Graffiti done like this should be legal (36 Photos)

  • Bunjy

    #19 awesome

    • Zachary McNew

      Agreed, very impressive art work

    • Michael


      • frankiejholden

        hosier lane – Melbourne represent baby!!!

  • Zachary McNew

    #16 Nostalgia + graffiti = awesome. I wonder how many bridges I built out of legos as a kid.

    • catscratch

      Is in the city I live (Wuppertal, Germany). It really looks this awesome when you stand under it. And it's on a bridge that used to be a railroad track which is now converted to a hiking trail which runs through the entire city (which is an awesome project all on it's own)

  • @andybuntjer

    #32 Wilson!!!

    • Applefish


  • Kigali
  • suck me dry

    if the question was how far? the answer would be all the way off.

    • chesterdrawers


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  • Man Deener

    Fuck the tapiture and you mom

    • The_Ger

      That is no way to speak to your mother.

  • Soldasd
  • rickacha

    #14 I wouldn't call that graffiti

    • MonkeyMadness

      I would. But I would be wrong.

  • dood

    C'mon man. There's better batman graffiti than that

    • Hank Hill

      I'm guessin the Dynamic Duo don't eat at Chick-fil-A.

    • Ugh!

      I agree.
      It's disgusting!

  • ChefE

    #32 that needs to be a chive t

  • dave

    22 almost makes me dizzy

    • yodaddy


  • Jess

    #33 A part of my childhood just died.

    • Disgusted

      … just another example of how homosexuality is being forced down everyone's throats!

      • Guesty McGuest

        Yes, that's exactly what's happening, dipshit.

      • Jess

        I see what you did there…


    #1 I'll never forget the first time I saw the original footage in high school… It's a sick sad world, so it's good to be able to appreciate the brighter side every now and then.

    • Drew

      What's even sadder is the fact that at least 50% of the people visiting the site won't even know the war origin/reference.

      • Zero

        Enlighten us.

        • Mo'Phat

          South Vietnamese chief of police executing a Viet Cong death squad leader.

          Retaliation – and very justified. During the Tet Offensive.

          • Euroranger

            Indeed, people were outraged by the execution…but had they seen the things the dead dude was doing immediately beforehand, they'd have said that shooting him in the head was too light a sentence.

            Women, children, the old, anyone with any kind of education whatsoever…and they didn't kill them quickly and humanely. Made the SS look like Mother Theresa.

    • Just A. Jason

      Let's also not forget that the person who did the shooting lived the rest of his life in shame and regret. He paid for that moment for the rest of his life. It's still horrible on all levels but he did not get away scott-free. It tore him apart from the inside.

  • Boobman

    #33 Just not right!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #28 I'm pretty sure it's the other way around.

  • Wisti

    #3 took me a long time to take in all the detail…love the dentures…
    #30 made me do a double take
    Love them all!

  • cp7

    #10 is in Downtown Louisville.

    • Meh

      You know this is true.

  • drbman

    #19 RIP Heath! You are still awesome.

  • Static

    #12 – shopped…

    #16 looks it.. but its not… amazing!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #30 This artist has serious talent.

    • Jammers

      agreed… wow

  • Alex

    All these comments about the Batman and Robin piece are the exact reaction the artist wanted.

    "Being gay is okay, just stay away from my son, my family, my friends, and if god is witness, my batman!"


    • r00s7a

      I guess that he got the right reaction out of me then… because I don't care if you're gay, just quit cramming it down my throat, so to speak. You don't see me walking around telling everyone I am heterosexual, waving heterosexual flags, or marching in the heterosexual parade. My sexuality is my business, your sexuality is your business. Quit making it an issue. And quit making Batman a homer.

      • Guesty McGuest

        It's called empathy. Maybe you could give it a try some time.

        • r00s7a

          Lack of empathy is not my problem. It is me being expected to be empathetic towards everything in society these days for fear of being called "intolerant" or "hater". I don't CARE what other people do. Do what you want as long as it does not affect me. But don't expect me to march beside you and fight for your cause.

          • Guesty McGuest

            OK… so we should all go back in the closet and make it easier for you to pretend we don't exist, label us perverts and hunt us down and arrest us even when we're trying to stay out of sight. Sounds super.

            • r00s7a

              Did you not read my post or were you too busy playing whoa is me? I don't CARE what you do. I never said anything about you going back to the closet. Just because I am not marching along side of you does not mean I am against your cause. To be honest, I could not care less about your cause. The same as I feel about the Democratic cause, the Republican cause, or any other political cause. But just because I do not choose a side, or participate at all, that does not give you the right to accuse me of being intolerant.

              • Guesty McGuest

                I read your post. How exactly is "just quit cramming it down my throat, so to speak" tolerant or neutral?

                If it was Wonder Woman and Cat Woman swapping spit would you say stop cramming it down my throat, or would you scream "MOAR!!"?

                Nobody is going to make you march in a pride parade, and nobody made you reply to this picture. If you really don't care then maybe you should just move on.

                • Joe Biden

                  I think you need to learn what "tolerant" means…. I can tolerate something, but agree that pillow biters need to quit cramming this down everyone's throat. If you want to be a faggot that is your business, but I tolerate it every time I don't fire bomb a gay club.

                  • Guesty McGuest

                    I've had heterosexuality shoved down my throat my entire life.

                    There are 70 bazillion pictures of half naked women on the Chive, and I don't say a thing, I just scroll past them to the things I care about.

                    But let there be one goddamned graffiti picture of two fictional characters kissing, and everyone cries foul. Give me a fucking break.

                    • guard

                      But it's BATMAN, c'mon BATMAN isn't gay.

        • Bustanut

          C'mon, two men heavy kissing each other in public is as lame as a straight couple making out in public. A peck? Sure, who cares. But full suck face is asking for attention … grow up and get over yourself teenagers.

        • Sick'n'tired

          Empathy does not mean compliance. It's no different than the earlier video of the trolls and the police officers; wave it in their faces, and attempt to illicit a certain response (they WANT intolerance). I live in a pretty liberal city, and we have a high concentration of homosexuals. Our streets are clean, the shops are productive, and crime is relatively low. But i couldn't give a shit less if they're gay, straight, or crooked.

          Please stop flaunting it in hopes that I'll be racist.

    • NotMe

      Are you sure this is a pro gay-rights statement? Seems to me it is a pro-NAMBLA statement. At least now we know where Chive stands on that important issue.

  • BLB

    #11….For goodness sake, just stay away from politics, I come to this site for a laugh….

  • Nate Woodard

    #11 Such a stupid protest. OPEC believes gay people should be beheaded but you don't see anyone protesting gas.

    • Mr Sarcasm

      Hey I need that stuff

    • HydrogenBond

      49% of our gas comes from Canada, where gay marriage is legal. Another 42% is domestic where all we have to deal with is the American Taliban. No one likes the middle east (except for the Bush family) but that's why I bike to work.

      • MeMyself

        You're an ass…..

      • PA2AK

        Completely false. If you only look at the top 15 countries that we import petroleum from (so not total U.S. consumption), it shakes down as this: Total import for FY11 10,016(in thousands of barrels per day, according to U.S. EIA data); Canada 26.7%; Saudi Arabia 11.9%; Mexico 12.2%; Venezuela 9.8%. If you take a look at the same top 15 and single out these countries – Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Colobia, Iraq, Ecuador, Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Kuwait – you have 70.7% of U.S. average petroleum import for FY11. The civil rights in general for those countries are certainly less than U.S. standards and highly unlikely to be any better for homosexuals.

        The whole idea that a guy doesn't believe what you believe (while not impeding on anyone's rights) means they propagate hate is ridiculous.

        Even more f'd is the idea that our government should be involved in commitments from one person to the next (i.e. marriage). THAT should be the real debate. (Heterosexual, married, father of two).

        From that whole fiasco – only ones spreading hate are the ones harassing the employees and patrons of Chic-Fil-A. "Diversity & tolerance are key…unless you disagree with me!"

        Get your facts correct & Chive On! Sorry for adding to the political b.s. I too come here to get away from it all and have a good laugh.

        • PA2AK

          And what are your bike tires made out of again? And what processes are used to manufacture the components, paint, and ship said bike? You probably use a cell phone from time to time. Ever hear of 'rare earth minerals'? 100% U.S. consumption of said minerals is imported from China.

      • PA2AK

        70.7% of U.S. petroleum imports for FY11 are from the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nigeria, Colombia, Iraq, Ecuador, Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Aruba, Kuwait. Those countries are not all that keen on civil liberties in general, let alone gay rights. (Canada accounts for 26.7%)

        The real argument should be 'why is government involved in private commitments between individuals to begin with?"

        "Tolerance & Diversity are keys of freedom…until you disagree with our opinions…then you are just haters!"

      • PA2AK

        70.7% of U.S. petroleum imports for FY11 are from the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nigeria, Colombia, Iraq, Ecuador, Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Aruba, Kuwait. Those countries are not all that keen on civil liberties in general, let alone gay rights. (Canada accounts for 26.7%)

      • PA2AK

        Chive…why you no let me refute this ridiculous claim?!

        • PA2AK

          worked that time! try 26.7 % of petroleum imports in 2011

          • Anon

            Yeah his #'s are wrong, but to be fair more of our gas still comes from Canada

            • PA2AK

              i think its like 55% of petroleum consumption is domestic. So Canada comes out to, what 12% of the total US petroleum consumption, eh?

        • PA2AK

          70.7% of petroleum imports in 2011 come from countries with 'less than savory' records on civil rights in general. I wonder what your bicycle is made from and how it is manufactured & then shipped?

    • PA2AK

      real question is why personal commitments between private citizens requires government involvement all together?!

      • Anon

        There shouldn't be government involvement, but I don't want $$ that I spend indirectly going to hate groups either. For that matter, I hate that church tithings are tax deductions and that it's considered "charity" to give to a church

    • asddsa

      because OPEC doesn't sell delicious chicken sandwiches with a smile…. I guess the gays just don't like that…

      • PA2AK

        but i thought they loved the co…

    • PA2AK

      Sorry all Chivers for the cluster F of posts previous to this. The first one I entered was 'being approved'. I then tried variations to see if it was something I included in the post. After that, they were approved almost all at once. I apologize for the relentless douchbaggary that resulted. I should have just Kept Calm and Chived on…

  • Forgot

    So destroying people's private property with your spray paint should be legal? Right. Spray your political or social beliefs on my building and I will beat the shit out of you.

    • Hank Hill

      I agree, but unfortunately that would be considered a hate crime. So what if he destroyed the property you worked hard to purchase with money you earned? He sucks dicks so its ok.

      • Guesty McGuest

        Or instead of being a vigilante, you just call the cops and the douchebag who vandalized your building gets arrested… which is what happened.

        • The Libertine

          While you're waiting for the cops, some of us would've already taken care of business. Just put your head back under the covers, little sheep.

          • I'm #1

            Look out everyone, we got a badass over here.

    • Jason Martin

      I agree, however if I walked outside and saw #10 on the side of my building, I think I would be okay with it.

    • The Libertine

      Remember, according to Chairman O, didn't build your business so it's fair game. (chuckle)

      • I'm #1

        Funny, because Fascist R said the same exact thing. You can call yourself the libertine, but you still need to actually pay attention if you want to get your liberty all your own.

      • Gullible

        Politicians just love people like yourself. You know, the ones that believe the unsolicited chain emails that get passed around, that listen to the 30 second soundbites and eat it up without any doing any independent checking. You are exactly why lying politicians keep getting away with it.

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