Friday Dopamine Dump (35 Photos)

  • MOAR

    #35 Perfect for a Friday.

    • Ben

      That girl can't drink for s**t

      • ed smith

        who cares she looks good doing it!

      • CoolGuy

        She's doing it so wrong yet so right…

      • Findangle

        Now that is a beer fountain I wouldn't mind sticking my lips against!!

        • UMChivette

          No one wants to read this

          • Findangle

            Sorry! is this the Berry?

      • staringattheboobs

        Yep, she definitely has a drinking problem.

    • Boris

      I thought it was a trap for a second, but no adam's apple.

      Fap on.

    • Notknowing

      SHE'S CHEATING!…but…I don't give a fuck, it's Friday!

    • CrossCamel

      I – I don't even know what I'm seeing but all of me likes it. Wow.

    • Deep Dish

      I hate to see beer wasted, but god damn…. my jaw was on the floor when I saw this.

    • jjjjjjjj

      she should have just dumped the shit on her chest and quit acting like she drank any of it

    • lookscanbe

      I'd be curious to see her face….looks like it could be rough or at least old. Not saying I didn't like the gif though…

    • Urtho
    • NakedJenny

      DO NOT WANT uniboob

  • Remy

    Objection on #13, I can't pee while taking a crap

    • Pman

      Did anyone else read this while taking a crap, then start peeing?

    • MylesofStyles

      You're broken.

    • drewplp

      Worst superpower ever.

    • QwertySauce

      I take a crap without pissing all the time. Is that weird?


    #34,and this is smokin Hot.I'd adorn that neckline with a salvo or two of the finest pearls..God damn.

    • Notknowing


    • ski03

      A Beautiful women and wine nothing better in world then that combination

      • Obviously

        multiple beautiful women and better wine

        • chive is my drug

          Wine's for pussy's, now throw in a bottle of whisky and it's on like donkey kong.

          • KC10

            ok hardass

    • Bone feeder

      I'd give her what she deserves…And then some.

    • Dayum

      I would like to see her rusty sheriff's badge!

  • dbag

    suck it bitches… first

    • montoya

      you keep using that word…

    • Yeah

      I hope #30 have you an epileptic seizure.

    • MoMeRob

      Wow, thanks for the flashback to 2004.

    • chive is my drug

      You sir are an imposter. Your supposed to say "Suck me dry"


    #35, unbelievable!

    • chive is my drug


  • Pfizzle

    #35. I don't know who she is…but I like very much…

  • Dano



    • chive is my drug

      That's it. I'm going back up to that .gif. See you on Monday.

  • fucked

    #23 sam handwich

    • Notknowing

      (eating sammich) mmmffmm…smack, smack…mmmffff….Bone…..mmmffff…

  • NobleChive

    I'll take a #10, but instead of fries could I substitute a #15?

  • passwordistaco

    #34 Focus!

    • RobTalk


  • joeschmo

    #35 hey I paid for that! Now let me lick it off

  • Tim

    #33 Ice, seriously?

    • bczu

      Makes it easier to pour a black and tan? But still…..

    • HatBomb

      Its a mixed drink with Guinness, take it easy tiger.

    • MoMeRob

      it's an Irish Applesauce cocktail/shot. Ginger and Apple syrups in the bg.

    • anonymous_coward

      Ice and an extra stout for shame

    • chive is my drug

      My friend. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

      • fernando


    • Gaz

      That's a capital offence in Ireland

  • Hot
    • chive is my drug

      NSFW. Glad I'm the IT guy at my work.

    • Scooter Mcgavin

      Hooray for boobies!

  • Steve-o

    #35 gif should be longer

    • troll

      just like your dick

      • bigger troll


        • first troll

          Man, you are stupid


        • Amy


        • douche

          now thats funny

  • passwordistaco

    #35 water tight cleavage, yessir

  • Way

    #19 Just like my hemorrhroids..

  • Dapper_Dave

    #34 #35
    Great way to start a weekend

  • Jae

    "Like a glove!!" KCCO!!

    • Jae


      • Dr_StrangePants

        Deliver to the Extreme

  • baddbuzz

    #34 NEED 1 1 1

    • Bubba


  • Kyle429

    #32 Suddenly, I'm hungry as fuck. Wow that looks amazing.

    • Over Rated

      Just want to say that Fat Tire isn't really that good. And while I'm at it neither is Yuengling.

  • reclaimer

    i just thought about how extremely addicted i am to this site. i wonder what i used to do at work before i started coming here. i probably actually worked. thank you chive for the laughs, the hot girls, and basically making my day go by super fast!!!

    • bill

      best prt is…..that feelin dosent go away!!!!!!

  • Yerp

    #1 "like a glove"

    • Michael

      did you notice that there is about a foot and a half of body past the rear wheels, yet the treads go right next to the other car?


      • CiT

        The orange car parked after the van was done showing off. Explained 😀

        • Water bottle


  • hhowitzer
  • SmokeyTheBear

    #34 Is just glorious. Definitely made my morning…

  • jake

    Hopefully he will be packing his bags very soon.

    • jon

      Hopefully not!

    • Smokey

      He will pack his bags soon…in 2016.

      • Whale

        When we are broke.

    • Bon Rugandy?

      Keep these comments on CNN comment boards please!


      • Ed Harkin

        Oh who put the question mark on the teleprompter?

    • ab dirty

      Fuck your politics, keep it too yourself and off the chive. Soo Tired of campaign politics.

    • Kodos

      Obama STFU and GTFO

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