• Pants

    I have no idea what in the fuck just happened.

  • James

    So much ignorance when it comes to soccer. You can't judge a sport if you've never actually played it at least a few times. I bet most of you making fun of soccer couldn't even run a mile…

  • Head Chef

    Wow that vid was completely ordinary.

  • JackDanielNo7

    Anyone else notice number 17 failing on getting past his man by sticking his head into the defender crotch?

  • elbruces

    Look, everybody in the game was clustered around his net. He did the smart thing. The other team shouldn't have been so stupid.

  • Dan Thompson

    Unbelievable Jeff!

  • illWill

    Whoa. It's like he was playing real football for a second there with the catch and run!

  • Da Sandman

    why are they all congratulating the guy who scored? ffs, even torres would have scored that one…

  • red4

    I don't understand what I'm seeing. A goalie kicks a ball, and then what? I don't know anything about soccer. Could somebody explain?

  • The Mad Zak

    It's soccer, so really, who cares.

  • TripleT
  • RiosDorothy

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  • enjoyfools

    Hahahaha, this always happens with Americans. Americans can't appreciate anything that they aren't dominating. The rest of the world is humbled towards new ideas and new ways to practice life, yet americans still demonstrate this "we are the best arrogance". As the US economy starts dwindling down, and your education system still in the pits, you guys should keep ur precious Socialized American tackleball it's all you guys will have left :). KCCO

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