High school teacher that makes whiteboard masterpieces during his lunch breaks (6 Photos & video)

Taking Away from Gregory Euclide on Vimeo.

  • ricco

    incredible, too bad he has to erase them

    • dragon2777

      Honestly that is the fun part. Then he gets to make more

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      as long as he has got pics its cool bro

  • dragon2777

    These are really awesome. I would buy them on a shirt or even a canvas painting to hang

    • Pants Pudding

      Or a sandwich board.

  • adonisallan

    He can probably make more money selling his art somewhere than being a teacher.

    Maybe teaching is his part-time job. Maybe he's really an artist and just want to share his knowledge.

  • DChiver

  • MattKL

    Damn, that's some good work.

  • Yeah right.

    As a bit of a street artist myself I really like to see someone that really embraces the transient nature of art. Like a sandcastle that will eventually get washed away it's good to embrace the fact that nothing lasts forever and rather than fear it we can celebrate it. Way too many people are too focussed on trying to preserve every little thing convinced that it can make us immortal in a way. Learn to let to and you will learn to enjoy the present more than ever before.

    With all that said this guy is some sort of savant if he can actualy crank these out in 25 minutes. Now THAT I'd like to see…

    • Jello Biafra

      That's why every transient is a work of art. Why don't you send them a Chive T-shirt?

    • J.Pollock

      I doubt he's a savant given that he's not the only person I know of who can do an entire painting in that amount of time. Bob Ross immediately comes to mind, for example. He could do an entire landscape, in oils, in under half an hour.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.fisher.96 Marcus Fisher

    That is badass

  • chirp

    Fapping is my stress reliever but i hear that its frowned upon during lunch time nowadays

    • ricco

      Only if you do it in the lunch room.

      • Pants Pudding

        In the lunch room in a building full of kids, as schools sometimes are

    • SlimShady

      Thanks a lot, Bin Laden.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.nelson.758 Angela Nelson

    All of these are amazing for only 25 minutes of work

    • Dingo

      25 minutes?! I get 30 minutes… what the hell am I doing with my life?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/diana.santos.946179 Diana Santos

    Absolutely beautifull ❤

  • whootwhoot

    Teaches art and then sells his students pot in the parking lot after school…

  • Sade

    #3 is awesome 🙂

    • Major (Blood) Loss

      My favorite too. Gorgeous.

  • Andy Valentine

    25 minutes? Seriously? That would take me a month and would still look like I drew it my repeatedly smashing my face against the board.

  • MIKEG01sf

    Sooooo…when does the teacher eat lunch?

  • a Fan

    It says he is an artist, but not that he teaches art. Anyone know what he actually teaches?

    • kyle

      He teaches graphic design, painting, printmaking, and sculpture, and a few more classes as well

  • https://www.facebook.com/joann.sarquist JoAnn Sarquist

    If you think these are impressive, you should check out his more 3-D work. He was featured in High Fructose magazine last summer. We works with frosted mylar and paint cans, and his work is based off what's on his ipod.

  • Webb

    Greg is a friend of mine and I'm lucky enough to have one of his original paintings in my dining room. Prints of his whiteboard images are available here: http://www.davidbsmithgallery.com/store/

  • C.Norris

    Bob Ross on a whiteboard 😉

  • suck me dry

    Oh, and I'm in love with Anderson Cooper.. :*

    • Mike D

      What about Kanye?

    • jeff donuts

      John saw him first and masturbates to him daily.

  • mehere


  • seanthecelt

    I was hoping the video would show him actually drawing one of his pieces. Time lapsed of course.

  • danny2step

    Here I was thinking I was clever for drawing my "elaborate post-it masterpieces", when I get bored at work… I forfeit my pen to you, sir.

  • Mitch

    As a teacher myself, when I have an open lunch period I surf the chive, although this art is amazing, I would have still engaged in the chive

  • Kevin

    I graduated from PLHS (the school he teaches at), 2 years ago, and this was just a common thing we always walked in on during the later hours. What he teaches are classes regarding computer design, but a lot of his professional work, that can be seen on gregoryeuclide.com, includes naturalistic models using foam, moss, wood, paper, and pencil.

  • fernsyla

    he needs to post a 30 min video or however long it takes to make that

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