• Justin


  • http://twitter.com/unkindagiza @unkindagiza

    Did this guy do Cirque du Soleil?

  • Ryan

    does anyone no what kind of brakes he has?

  • Bigrosso

    I'm sttin' here grabbing some lunch, chillin' with thechive video, and WTF.
    This guy is doin' his stuff in and around Fairfield, a small suburb just north of downtown Melbourne Australia.
    That's the 1st time I've seen anything Aussie in this space KCCO !!

    • SJay

      Fairfield Vic or Fairfield NSW? o.O

  • Robert

    Danny Macaskill is much better, check him out

  • Corey

    I see your Danny MacAskill and raise you Ryan Leech :

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The word "raise". I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • billy

        grammer nazi

    • doobious

      I got a concussion just watching this stuff

  • noegod

    Holy Hell! This guys equilibrium is on point like a motherfucker!! RESPECT!

  • guatarral

    When I see these things I feel old and fat…which I am anyway

  • Matt

    HTML5 video is for winners. I thought you were winners Chive.

  • The Bullet

    Yeah mate, and the footy oval is at ford park off oriel rd near ivanhoe. Mean vid!

  • Brian

    Its more like insane married are you fucking kidding me and had a how in the hell does he do that baby.

  • Luke

    This is called trial riding. Been around a long, long time. Still awesome, just pointing out that if you want more videos look this, than google trial riding.

  • Moe

    these 30 second commercials are getting annoying.

  • Chris

    does he ride with clips or normal shoes?

  • Hugh

    Clips are for cross country and road

  • ReynoldsEdgar

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  • http://twitter.com/bikemecrazy1016 @bikemecrazy1016

    For the above:
    It's called Trials, and it RULES.
    I ride this biking style, in addition to others…
    Rear brakes, maybe Magura hydro rims and some kind of disc front, almost always hydraulic as well…
    This is REALLY fun to watch in person, and if there's enough riders, it becomes like HORSE is in basketball… LOL

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