Prankster secretly adds his own greeting cards at local grocery store (12 Photos)

Jeff Wysaski, who runs Pleated Jeans decided the greeting cards at his local grocery store were lacking in certain important categories. So he made some of his own bizarre selections.

More cards right here.

  • ThaGnome


    • shitter

      pathetic, fuck you in the shitter

    • DaddyD

      Are you saying "aw" to some of these cards?

    • Face Palmertons

      You had one word, one fucking word, and you screwed it up…

  • mbns

    Soon Hallmark will be stealing his ideas

    • Adam Verheyen

      just-Wink already has greeting cards along these lines. 😉

    • Dick Salad

      They already have happy divorce cards…

    • Bud

      …And charge you $9 each

  • newly divorced

    #12 is SO true!!!

    • Damian

      And to the great parties that come after.

    • GernBlansten

      Why is divorce so expensive?

      Because it's worth it.

    • the truth

      this is why i never say congrats to anyone when they say there getting married. please chive stop trying to make people feel good when u guys do a post of a guy proposing to his fiance as if there really gonna last 30,40+ years together. only a few ever do but i expect that from like religious people with ACTUAL MORALS not from chive frat boys that "think" they found the one its really pathetic considering most guys here and out there just wants to bang as many chicks as possible.

      • EpEp

        Dear GDI: Keep your quotations and your forever alone attitude to yourself.

        Happily Married Frat guy.

        • the truth

          sorry buddy but try again ,happily married here and from a young age too cuz im not like other guys that try to bang alot of chicks and neither is my wife trying to fuck alot of guys. in fact we both saved ourselves for each other cuz its something precious but to skanks and frat guys i know this doesnt matter. sure u probably made it work but i bet u guys are together cuz u have kids, mortage, just too much on the line to let it go like everyone else that just settle down cuz its too late. im sure ur wife is very proud of ur past that u banged alot of chicks in ur days and i bet u already take ur wife for granted. to this day i still do alot of sweet things that most guys just wont do anymore cuz they get tired. can u say the same thing? when was the last time u did something romantic with her and i dont mean some chessey typical box of chocolates and flowers cuz thats so typical. thanks for ur feedback though

          • Hawksnester

            Someone get this guy a Clydesdale.

            • Pants Pudding

              And some punctuation

      • Underbaker

        Just because the odds are against you doesn't mean it won't happen. Happily married for 22 years now.

      • Joe

        It does happen it's just that more and more idiots are jumping into marriage with the first chick that plays with his/her thing for a couple years… Stop degrading the commitment and take a look at your own lonesome life..

      • gimletmike

        Religious has nothing to do with either morals nor the ability to stay married a long time. You don't need to look far to find examples of that in either direction. I take offense at the implication that my first marriage fell apart due to any "Frat guy" looking to get boned all of the time attitude. I was in my thirties the first time I got married and was absolutely loyal to my now ex wife.
        That said in marriage number two I have learned that the two biggest secrets to a happy marriage are:
        A: finding someone whose bad habits you can put up with and who will put up with yours; 'cause ain't neither of you 'gonna change.
        B: Separate bathrooms.

        • gimletmike

          Noticed some grammatical errors after I posted. Get over it.

  • drbman

    #12 no kidding!!! i'd like to send #3 her way!

  • bcarson810


  • SomethingClever

    #3 will be a meme before the day is out

  • J.L

    What about a barcode if someone really wanted to buy them?

    • GernBlansten

      you're overthinking this.

    • Oltimey

      if they want them, they can take them…..The store isn't going to care about something that is not in the inventory

      • Anonymous

        I think they are thinking just right. I would instantly buy any of these.

  • Jamal102

    Can I order 24 of this type of card? #2 #3

  • TommyB


  • TCSthesecond

    #3 looks like Jesus…

    • Yoink

      You're the type of person that sees the virgin Mary in their poo, aren't you? 😐

      • @fchezenko

        last poo I had I saw stars #guinessandcurrydontmix

        • Jimbo.


          • @fchezenko


    • JHL1

      I thought it looked like Obi-Wan myself….

    • Brian Rosnick

      Nick Offerman with a beard.

  • Boston Rugger

    #11 & #12 Definitely giving this to my buddy for his wedding

    • TylerDurdenUMD

      I give out pro-men divorce attorney cards.

  • matt

    JL your not funny. Your an idiot.

    • Optimus_prime


      • matt

        Your posting online at 7am and " your" correcting spelling?

        • matt

          hi, my name is matt and ima douchbag.

        • Simon

          Whilst I don't find pranks all that funny, it's worth bearing in mind that it;'s only 7am where you are. Hard to believe that it's the middle of the afternoon here…

        • Pants Pudding

          "You're" posting online. Quit now.

        • Me.

          It's You're man lol and there's also a thing called "Time Zones" google them they're quite interesting.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #9 is awesome

  • chris


  • Justin Lentz

    Lol funny and oh so true

  • Leela

    #12 is for all you naive guys that will look at a hot chic and think that she is soooooo perfect. You get married and then this will happen to you because she was a skank to begin with that cheated on you and then tries to take you for all you got!!! I've seen it many times ! Love and peace to you all:-)

    • Steve Grenier

      Well aren’t you bitter.

      • Leela

        Not bitter just seen this a lot! Trying to get men to come to their senses! Look past the hotness. Look deeper at what the girl is really like.

        • Daith_Lee

          I dunno who blackened your soul a long time ago. But may God have mercy on them…..

      • Phoneboy

        Or overweight.. because this is definitely something an overweight bitter girl whos ex left her for someone that knew where a gym was would say.

    • Guest

      Look out for those newly single chivettes too! This can happen to you! They are single for a reason! Say it with me everyone ….."no matter how Hott she is someone somewhere is tired of her s*** "

    • gladitsnotme

      Who hurt you so?

      • Guest

        No one..won't let it happen. I know why kind of girls to pick and I will surely tell you it's not the girls that post pictures on chive. Don't get me wrong they look great but don't think I would want a girl that posed half naked for strangers to see. I doubt it ALL those girls are single so why are they showing other men their goodies? Doesn't seem right to me

    • ImpressMe

      Bitter and bitchy… so attractive.

      • Leela

        Awww you must be a skank that didn't agree with what I said

    • Ryan

      Really good advice happened to my best buddy. I told him the same thing I knew she was a slut and of course she cheated on him now she's trying to take everything as if he did something wrong

    • fun with drugs

      basically all the chivers (swoosh)

      • iain

        HAHA! Marriage in a nut shell- Love you, hate you, I want all your good shit.
        funnyhow they get half of everything except the bills

        • Ben

          So true!

  • @Foodiemommo

    #3 Bwhahahaha!

    • Ashley

      Hope you really don't laugh like that..would get annoying quick

  • Ispeakchive

    #12 Marriage is the leading cause of divorce

    • E&I

      Hahahah that was pretty funny

  • Woop

    You sir are a smart man.

  • dragon2777

    #3 is my favorite

  • That Guy 13

    Not to still ideas or anything i just want to do this now!

    • panama99


      Good luck with your prank, send pics.

      • CoffeeSpit

        That sir was the funniest damn thing I've read in a long time!
        You win the internet…

        • This.

          You live a sad life.

  • Frustrated

    Chive, please stop with the ads with AUDIO!!!! I'm getting frustrated having to jump to kill my speakers at work because some bs dentist wants to tell me to stop drinking juices with high acidity levels!!

    • QuantumMechanic

      Dude use Google Chrome, and install AdBlock from the chrome app store. Get wit it.

    • Phoneboy

      or install AdBlock for pretty much all browsers.. it isn't just a Chrome addon.

  • Scott

    I would like to purchase #11. My brothers wedding is coming up in October and I want them to regret making everyone travel for a destination wedding. Oh….my by future sister in law is a bitch.

    • Scott

      *And my not my by, well…..this is going to full of ridicule and Freudian slip retorts.

    • Pants Pudding

      If you act quickly, you can save AND disgust everybody by sleeping with them both.

  • adamh36

    This will teach guys to actually read the card before selecting it. In the past we look at the front, glance at the inside and desides it's the one for us – just like how we select a woman!!

  • Suzzaine

    #3 one is best among all.

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