The best of the 2012 Olympics…so far (55 Photos)

  • bananaflapjacks

    #7 sweet

    • Regal Eagle

      Snoop Dogg was worried he was going to miss the opening ceremonies.

  • John Glanton

    I'm thinkin 35 is not the Olympics. Not that I'm complaining, but she didn't make the cut to get to London.

    • kaiser

      urine idoit

    • HUH?

      if i remember right, i think it was the junior olympics. you know, like maybe 17 and under maybe?

      • Ricky Gallardo

        Junior World Championships.

    • Anon


  • Pete

    #42 #54 These moments alone far surpass anything Beijing had to offer.

    • Dbswv

      Mr. Bean was fucking amazing. Boris well cmon its Boris.

      • Pete

        I still can't decide whether Boris' buffoonery is all an act. I've read a couple of his books and he's a pretty damned intelligent guy. The guy who wrote 'The Dream of Rome' doesn't quite gel as also being the guy who stumbles over his own name, and when stuck on the zip line said "it's great fun but I wish it would go faster"

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          Not many politicians could turn around the potential humiliation of being stuck on a zip line above a mocking crowd into a mini-triumph where he has the crowd cheering him.

          Yeah, he does have those WTF moments but this is one very intelligent individual.

  • craig

    #52 that is one lucky pole!

    • Mäthjyy

      Not from London….

  • Gus

    #2 took me a while to notice it was from Athens 2004

    • Androaz

      I wonder how you could have missed that…

    • theycallmedaddy

      because that's the first thing all of us thought…

    • Buzzkill

      AAAAAnd she was 16 at the time…

      • Androaz

        Legal here in Europe!

      • Random

        I'd do 15 years for that…

      • Underbaker

        Making her 24 now.

    • k3freienmuth


    • GernBlansten

      Oh yeah….

    • Kevrhutch

      Who cares!

    • pep

      WHO is the "her" you are talking about?

  • Manny

    That moment when you remember most gymnastics are under 18

    • Ned

      gymnastics?? or gymnasts?

    • Jeralin

      Legal age in England is 16. Giggity.

    • Escalators

      That moment when you realize this picture was taken 8 years ago in Greece.

      • Terry Burke

        what are you talking about? Manny didn't reference a picture. just stated the fact that most of the gymnasts (gymnastics? really bro?) are under 18. #50 is from this year

    • Ranger Rick

      Mmmm, Mcroney worth the jail sentence

      • bill

        no way! Aly Raisman is the prettiest one on the team, but they all pale compared to our Chivettes. #5

  • Martinez

    #2 has an Athens 2004 tag on her back. And sweet cakes

  • Nick

    Who is in #41? Mooooooooorree Please.

    • dasdasdsa
      • Nick

        Awww =/

    • SoFLRider

      Brazilian heptathlete Lucimara da Silva

    • Ranger Rick

      I like the original better, this ass looks funny

    • oughtnot

      I'm really tired of the hack-job photo shops of female athletes like this. They work damn hard for the body that have and they look phenominal …. and along comes a photoshop jerk-off thinking he can improve on it. Just stupid in my book.

    • Crazy_Jake

      Shopped .. really? AHHH NUTS

  • beserker

    #32 like a boss! go go oscar!

    • gclark

      go go gadget legs

      • TNchiver

        Thumbs down? C'mon…this guy is a total badass, and very strong, brave, etc for what he does, but gclarks comment is hilarious! It's all in good fun!

    • MariaSky100

      Definitely the best moment of the Olympics….

  • Luke Talbot

    #42 #54 #38 are what make me proud to be British.

    Keep Calm and Carry On, ahem, I mean Chive On 😉

  • MohawkJon

    #1 Bad Ass!

    Ditto for #2

  • chris

    #8 hate this dude and yes in from America i just hate his showboating makes all Americans look like douches

    • theycallmedaddy

      he's the single greatest olympian of all time. i think he earned the right to showboat.

      • chris

        in no way is he the greatest that belongs to Mark Spitz back in 1972 when they didn't have all the technology that we have today

        • theycallmedaddy

          ok ok youre right. *most decorated. he has still earned the right to show off his accomplishments.

          • chris

            he could be more modest tho if everyone in this country were the world would hate us less

            • anon

              because the world really looks to sports to decide how they feel about us. compared to the gymnastics he is very modest. also if everyone has the tech it still comes down to the person. spitz wasnt that much better than those around him compared to mp

            • etcrr

              With Billions of people in the world, you are bound to piss someone off

              • Bill57

                Yeah stan, cause we never piss anyone off they like the comments that we make so we make comments like this one. lol. we are true heros cause we have honor and integrity which makes us always capitalize any word that starts with "B" like Big-rig.

            • Jonathan

              Who gives a shit what the rest of the world thinks of us? You think Jerry Rice gave two shits what any one of the lesser receivers in the NFL thought of him when he played? When you are at the top, most people are inclined to hate you anyway.

              • really Jonathan?

                lol. the exact reason why the rest of the world thinks most americans are douchebags. What, exactly are you on the top of lately? Per capita obesity charts perhaps.

              • bazz

                Actually, China's on top.

              • Simon

                I have no idea who he is.

        • @DrDrai1122

          Continually setting WR's over 12 years and winning 22 medals over that time and 20 golds, along with an 8 for 8 gold performance in Bejing earns him the greatest Olympian of all time. And he really doesn't showboat that much. No more than anyone else who celebrates when they are confirmed as the best in the world.

        • BCA225

          Mark Spitz didn't have the technology Phelps has now but neither did any of the guys Spitz swam against. All the guys Phelps swims against have the same technology he has. It was a level playing for Spitz in his day and it is a level playing field for Phelps today. Phelps won more medals and has actually earned the title Greatest Olympian Ever. That isn't an opinion. It's the answer to a trivia question. Who is the greatest Olympian of all time? Michael Phelps.

      • greatestpffft..
        • judy

          thanks. just read it and i agree. will not discount his achievements but i think there are other contender for greatest status

    • kaidoh101

      i think you're confusing him with ryan lochte, now he's a douche

      • Pete

        I'll join in with that. A jewel encrusted gumshield? Really?

      • matt

        theyre both douches. talented, talented douches.

    • tomy

      how is celebrating while being the greatest olympian ever showboating? you are the one that looks like a douche

      • lols

        absolutely!! the man has won 22 medals 18 of which are gold. if anything, i would say he doesn't showboat enough. in all his interviews, he always gives credit to the people around him and recognizes the ability of the athletes competing against him. his type of "showboating" is rare and i would like to see more of it.

        • theycallmedaddy

          and he admitted to not preparing as much this olympics as before. i really liked his attitude in every single interview i saw him in.

          • theycallme...RIGHT

            He's actually a really nice person and so is his Mom… Don't judge people you haven't met in person!

    • sloo

      of all the americans you could say make you look like douches, this man is not one of them, bar carl lewis, there aren't many us sportspeople you can dislike, your celebrities and politicians maybe, this fella, no.

    • 1201

      Trust me. This is not the guy that makes you look like douches. You've got the Tea Party, the Republican leadership and the Westboro Baptist Church to do that for you.

      Phelps is just proud of what he accomplishes and good for him. And he always goes out of his way to give credit to the team surrounding him.

      • Willy T McRibb

        I smell bong water.
        Dude lay off the pipe.

      • Tim

        and from what GREAT country do douchebags like you reside??

    • guest

      Jim Thorpe was pretty good in his day. So was Jesse Owens. But I think one of the longest standing records was Bob Beamon who long jumped 29 ft 2 3⁄8 in in 1968. That record wasn't broken until 1991.

    • velvethammer

      Re the most decorated, or greatest olympian tag: if swimming didn't have so many events (medley, relay medley, relay medley while humming, etc) the distinction might be more meaningful. Boxers don't get multiple events. Same with beach volleyball and most of the other sports. Swimming and gymnastics seem to offer the most events, so to me, winning many medals there is "easier" than in other sports.

      • Rob


  • kaidoh101

    #50 🙂

    • hootie

      She's not of age is she…damn it well then I shouldn't say something like, "She's hot as f@#k."

    • Crazy_Jake

      Im not going to tell anyone what im thinking.. and oh YEAH she is HOT

  • TNchiver

    #6 holy fucking shit! Kill it, kill it with fire!

    • lols

      no, sir, we will not

      • TJ_Designs

        You cant kill Vegeta while he's trying to go super Saiyan

    • LukeTheTerrible

      There are very few situations where that little dribble is appropriate, and none where an Olympic athlete is concerned. That just makes you look stupid, like you just learned a new cool phrase but don't know where to use it yet.

  • Thiu

    #52 and #55 Not from London

    • @DrDrai1122

      #2 as well

    • loves sammiches

      I hope it feels so good to be right. There's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there? ~Randall Graves, Clerks, 1994

      • Thiu

        Yes it does!

    • Anon

      You noticed something like that? Pretty sure that wasn't the point of these pics…if you are male, then I expect your resignation as a male by the end of the day…thank you…

      • Thiu

        No problem!! My point was that I have jack off with these many yearsago!! Have a better day asshole.

  • Ryan Joel

    #32 Oscar Pistorius….. Like a boss…..

    • etcrr

      Better to have tried, done your best and lost than to never have tried at all, his efforts are Heroic for all the disabled people in the world

      • Bill57

        I did my best and i tried so I am a hero with morals it is better than the lost that would have happenedd since I wouldn't have been a hero for all of the disabled people in the world cause they are disabled.

    • LeftFlasherOn

      Oscar embodies the true spirit of an athlete. I think he won more than gold.

  • SpecialOlympian

    #20… what sport is that from? Looks like ice skating.

    • Wally

      Very much like ice skating. It IS ice skating. Looks like Bob was looking for a Derp moment.

    • ShannyBNanny

      Yes, um this is Winter Olympics. Maybe it's a post of all kinds of olympics ?

    • Luke Talbot

      It's a new sport for 2012 – "Dealing with spiders in the bathtub".

  • BCA225

    I wish you guys would stop posting stupid shopped pics like #41. The real pic is so much hotter and the fake looks ridiculous.

    • Roberto

      Where is the real pic? who is she?

      • Underbaker

        I like the shapely shop, but go back to the first thread with her pic for original pictures and name.

    • Wongo07p

      Where can we find the "real" shot? An who is she?

    • Gun_guy

      Ewe. I like the shopped pic better too.

    • Arcona

      WUT? the shopped one is way better, the real one she has man ass!

  • slany

    #35 Pretty sure that this isn't from the Olympics.

    • Muadieb

      Pretty sure none of us care.

    • Sean

      I was slightly interested in the Olympics for a change though immediately after seeing this.

    • Wally

      Looks like Michelle Jenneke(sic?): an Aussie runner featured on Chive earlier for her warm up routine.

      • Pat Brown

        You don't say?!

    • Underbaker

      Unfortunately she did not make the cut for going to the Olympics this time.

  • Oscar

    #29 #41 #52 asses fo days, yo!

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #50 something about maroney and her bitch face

    • Jared

      Im waiting till she turns 18 to say what I want to do to her Bitch Face.

    • morebeer

      She really does have a bitchy look to her

    • emm

      "next season on 16 on pregnant…"

  • Ned Shidoinks

    To whom it may concern…I have officially changed my major to Pipe Fitter…….

  • thebeefinjector

    #29 is the winner.

    • Synonymous

      Found her…

      Liliana Fernandez Steiner

    • Arcona

      And then they kiss?

  • microafro1979

    Yes, I'm a douchebag, but I kind of hate that some of these pictures were not actually from 2012 Olympics… one is obviously from 2004, and several others we've seen on this site in the past. Not a huge deal, but come on, in an article titled 'Best of 2012', WHY would there be pics from anything but?

    • yes you are

      Cuz when it comes to women to look at…. Doesn't matter if its 1900 we still won't have sex with them #35

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Well, theChive is not really known for its diligent research and reporting.

  • thebeefinjector

    dude not cool at all. GTFO

    • Luke Talbot

      Now I really want to know what he said… curiosity eh, isn't it a funny ol' thing?

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