Jumbo Hostel Arlanda airport hotel out of an old Boeing-747 (14 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #11 I call Dibs on this room

    • Country Fan


    • realzoo

      Yep, looks like the best seat in the house.

    • BorrowMir

      One does not simply call dibs

      • https://www.facebook.com/mossro Bobby Moss


        • thom

          $700 and it is yours, per night.

    • Zing

      Really? I thought you would like to be in the cockpit.

  • http://www.GremlinPrince.com GremlinPrince

    How to recycle the awesome way

  • BizNastyForPresident

    $150-700 a night? Finally, a hostel that bed bugs can't afford to stay in.

    • psully23

      Why is it called a hostel then? Why not simply a hotel?

    • Hotelforme

      It looks like shit. SHIT!

      And where the hell is it parked that a person staying in hostels could get too? A big field!?!?

      • I Am Ginger

        At the airport

    • theSwede

      That woukd be 150-700 sek or 25 to 100 usd a night. Chive got it wrong.

  • RandomTask09

    "Buttons . . . check. Dials . . . check. Switches . . . check. Little colored lights . . . check."
    — Calvin, by Bill Waterson

    • MattKL

      Does it have the red white and blue wires so President Marshall can signal trailing American attack jets?

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      best cartoon ever

  • dashete

    #11 Two single beds in the 'cockpit'?

    Dubious, very dubious.

  • Gotta be fresh.

    Ill take the nerd card, that is awesome!

  • MattKL

    Hell yeah I'd stay there!

    • login

      Still have to get searched by TSA before entering

  • MonkeyMadness

    #8 Hey! This one comes furnished with a prostitute already in bed! 😀

    • Bill

      I prefer to bring my own prostitute.

      • Frank

        Yeah, your mom is much pretty hot.

  • m.c.

    #9 thirteen comments no one asked for moar yet!? MOAR! FIND HER!

    • tim

      Ha ha ha – apparently the majority of us have standards m.c. If you ever get to meet her and by chance get her in one of those crappy single beds, let us know if you joined the 30 feet high club will ya? B)

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      yes! She is beautiful!

    • PJee

      I have another question: why is she sleeping on the job 🙂

    • http://xoditech.com HiLife!

      Why would you want more…

    • Chive-alicious

      FOUND: She works at the Jumbo Hostel near the Stockholm Airport. You're welcome.

  • RettB

    $150-$700 a night for a hostel? At that price I want my own bathroom. One does not simply share a shitter with strangers

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      its actually more like $25-$100 a night. The price they put is in Swedish currency

  • LucretiusCarus

    #8 #10 Your use of the fish-eye lens only makes it more obvious that these rooms are super small.

    • robby

      it's a good thing fishes have the eyes that they do…otherwise that goldfish bowl would seem awfully small.

    • Master_Rahl

      hope the rooms at least come with complimentary barf bags

    • Yessirr

      It is an airplane after all.

  • broken halo

    No worries about this one floating down a river or trying to land in one!

  • WTF


  • Sumfing

    Couldn't fuckin pay me to sleep there!

  • Eastwood

    Can you say "Claustrophobia"

  • oliverklosov

    #9 Wake up…must of been a former pilot!!!

    • Sorry

      *have been

      • oliverklosov

        Yes, thank you I know the correct grammar…this was just quick slang. Not really intending on turning it in for grading or anything.

  • atxer

    Le' me see…fly 12 hrs in a plane, pay 150-700 to sleep in a plane, and share a bathroom on a plane similar to the one I just disembarked from…nice try.

  • Yessirr

    It would be kind of a cruel joke if the airlines used this place to comp rooms for people whose flights got canceled. "Oh you have to wait until tomorrow to get on a plane and go home, but here, climb your ass up in this one and sleep the night in this 8×8 closet."

  • Tommy

    It's actually my company that did the outside paint job on that one. A Jumbo Jet is kinda big when you stand next to it 🙂 http://linoljemalarna.se/portfolio-items/jumbo-ho

  • electric boogalo

    What's worse than 2 hours in a plane? 2 days.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Now if it could fly, it'd be worth it. This is how every plane should be.

  • chicago

    #3 looks like hell. after 8.5 hours of flight time getting there and intentionally having hotel accommodations in another plane is insanity.

  • Amigo

    I hate being stuck on a plain for hours, why would I spend $700 a night to sleep in one…. but it actually probably would be pretty sweet.

  • Montauk_Monster

    Not worth the price but it's a very awesome idea. It would be cool if they had more of these at a reasonable price.

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