Black and White Chive Logo Tees are available now!

white lead Black and White Chive Logo Tees are available now!

It’s summertime and we received hundreds of emails from Chivers requesting a white logo tee to deal with the heat. It’s finally available in men’s and women’s tanks RIGHT HERE.

This is also the first time in 3 months the Black Logo Tees are available RIGHT HERE.

As always, good luck, godspeed, and stay tuned for the Thursday DAR!



  • steph

    whew, gots me one 🙂

    • asdasd

      Men's large sold out in 5 minutes. Good lord.

    • Tommy Dieterich

      Looks like they made a bunch this time.

    • Corey

      Hell yeah. For once I was able to get a shirt in time and I actually had the money to do it.

  • devon

    have to admit that dragon .gif with mac and jordan still makes me chuckle

  • sailor

    met a group of chivers last night out in Japan, best night I've had since i got here

  • Troy Schreurs

    Nailed it! Thanks chive!

  • trudy

    so happy right now

  • Saskguy26

    Got my black chive, my week of chive shirts is now complete

    • RYNO!

      WEEK? Holy balls, I thought I was doing decently with 3 diff shirts. You are my hero!

      • Chiver

        after this, my total is up to 11

        • huh

          why? what is the point?!

          • Shiguy

            Fun… tool.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    I'm waiting for the KCCO again. Good luck to all.

  • Margo's Guy

    Love it when I win

  • Jason Martineau

    Got my white Chive shirt!!! My collection is now complete!!!

  • Chris Funk

    Black – check!
    White – check!
    10% off – check!!

  • Shawna Stryker

    Yes! Got what I was looking for. ;O)

  • stubbornguinea

    got it first try…whew.

  • Alex Zafoot

    Got a white one for me and a black one for the gf!! Chive On!!

    • @OhMrJ

      I did this exact thing as well! WOOT!

    • ladypirate2k

      Thanks to my super-hot bf, I have my first Chive shirt! I'm now an official Chivette!! KCCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • max

    i hear the chive is adding some features to the green KCCO so it may not be around for a little while

    • SaltLakeChiver

      What makes you say that?

  • Question_Mark_

    One for me and one for the GF. That's a win.

  • Antonio Archer

    People should have been wearing the black ones all along.

    • Beev

      If it's +30 C out, or 86 F, I'm wearing my white Chive shirt not the black one. The heat from the sun is far more intense than my body heat reflecting back at me.

  • Chiver

    Black Short & Long Sleeve, & White shirt!



  • clarktheshark

    Chive. Thank you for finally fixing shopify. shit finally works. ordered two shirts.

  • hitman219

    Got Mine, now I need BFM!

  • Brian

    The timer was still counting down and I was able to order mine. Not complaining.

  • Ziggy Lukanus

    snagged mine

  • Ryan

    1 black and 1 white…check

  • Fappy McFapperson

    Got one and used my frequent buyer code

    • SMALZ

      Where did u get the code from?

      • windowlicker

        Frequently buying shirts.

    • Beev

      How many do you need to buy/ I've gotten 4 already on separate occasions and no code

      • N1GHTRA1N

        Great Question. I've ordered 4 BFM, 3 Red CAD KCCO, 2 Black KCCO, 1 Green Military CAD KCCO, 1 DAR, 1 Black LS Chive, 1 Mind the Gap, 2 posters, 2 mugs, 2 tumblers, a wallet, and probably other stuff i'm forgeting. a frequent buyer code would be awesome.

        • KFAD

          No partridge in a pear tree?

  • tv_paul

    Broke, maybe next time.

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