• 16inchzipper

    Agreed. Bad. Ass.

  • ICanHasYourSoul

    Wow. Pretty awesome. And I just make stickers all day…

  • Roadgypsy247

    They fight what we fear!!

  • BCFD

    I've seen better. Should of got into the first room knocked it then moved on. Too bad were not allowed to have helmet cams where I work.

    • PGFD

      Agreed, id knock it from inside the room with a straight stream and toast the helmet a bit rather than stand in the hallway with a fog stream and get steam burn. just my 2cents

    • okcfd

      dont be that guy yes they made a few mistakes but the call on staying on the stairs i feel is a good decision your not fighting fire in a type 3 ordinary construction building which would allow you to be more aggressive. This is a residential type 5 balloon frame construction with a light weight roof that has already partially burned through if your trusses go your roof is going and when that happens you dont want to be the captain who had his guys in that room just my 2 cents

      • PGFD

        i see your point, but it they were going to do an attack from the stairwell they should have pulled a stack tip instead of a combo nozzle, especially with a balloon frame where fire can run all through the attic and the walls.

        • http://Thechive.com bensmith681

          what station do you run with in PG?

  • Some Guy

    Post this on the main page

  • http://twitter.com/dclipe @dclipe

    He sure is! Much respect to all the firefighters out there!


    still overpaid! still sit on their asses 98% fo the time…just sayin.

    • Ferret

      i think all volunteers are over paid too

    • phukAKBAR

      you sir are ignorant, no career department has their employees sitting on their ass "98%" of the time…just sayin…If you are jealous of how badass the job is maybe you should have tested when they were hiring…

    • cHiVe FoR pReSiDeNt

      Ok, when your house starts to burn, we'll notify the fire dept that you feel they are paid too much to risk their lives to save your shit, so they can continue to sit on their asses or go back to sleep so that they are well rested when they are needed to help someone who appreciates what they do. Jackass.

    • Zac

      For a greater risk of cancer, spending long periods of time away from my family, seeing things happen to people that you know that you can't forget in the community that you live and serve, and still maintaining yourself… yep way overpaid we are. So come and take my job AKBAR, if you can.

  • Ferret

    they need to stop making houses do flamible

  • Bdonkulous

    Akbar- you don’t know what you are talking about

  • Hunter_BZ

    …thats nothing, if you checkout my helmet cam footage, you can watch The Chive!

  • tinyonwirk

    That was cool, but really horrible hose handling. Got to be more aggressive t hen that!

    • http://twitter.com/DJintheMHC @DJintheMHC

      I bet you're reaaallll agressive handling hose. Amiright?

    • etc4779

      Thats what she said…

  • NAFD

    ive seen nothing BADASS would have been a good interior attack if u would have had a little nozzle training and maybe a little bigger pair of nuts and last but not least STANDING REALLY wasnt hot enough to be bad ass haha dance with the devil and get stared in the eyes by him THAT WOULD BE BADASS

    • AKfirette

      everyone has to start somewhere. most people don't have any more experience with fire than what they get from their bic lighters.

  • Ders

    listening to heavy metal while watching this video makes it even more epic

  • etcrr

    Any fire where you go in fight the fire and come out alive is good enough for me. All fire fighters are badass

  • Firefighter_2000

    This happened in the same county I live. All of these guys are volunteer. I know several of the guys in this video. Good work for being so far out in the county.. Was VERY surprised to see his video here!

  • MrSusan20

    I'll make it real easy for everyone. Firefighter = Hero. even the station rookie who has yet to go out in the field. makes no difference if they're paid or volunteer. no matter what country they come from. if the most fundamental aspect of your job is to save lives, you are a fucking hero.

  • Gumbyboy

    Rookie on the hose.They are spraying water on the flames not the base of the fire.

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