Damn, that’s impressive (33 Photos)

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #26 om nom nom

  • Moondog

    #22 Who painted this and where can I get a copy?

  • hahaha


    from husbands, fathers, brothers everywhere…FUCK YOU!

  • Robert

    I've done 7 before.
    Unfortunately I only got a picture of 6 and it fell when I tried 8 but I've still topped that one.

  • Pauyc

    Thats my native town!! Here in Catalunya (spain) we call it "Castellers" (human towels), and in my village (Vilafranca del Penedes) we are famous for that! Check wikipedia
    Thanks for make Castellers international!!

  • Firefighter 21

    #30 mmmmm the things that just went through my head.

  • abc

    #12 find her!!!

  • Truth

    To the lady in #18, good job but you need to hit the weight room too to tighten up. Please seen #21 and #33 for inspiration.

  • emailhobo

    #11 Fuck YEAH… Congratulations!!! You're the man for not giving up… As a person with severe back issues, almost like yours, MOVE ON MAN!!!! And props to the medical team involved with your recovery!

  • TheBetterMan

    #21 Ladies is ANY part of your body could be mistaken for a body part on a man, there is a problem, if your into hard bodied women go for it, it is just my opinion that women should be softer than a man, but again if your into chicks all ripped like dudes go right ahead, more real women for me and the rest of the sane heterosexual guys and I'm guessing lesbians too because if they were attracted to ripped bodies they would like dudes

  • Sundevil81

    #33 Still one of the best

  • What_Tha

    #33 Splendid indeed

  • WaikikiWayne

    #26 Ok. Ok…, But can they make me a sandwich?

  • Loki

    #26 Talk amongst yourselves, I'll be back shortly.

    Ok I'm good.

  • Bobby

    #30 I have had a pretty diffuclt week. So I want to thank you fr sharing your image with Chivers everywhere. KCCO ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!

  • puddintame

    Remind me NOT to tell #30 "if its that damn good, then eat it yourself" … she just might…

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  • jmstech

    #20 No not really. Unless you are a kid.

  • xero

    #30 pile driver

  • cookzone


  • phillip

    #12 That's one awesome butt.

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