• That guy

    First!! Time I've ever seen a Vidio like this. Well done

  • ALEC

    I'm fine with the ads I truly am. It's a great revenue stream, but….THOSE FUCKING SIDE ONES THAT PLAY AUTOMATICALLY WITH SOUND WHILE I AM TRYING TO not SCREAM AND YELL IN caps IS DRIVING ME kinda mad. At least long enough to write this comment.

  • scarecrowe420

    As I watch this I remember seeing so many of these and I ask myself, what the fuck am I doing with my life?

  • KCCO _ 916 CA

    So, Alec…. by last few years, you really meant 'since the beginning of the internet as we know it', right?? (chaw-lee bit me=5+ years ago; evolution of dance=6 1/2 years ago) I mean, shit, most of this isn't even in HD….

  • insane1976

    great story telling

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