Black and White Chive Logo Tees are available now!

white lead Black and White Chive Logo Tees are available now!

It’s summertime and we received hundreds of emails from Chivers requesting a white logo tee to deal with the heat. It’s finally available in men’s and women’s tanks RIGHT HERE.

This is also the first time in 3 months the Black Logo Tees are available RIGHT HERE.

As always, good luck, godspeed, and stay tuned for the Thursday DAR!



  • Paul Oberheim

    Can't believe I missed getting a white Chive t for my birthday today. Shit try harder and pay more attention to the time difference to Japan!

  • h0tr0dusn

    got myself a black tee, my first!

    • Shiguy


  • therealguy


  • WirelessCable

    My order was complete by 12:02 PST BOOM! I was waiting to pounce on this one! 😉

  • Tom

    I got my KCCO and BFM 3D shirt a week ago and I am not pleased with the quality! Fabric is too thin, color of the Irish green is not sharp and my wife, who does the washes daily, tells me the print won't last long after washing weveral times…

    • Shiguy

      Tom, you have a problem then, I have my shirts for over a year, wear them pretty much once a week and they have lasted a pretty long time….oh and the "Irish Green" is not suppose to be Irish green it is just a shade of green. Maybe around st. paddy's day you look for the irish ones. KCCO man.

  • Ashish

    But its cool cause we do get the Chive here to keep our spirts up..Thanks to all the Chivettes for keinpeg smiles on our faces.. KCCO Thanks Scott for sending these in

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