Video game case mods that give me a nerdgasm (31 Photos)

  • Babytrollmagizax

    First before babyfartmagizax fag

    • Whale

      And you still managed to make yourself look like a douche. Well done. Douche.

    • nomorebabyfart

      i did thumbs down on accident….meant to like….babyfart needs to get a life.

      • Piker

        You are both faggots

    • Fartbaby

      Hahaha i always think the same thing babyfart does need to get a life

    • Evil Johnny!!!

      Grow up dude… I know you Refresh button is blazing, but I know your bedroom is empty…. Sucks to want to be seen don't it?

      • I hate cats

        You must know Johnny

  • Marty

    Nice rigs. I'm officially a nerd I suppose.

  • Whale

    #20 is awesome.

    • Tomfather


    • Twentyfour cd

      EVERYTHING about what these people are doing make me feel like a failure. My xbox is boring as Sh*t. And I sold my super ninteno to game stop. The f*ck!

  • jason

    Cool but, Im confident when i say that all the above owners of these consoles are virgins

    • Feeder of Trolls

      Takes one to know one me thinks.

      And, are you seriously stuck in the world of "you use your artist talents to modify your video game console in your spare time, therefore you must be a virgin"?

      • broseidon

        Homeboy seems a bit under confident in his manhood if he believes having a passion for something other than getting plastered regularly leads to lack of the poon. Kudos to you though, bro! What do you excel in?

    • Blake Watson

      says the virgin…..

    • snooze

      more like guys with big pockets

    • TheRob

      You mean all the owners are awesome.

    • CanadaFTW

      University Art Class success = no pussy? No, it means more attention and people know you as the "Beast PS3 owner". Also chicks dig geeks because we have sweet gadgets and lots of cash. You're just jealous. Haters gonna hate.

      • shnugs

        My flatmate is super nerd yet has the hottest girlfriend ever. Its scary. Some chicks love nerds.

  • Bro


  • Dan

    I want #19.

    • Sgt. Iz

      "I have the weirdest boner right now"

      "Hulk sorry"

    • Random Zero

      Agreed. All of them were awesome, but that was the one that made me say, "Dammit, I want that!"

  • Chalkinhard

    Bill murry is sitting next to me at the airport!

    • DemonDan

      pic or gtfo….

    • darsh

      Pic or it didnt happen, *Murray

    • trill

      tits or gtfo

      • Tits


  • I-Need-$$

    #13 Still my favorite.

    • dirtysteve99

      Someone should do a Halo PS3 for the trollworthiness of it!

  • tv_paul

    I appreciate the artistry but I guess I'm old fashion and just like my video game consoles the way they are.#4 steampunk is pretty cool.

    • yup


    • Levian

      By far my favourite. Looks so cool!

  • Trailer Ray

    i cant believe how intricate some of these are…

    • trill

      that's what she said

  • SolidusSnake420

    #6 is awesome. And I would play nothing but Rogue Squadron on #5

    • Wedge Antilles

      Can't say I approve of the Tie Advance but I agree with playing nothing but Rogue Squadron on it.

      • God

        Its vaders tie fighter.

  • DemonDan

    #14 holy shit I want one!

  • Brian

    So, in addition to spending time playing video games…….

    • Brian

      I make fun of others to make myself feel better!

  • dewarz

    I've got the nerdiest boner right now.

    • Your mom


  • Shannon Coverdale

    #23 Take all my money!

    • omgh4x

      oddly coming from someone who hasnt owned a console since snes, there really shouldnt be a PC casemod in this gallery, do a gallery of PC casemods and you'll get hundreds far better than that hot mess..

      I really liked the console mods didnt even realize people did crazy cool casemods on consoles.. but the PC does not belong

      one of these things is not like the other, one of these things isn't the same……

  • bud

    #9 Does somebody remember what game these tanks are from? #24 That's just awesome

    • Chiefs420

      The look like heat sinks. Prolly trying to prevent rrod

  • dahcj

    I don't remember seeing these options in stores??

  • SteveD24

    Now the key here is to find a girl that will think these are awesome and play with you. Everyone's so quick to pull the virgin card but my ex played COD with me and was better than most of my guy friends. There's a little nerd factor in all of us, girls too.

    • nightlock

      these are definitely awesome! especially #2, #29, and #31 since i'm a classics girl myself

    • omgh4x

      hear hear

      met my soulmate via WoW.. best raid heal a raid leader could ask for


  • Scotty

    I just came

    • Scott

      So did I

  • babyfartmagizax

    #29 very sick!!! I'd actually play the Wii if it looked like that.

  • Ralph

    #24 is an abomination

    • Underbaker

      #19 Hulk smash Abomination!

  • Mark

    Where is the Portal mod???

  • Matt

    I have the weirdest boner right now

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  • SadeShadz

    #6 #13 Wicked sweet!!

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