Prankster secretly adds his own greeting cards at local grocery store (12 Photos)

Jeff Wysaski, who runs Pleated Jeans decided the greeting cards at his local grocery store were lacking in certain important categories. So he made some of his own bizarre selections.

More cards right here.

  • Oltimey

    I know its wrong to be shoplifting…But whats the rules on shop-leaving ???

  • Gallus

    You know, #3 is really heartless and rude. Yes!!! I know several people I'd send one to.

  • ilikepotato

    I once took a stack of twilight birthday cards and put them in the sorry for your loss stack. I was just putting them back where they belong.

  • Funny Police

    Was expecting these to be funny…great concept and effort, but the cards really are not that funny..he has everything but a sense of humour to make this work.

  • Lee Steitz

    not. funny. at. all.

  • Paul

    #3 is perfect! It even looks like me.

  • Turd Ferguson


  • WisGal_KCCO

    Omg. I have not laughed this hard in a while. Fantastic!

  • Allen Ye!

  • Jacki

    Omg. Can I marry this guy?! Lol amazing!

  • James

    is #3 Ron Swanson. seems like something he'd say. i really wan't that card

  • waltgator

    haha nice!

  • @propercursive
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