Hot Right Now: Raver girls will make you sweat (28 photos)

I’ve never seen such dedication taken for a simple roomate prank (22 Photos)

  • fuck you

    wheres your VIA REDDIT comment at the bottom

  • Lee

    Above and beyond the call of retarded! Hilarious!!

  • mikhael

    would have been funnier if they did this while he was at work and came home after a long day to find the door to his bedroom was not there anymore… i thought that was where it was going.

  • Al Borland

    What brand of cordless drill was that?

  • nol

    um wasn't the "fuck you" the wrong way roun?!?

  • cba

    He's a fuckin Indian, say what?! A Paki prank, fookin hell!

  • phlux

    sadly very very boring. but on the bright side i was amused by the morons who thought this funny. so many morons.

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