinely hoping to see this guy eat shit. Nothing against him but its not like noone else was thinking it…

  • john long

    Fuck that for a game of soldiers

  • Justin

    i would have ate shit like 100+ time!!

  • Ironhead_Jed

    obviously, this isnt the riders first time, and those shocks absorb most of the impact from the rough terrain. I rock that on my Kona Stab Primo. looks like a ton of fun to me

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  • Erndizzle007

    Rediculose but way fuckin awesome

  • kenny

    Is this the new temple run teaser

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