Meet the fastest amphibious vehicle on the planet (22 Photos & Video)

Via Fantasyjunction

  • big_james

    #1 Want vs. Need… Want yes need no. Still freaking cool.

  • Dakota

    How fast does it go on land?

    • Doc Brown

      Land? Where we're going we don't need land.

    • damn

      Hopefully fast enough to make it to the junkyard

    • nyr8er

      i was hoping it'd at least show it doing 60 in the water as well.

  • Sean

    Uuum, pretty awesome!

  • boobman

    Must have!

  • map

    Must.Play.Lottery.More. -__-

  • Atom819

    Hell yeah let's drive to Ireland

  • scooter

    it spins? I don't get that part

  • Kodos

    "We would appreciate its return, 007! Intact, for once, when you return from the field."

    "You'd be surprised at the amount of wear and tear that goes on out there in the field."

    • Ned_Plimpton

      007 couldn't use this… No room to have sex with thousands of women.

  • _Moose_

    Yeah, but does it have 007's Lotus Esprit's anti-theft system? Boom.

    • _Moose_


      You guys haven't seen For Your Eyes Only!

      One of the funniest of Bond scenes [The Lotus has a sticker stating that it has the ultimate anti-theft protection, and yet the dude goes at it with a crow-bar. Then… BOOOM… the car blows up! Hilarious.]

      Separately, I hear that in Joburg, South Africa, some cars now have real flame-thrower anti-carjack systems. You try to jack, you get FIRE. Try rolling up in the Mc Donalds drive through there.

  • Static

    its kinda ugly… needs a good paint job -but cool otherwise

    • Trig

      Ive seen better looking motors on scrapheap challenge.

  • @JorEl10262009

    #1 is a cool car I want and need.

  • noegod

    I'm impressed, but I'll skip it. I'll rather have a flying car!!!

  • Tacos117

    Is it just me or is that thing fucking retarded?

    • jamie

      just you.

      • Tacos117


    • damn

      I totally agree.. I can't believe someone totally wasted 6 years of ther life on that ugly a$$ POS

      • Tacos117

        Did you see that Camaro from a few years ago? Did the exact same thing, but still looked like a Camaro!

  • Len

    It performs horribly as a boat.

  • Randyb

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks like the batmobile?

    • thatguy

      Am I the only one who thinks Randyb doesn't know what the batmobile looks like?

    • RickyReeed

      Yes, yes you are.

  • Cynthia Friel

    Interesting choice of background. I'm sure Mozart would be proud?

  • Cynthia Friel

    Music….I meant background music

    • Sorry

      Too late, whore.

      • Hugh

        That's not very nice. Try keeping calm and chiving on.

  • lovetheredheads

    I see two things… It has two bicycles, but only seats one person?!

    And there's no cup holders.

  • Aldo

    shut up and take all my money

  • 0_0

    I was hoping for a missile launcher and not storage for bicycles when that compartment opened in the video.

  • ROSHOrosho

    Yes, but will it blend?

  • PrimerGray

    You won't be picking up any chicks at the marina with that thing.

    • FLA


  • Bigfoot

    i like turtles

  • Underbaker

    I will stick with Bond's Aston Martin, it can go submersible and has a few other tricks up its sleeve too.

  • Anthony Young


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