• mark


    This journalist should be knighted.

    • S'hoann

      The journlist should be fired for having no taste great hip hop and putting out a thinly veiled racist rant. Tell us how u relly feel journalist.

      • Trixi

        Sorry, but how exactly is this a thinly vieled racist rant?

        And Chris Brown is nothing more than pop hip-hop. If you want to discuss real hip-hop, let's talk about Run DMC, Souls of Mischief, Grandmaster Flash.

        Saying Chris Brown is "great hip-hop" is like saying Avril Lavigne is in the same league as Led Zeppelin.

        • Ch8ew

          or saying Led Zeppelin is in the same league as all the original artists they stole their music from.

          • TonyM

            Name any other album, prior to 1970, that sounds like III. Go on, I dare you.

      • Jah Reefer

        Hey Chris, how's it hanging??

      • This.

        Everything said about a black person is racist…

    • Si1entStatic

      and then give him a Pulitzer Prize…

    • Hubert_Cumberdale

      Sounds to me like you're not Keeping Calm & Chiving On, John….

      Album will do fine & CB will continue to have sex with the hottest of women on top of mountains of money… I don't care for Chris Brown or his music personally, but several male entertainers (Christian Bale, James Brown, Eminem, David Hasselhoff & COUNTLESS athletes) have done the same thing as him and are worshiped. Chris Brown has donated tons of money to Red Cross & other organizations. Why not make a post for that? I didn't think this website was meant for attacking people.

      I've been a Chiver for almost a year now & lately the more I visit the site the less I care for it. It's users try to justify it doing great things because they have 1 sympathetic wounded veteran or sick baby post for every 25 tits & ass posts, which is primarily why I and I would imagine 99% of the others users come for. Can we just stick to that? I'm positive you probably take a large percentage of Chivers' donations and in the end, I'm sure all those victims are taken care of with or without your "help".

      Also, I've noticed a couple gay pride related pics showing up in some posts. If this continues to grow, you will officially lose me as a Chiver. And although that probably doesn't matter to you, I can assure you I won't be the only one.

      That's my two cents. Anyone care to discuss?

      • Falco09

        Way to out yourself as a homophobe Hubert. Why don't you go ahead and leave the Chive for good, you clearly don't know know the meaning of KCCO.

        • Hubert_Cumberdale

          I don't fear homosexuals… And clearly the creator of this site isn't keeping calm by posting shit like this. I'm just waiting for the Chick-fil-a post then I WILL leave, promise.

          • LesPaultard

            The creator of this site defines KCCO. It is whatever he says it is.

          • truth

            This just in: Hubert chooses Chick-fil-a over Chive….homophobic rant to be posted soon.

          • @McBeastie666

            Dear Chive, please run a Chick-fil-a post so this jerkoff will leave us alone.

            Dear Hubert, I could care less if I'm "KCCO'ing" when I tell you to sincerely fuck right the hell off.

            • Dumb Americans

              it's "couldn't care less". retarded americans.

              • zoltar


                • nevermore

                  it's by Jove, and if that was supposed to be an English accent you obviously have never heard one.

              • @McBeastie666

                It's still possible for me to care less. I'll probably care less about your next post.

      • Jaives


        You were never really a Chiver. Go back to reddit.

        • Hubert_Cumberdale

          Haha.. Well if I did that then I'd see all these posts BEFORE you guys.

          • James

            So the problem is what exactly?

          • truth

            oh burn. /sarcasm

      • Trixi

        Let me get this right. To quote; "I didn't think this website was meant for attacking people". To which you then wrote;

        'Also, I've noticed a couple gay pride related pics showing up in some posts. If this continues to grow, you will officially lose me as a Chiver. And although that probably doesn't matter to you, I can assure you I won't be the only one".

        So, you are lecturing some conjecture about not attacking people, and then you are, in less words, attacking people vis-a-vis gay pride.

        Furthermore, I don't give a shit if he does donate money to the Red Cross or any other organization, he has a history of violence. He brutally assaulted a woman, he threw a hissy fit after an interview and so forth. Chris Brown is a sad human being, and I,for one, will have nothing to do with hearing about his so-called good deeds.

        Also, don't let the door slam your ass on the way out.

        • Hubert_Cumberdale

          Except I didn't attack anyone. You on the other hand just did. I just feel the gay pride stuff belongs on another site. That's all.

          • Trixi

            As much as I give people the benefit of the doubt, anyone who smacks women around and doesn't feel bad about it doesn't deserve one ounce of respect in my book. His actions are incredibly sad, and young men idolize a man like Chris Brown. What ISN'T sad about that?

            • Hubert_Cumberdale

              They idolize him for his music & dancing….

              I'm the biggest Michael Jordan fan ever, but I no means idolize his gambling addiction & infidelity/womanzing.

              Everyone has done something wrong in their life. Chris Brown is no different than you or I.

              • Bakerb30

                Hubert please leave and never return as you are clearly not a Chiver. People donate because they see a need that they can help with, sure they may feel good about what they have donated (as they rightfully should) but that doesn't delegitimize their actions. Furthermore how could the Chive "take the donations" they have beendone through a 3rd party website….John simply posted a link and set the chive community loose (which damn that wood in my eye). Im very confused by you, your anger towards the "gay pride post" is 1 unmerited 2 ridiculous and 3 damn right ignorant. Furthermore i assure you Chris Brown is very different from me. I don't have "sex with the hottest women on mountains of money" and happily so cause frankly being a man slut isn't my dream. I also don't feel the need to abuse women to remind myself that im a big strong manly man. if you enjoy his music isn't what matters (although i cant understand for the life of me why anyone would) what matters is that a so called human being such as this acts like a Neanderthal and belongs not anywhere near the public lime light but in a jail cell where large inmates show him what it feels like to be the "bitches" that he so enjoys "singing" about.

                • Tru Chiver

                  I don't have "sex with the hottest women on mountains of money" and happily so cause frankly being a man slut isn't my dream

                  you're obviously not a true chiver. KCCO

            • Pimp Named Slicback

              women want equal treatment? you got it, bitches. stop complaining. life don't discriminate.

          • george

            The gay pride stuff is about saying that they are not part of the culture of intolerance that exists in this world. While the sex stuff is probably what draws the most viewers, as far as I can remember, the site was designed to find funny/cool/sexy things to brighten up people's days. I think that saying that you are tolerant of other human beings regardless of whether or not they're interested in your tits and asses posts probably brightens up the day of a good amount of people, and people who don't think the site should take the time away from the parade of asses to do that can go fuck themselves.

        • Jen

          shit is about to get heated up in here!

      • itstrue

        No use arguing with the fanboys Hubert. They all come here to fap and the owners of this site promote this behavior by giving them lots of tits and ass posts ,they really dont give a damn about charity ,they do it so that they can get more publicity and brag about being good Samaritans rather than the desperate losers they really are.

        • DonRaf

          If that's true then you're here for a totally different reason huh?

          • Trixi

            I think I want to kiss you for that comment.

          • itstrue

            Assume I'm not. At least I'll admit it unlike you delusional asskissers.

            • DonRaf

              I'm just here to Chive.

        • Hubert_Cumberdale

          There's little difference between the Chive and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild).

          • DonRaf

            I, quite literally, repeat myself.

        • george

          you do realize that hubert said that he thought the parade t&a shouldn't have been interrupted by a gay pride moment, and is therefore one of the people your insulting, right?

      • Amigo

        quit being a fag Hubert.

        • Amigo

          I just want to clarify, I'm not calling you a homosexual….. you and people like you are what I define as fags. you fag. 🙂

          • Ch8ew

            fuck faggots

      • @BuckeyeEmpire

        It's cute you thought typing a massive novel was going to make some sort of difference on what they want to post. You're probably one of those people posting political views on their Facebook page. Your views are your views, and you're entitled to them. But the fact that you think posting it on here will change something is just as idiotic to everyone else, as this post is to you.

      • ps86

        holy shit i can't believe i read all that, but from what i can tell…

        1 – somebody nicknamed himself "hubert cumberdale"… lol.
        2 – "hubert" is very offended by gay people, but ironically loves him some Chris Brown.
        3 – "hubert" doesn't like hearing about wounded veterans or sick babies.
        and lastly, "hubert" apparently believes that most of chive's numbers come from his computer

        sounds to me like "hubert" needs to be officially fired.

        • Ch8ew

          wow. Fox News themselves couldn't have done a better job of spinning such shoddy strawmen.

      • Jess

        I find in entertaining that you find this post to not be classified as KCCO worthy! Apparently someone at the Chive thought this was an interesting article to post here and by how other Chivers are commenting on the post they agree. What is wrong with posting an article on here that was posted in a paper?? I think the review given in the paper is entertaining and funny for the main reasons that the person writing the review had to guts to give their honest opinion and for the paper to actually print it!

        What is wrong with having posts on here for donations?? If YOU dont want to donate DONT! No one forces you to even look at those posts. It is actually nice to see that there are many people out there that are still human and have compassion for those in a less fortunate position and who show compassion and are willing to donate even if its a small amount!

        Instead of telling them how to run THEIR site that has clearly been a huge hit and continues to get more CHIVERS each and every day you should KCCO or like you said……………just leave!

        That is all
        KCCO everyone

      • jflk;dasj

        Its crazy. i read this whole thread. what am i doing with my life?

      • J.C

        The guy who likes Chris Brown is a bigoted homophobe. Will wonders never cease to amaze!

    • Matthew

      If people didn't like the music, the music wouldn't be in the charts you dumb fu*ks maybe in the future learn to respect peoples opinions of what they like and don't like without ripping them apart.. remember its the music not the man we respect. — As one Captain Winters said "You salute the rank, not the man"

      • Tueting

        Cognitive dissonance at it's finest!

    • grumpy

      I agree, but you'll be hated on (and called a "hater" by people hating on you) for saying so. Look let's just make it clear: men who beat women are not worth of Chive approval. We ought to come to consensus that being disgusted with a man like that isn't hating, it's the proper view of anyone who gets what Chive is about. We're not misogynists, and we won't remain passive toward men who are. Oh, and yeah, that album review seems pretty accurate.

      • spaceace

        Thanks a lot guys, I was barely able to maintain my erection while reading all that.

      • name

        I very much agree, and the condemnation for misogynists needs to be here. I get that the "get me a sandwich" meme and similar jokes are in jest, but the intense repetition of these themes is at times disturbing. The overwhelming condemnation of actual misogynists helped restore my faith in this community.

    • Fil-Ay;)

      Hubert_Cumberdale SET OFF THE WARNING SHOT!!!



      • Future

        And to this that in four days posts of chic-fil-a would appear with a completely different outcome… you're killing me chivers… seriously…

  • Jeremy


    • Crowley

      Frist at being a loser!!!

    • Ishouldnotreply

      you took the time to First a Chris Brown post.
      congratulations fuck you.

    • DB Conor

      You spelled "I'm a shithead" wrong.

      • Jeremy

        i agree Conor. you are a shithead.

        • Radio

          nice one!

  • Silver



    • Matty

      If people didn't like the music, the music wouldn't be in the charts you dumb fu*ks maybe in the future learn to respect peoples opinions of what they like and don't like without ripping them apart.. remember its the music not the man we respect. — As one Captain Winters said "You salute the rank, not the man"

      • mickey

        Marketing…just marketing…you also need to apologize for mentioning Capt. Winters.

      • Quailman

        Don't you fucking dare quote Captain Winters, a great American hero, in defense of Chris Brown. Despicable.

      • Son of Mongo

        Shut it, Matty. We don't want to hear it. Besides, I for one salute neither when the "man" is nothing more than a waste of oxygen.

      • C-spot

        American Idol tops T.V. often and it is complete garbage. What is your point, Americans have complete garbage for taste, get a copy of "God Bless America" and watch, Bob Goldthwait nailed what this country is all about.

  • tom t.


    The thing that chaps my ass the most is that this kid did something really stupid, he beat up a girl. The whole world watched and chastised him for it. You'd think if you get a second chance (which he apparently has), you'd turn it around, be a better person, maybe a role model. Instead Chris Brown just became a bigger dick. Great review

    • aVulgarSquirrel

      Chris Brown has proven if you continue to not give a shit, eventually decent people will give up, and idiots long since went along with you on your voyage into the darkest recesses of human apathy.

    • rsjem1979

      What's even more amazing is the number of allegedly educated young women lined up around the block to bang this guy if they could. My roommate is 25, and by all accounts fairly intelligent, yet I had a conversation with her about Brown and she defended him INTENSELY, a defense that incredibly included the remark that Rhianna "was asking for it."

      If I didn't hear it with my own two ears, I'd never believe it.

      • GernBlansten

        It's called the celebrity impregnation lottery. Very popular with female NBA fans.

        • Katelynn

          Excuse yourself from thinking for others for a moment dear.

          I'm quite surprised that you even managed to identify and construct the correct letters needed to properly spell each word, with that idiotic generalization.

          It's the celebrity infatuation rule in theory you jackass, it's not relegated simply to one sector of entertainment.

          It's obvious that you lost the lottery of common sense and/or intelligence

          • C-spot

            It's called hyperbole you nincompoop, read up on it. Yes, you Katelynn, the slow one in the back whose lips move when she reads these comments. Shhh, the adults are talking. Oh yes, and on topic, Chris Brown is a douche, Havercroft is a genius.

            • guest

              LOL – Who uses the word "nincompoop" and doesn't have a pocket full of Werther's and a prescription for Viagra?

          • Dani

            Yeah just take a look at the rock of love bus theyre all total skanks

      • grumpy

        Victim-blaming is alive and well. Sad, but there are people (even women) who actually think this way–if someone makes an abuser man, then she was asking for it." As if men who bully women ought to be further entitled.

      • george

        The really sad thing is that the culture at large seems to take this attitude. The fact that is has any traction in government, let alone that it seems to be the general position of the Republican Party, is deeply disturbing.

    • Firefighter23

      Didn't she come running back to him already? Children these days have awesome people to look up to with their being glamorizing abuse and shooting fireworks outta their nipples and such.

      • roofTurkey

        shooting fireworks out if nipples is a superpower I would like.

        • truth

          Thank you for your randomly placed statement. Good one.

          • Fiction

            You don't know me!

        • nathybaby

          All I read was "nipples"

      • george

        The good thing that can be said about all of it is that these people provide an example previously filled by crackheads.

        "Do you want to have people hate you unconditionally?"
        "Do you want friends that aren't parasitic leeches who will abandon you the minute your money runs out?"
        "Then don't be a fucking asshole!"

    • Random Dutch guy

      People with even a little common sense and half brain will never understand sadly, ignorant and shallow people everywhere. but I think/pretty sure(at least i believe) common sense will smack around ingnorance!! morons and people with a IQ lower than my shoe size just make more noise.

      viva chive!!

    • myself

      yep. he basically showed he can do what he wants when he wants and he'll still be more successful than you dogmatic pussies. eat it faggots. eat it and despair!

      • PHappy

        Love it! Self righteous douche bags, Chris Brown makes your girlfriends wet, and possibly your boyfriends as well.
        Plus 1 for cake bitches

        • none

          See this, this is what degrades my faith in mankind. People who praise success in and of itself, and justify all actions of the successful based on said success. This mentality can apply equally to those who rob their way to fortune, or make millions distributing addictive substances to children.

          Worse yet, that these creatures may actually be applauding assault, and abuse, and misogyny, and see the vile beings that commit these acts as icons, standing up to the "feminist oppression" of men.

          I weep for a world in which creatures such as these can find acceptance, and justification, and can serve on juries and work their way into power, to inspire their own kind.

    • Grant Cowling

      AMEN SIR, AMEN 🙂

  • Capt Obvious

    Bravo sir, I'll have another

    • Kid

      a better role model for kids than just about anybody

  • George

    Who still buy albums anymore anyways?

    • Brian

      Right just download illegally

      • Dustin

        In the famous words of Aladdin, "It's only illegal if you get caught".

    • Shay

      Who still calls them albums?? lol

    • The_Dood

      People with record players.

  • @JustinYnolds

    What publication is this? I want to send this man some flowers.

    • Hubert_Cumberdale

      You must be Chinese.

      • @JustinYnolds

        Nope. Just a pure-blooded 'Merican who happens to dislike asshole turd-burglars that beat up their girlfriends. Chris Brown is on that list. Also, I haven't been able to find out where this review appeared (newspaper? magazine? school paper?); that's why I used the word "publication," which covers all of those. Lastly, I think the album review by Mr. Havercroft is effing awesome, hence the offer to send flowers. 哑狗屎.

        • Brad

          Did you say he was dumb as dog shit?

    • N8orius

      I think a bottle of finely aged single malt would be more appropriate.

      • Ch8ew

        yes. everyone who thinks like we do should be rewarded for it. at the end of the day, it's okay to do what you want to do, as long as what you want to do is what everyone else wants you to. awesome.

  • Dan


  • WyoBuckeye

    This reviewer is a genius. Sums it up nicely.

  • Guest

    OK, Lets separate the music from the man – Music SUCKS and the Man SUCKS EVEN MORE!

    • CaptINs

      But to say he has no talent is stupid in my opinion. He can sing and he can dance, but the music is weak.

      • prototype4342

        No. Auto-tune can sing.

      • Bill Murray

        i know right? love all the honkies claiming he's got no talent when he could probably dance circles around them in a wheelchair.

        • Derek

          How dare you sully Bill Murray's good name. Please stay in your mother's basement. While certainly you have become a burden she can barely bear, we as a society appreciate the sacrifices she has made to keep you isolated from the rest of us.

        • C-spot

          As a heterosexual male I could care less if Chris Brown could dance up his own ass, and to be honest I wish he would, and thus disappear forever.

  • patov40

    Doesn't seem to be anything new with this news, but who cares! Good stuff Chris Havercroft. "Catastrophic clusterfuck" is a terrific piece of alliteration! B)

  • no one cares

    best god damn thing ive ever read. I cant wait for his review of a Nikki Minaj (or however the fuck you spell it) album. Music today is pure ass

    • The_Dood

      Mainstream music*

      • Dave Grohl

        No, he's right. Music today. Hell, even I just play the same rehashed Top 40 garage rock bullshit that was old over 40 years ago.

        • Son of Mongo

          "I like that Old-Time Rock'n'Roll!" anytime.

        • The_Dood

          So what is the Mars Volta rehashing?

          • Derek

            Don't bother. You can't make someone step out of their comfort zone. At the very least he has the good sense to realize the mainstream is shit these days. That he refuses to look further than his radio for new music is a malady that only he can cure.

  • electric boogalo

    Who is Chris Brown? I wouldn't pay for this music with all the fucks I give.

    • Dustin

      Some douche who hits women that puts out shitty music. Nothing special, move along.

      • Tru Chiver

        and makes millions of dollars, bangs the chicks that the chivers only IMAGINE banging, and basically lives the life they dream of living. nothing special, move along. KCCO

        • mon

          I don't think most chiver's imagine assaulting women

    • Nicole G.

      While I understood the sarcastic question of "who is he", along with your opinion of "this music that you would never pay any fucks, nor cash for" – Why would you care to take precious time away from fapping to pictures of women/men/animals to read the article, let alone comment?

      Seems like a bit of waste, much like your opinions.

      Troll harder

  • Davey

    no stars ever… fucking right on.

  • rAs

    I wouldn't even illegally download this album for free.

    • baker

      i would gladly pay to have it removed from itunes

      • Tru Chiver

        *insert comment to make myself look cooler for hating it more than the previous commenter* KCCO

        • perryinjax

          *I would gladly pay someone to invent a time machine so I can go back and stop his parents from meeting

  • JessieBelle

    How to report domestic abuse:

    National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE.

    • no homo

      or just don't attack a man and think there won't be any reprecussions

  • Brian

    Your country has sluts too. Your mom's a slut

    • Yuri Selezniov

      My mom die to cancer lungh before come to America.

      • dirtysteve99

        Yes, but she was an EPIC slag, then she died.

      • mattythegooch

        Coming to America, was Arsenio Hall's greatest moment! How dare you soil it, with this "cancer" talk!

        • Ch8ew

          that movie was corny-shit.

          • eric

            chew on your moms dick douchebag

  • Rob

    i always consider it a slap in the face when they play Chris Brown on my Rhianna pandora station…

    • JessieBelle

      Bah-DUMP tis!

    • Iggy Catalpa

      Rhianna considers it a slap in the face when Chris Brown slaps her in the face.

      (Still don't understand why some women put up with assholes like him.)

    • Todd T

      The fact that you have a Rhianna pandora station is a slap to the face to good music

      • Michael Taylor

        Well played.

    • no homo

      you sir a a douche for having a Rhianna station

    • Shay

      Use Jango and kick his ass the fuck off.

  • passwordistaco

    "overly auto-tuned, commercialized R&B that could easily be any other artist on the charts right now" could also be said about every new album released right now

    • Amigo

      every album released on your shit local radio station maybe.. You have to look for good music, but it's still there.

      • The_Dood


      • passwordistaco

        Should've stipulated "R & B and/or Pop" album which I feel is all auto-tuned (have you heard how awful these new "artists" are live?).

        On another point are you calling my hometown "shit" or just the radio station?

        • Amigo

          just the radio station, given that this is the only kind of music they play.

      • Katelynn

        Right on!

        I simply cannot stand the radio stations playlist. Which is why I simply just pick a CD or plug in my phone and listen to Pandora. I am well of aware of PLENTY of GREAT artists, albums and songs that aren't marketed or saturated on radio/TV/internet. One just needs to seek out those few gems or listen to those tried and true albums/artists.

        Way too much whining about what sucks now in music instead of seeking out those obscure good ones and giving them a bit of rotation. I will say I miss the real mom & pop record stores.
        We'll never get that back 😦

    • C-spot

      Two words: Foo Fighters.

  • Kevin

    that's fantastic

  • FLA


  • Lowrent75

    Reviewer wins.

  • passwordistaco

    I love broken english, that shit cracks me up.

  • B Dub

    Soooooo….how do you really feel? It's nice to see someone just tell it like it is, especially with someone who beats up their "loved" one.

  • Tim Horton


    • Jack Edward Nycz

      Completely biased. This man obviously agrees with the intelligent side of the argument every time and doesn't even give the dimwitted, inbred one a thought.

      • Matt

        I for one thought his album was pretty good.. I'm a musician though i enjoy all kinds of music not just one.. my favorite being from the 80s and early 90s how ever i guess you cant really ever debate anything on the internet without someone judging someone with hate and abusive words.

        • Tru Chiver

          because you're a faggot. KCCO

        • Drew

          You must suck as a musician then because no self-respecting musician with skill would find this worth anything.

        • Adam

          Musician huh? Me too! Youre the first one of our kind to consider auto tuned, digital noise music. You must be a rapper, because only rappers consider themselves musicians for making fat noises with their mouths and stealing beats from real musicians, altering then slightly, and selling them to people that are as stupid as themselves

    • GregS18348

      Yeah. Against shitty music……..

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