Life is awesome! (35 HQ Photos)

  • sexualniner

    Thug life.

  • h44r

    first fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gross Toasties

      Can you even count, dumbfuck?

    • alex


  • tburk23

    missing one awesome thing about life… chivettes!

    • Skadoosh

      Indeed. Sweater boulders are way more exciting to scale than actual boulders.

  • mopar_man

    For someone with a fear of heights, a heads up would've been nice. Now I'm sitting here with cold, sweaty palms.

    • chickenshit


    • Norm

      me too

      • jeff

        #34 made my tummy turn

      • Gross Toasties

        #30 almost made me fall out of my Lane Snuggler! A little warning next time, please!!

    • Timmytamtom

      I once had a fear of heights. Then I jumped out of a plane. It was magical.

  • Scott Stringer

    God damn, I'm boring.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Meanwhile, I have spent my weekend indoors studying for an interview tomorrow.


    • Mya

      You have one up on me. I spent my weekend indoors eating cookies and watching TV.

    • The Truth

      I've been doing the same thing. Except Friday. Friday IDGAF!!! Good luck and KCCO!

  • Tanthony2012

    These photos have made me re-evaluate my entire life…

  • Cooper

    #28 Fuckin hippies

    • Sir_Beefalo

      Seen this picture and all I could think of was Cartman.

    • climbingchivette

      Haha don't knock it til you've tried it. That is the life.

      • zjh

        Holy shit – I want a climbing chivette!

    • Helena

      Haha! That is literally exactly what I muttered under my breath when I saw this picture.

  • Ginj

    Should be renamed "Heights are Awesome." So Awesome.

  • John Knolhoff

    All way braver than I am

  • Rich

    #25 Sharma. The man, the myth, the legend

    • Hugh Honey

      I thought that was Sharma, thanks for the confirmation. Love watching this guy do the impossible

    • climbingchivette

      Just saw La Dura Dura at Reel Rock last night and loved it. Although Honnold is well represented in this gallery, too! Honnold 3.0 blew my mind.

      • hardheaded

        to ppl that don't climb (like me), i'm pretty sure that was all gibberish…

      • ClimbingChiver

        Reel Rock 7, the best so far. All of them were amazing, especially Honnold. That guy is very…confident?

  • melindu

    #24 Woody Harrelson?

    • John

      # 24 Sig Hansen ?

      • OzarksChiver

        Sig Harrelson?

    • AtlantaBurning

      His brother Steve, actually.

  • Courtney

    Awesome post

  • Taylor9214

    #32 gosh…Piss-Water Falls is nice this time of year

    • Craig

      I think that's Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan

    • MattyDeuce

      Bear Grylls' favorite watering hole

      • commander cool

        looks like chronic diarrhea falls.

        • BallGag4X_Mas

          At least I wasn't the only one that though it looked like explosive diarrhea.

    • Dan Englund

      Craig, you are correct that is Tahquenemon Falls. This is actually a frame grab from aerial video of the drop. The kayaker is Marcelo Galizio and his video including footage from this drop will likely be online by the end of the day today. I will be posting a link to it on my company's facebook page ( While you wait to see the full video you can check out the teaser 🙂 :

  • speaks


    ummm thanks…. but fuck no!

    • anna slicker

      umm…butt-fuck yes after you shave and bleach

  • @akadarker

    Most of these frighten me.

  • tim

    #11 #20 honnold is one crazy fucker

    • swan3609

      He is a crazy SOB.. I am amazed he is still around.. The craziest thing about him is how insanely humble he is..

  • 7thproject

    #33 #34 are insane.

  • Steven

    And, now I'm getting off the couch to go do something awesome!

  • ColoForDAYS

    No thanks, Ms. Banks #6 #33

  • BCbeaut

    #10 creeps me out

    • OzarksChiver

      No shit…that's just too weird to be enjoyable. No way I'm jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and then "standing around"

      • Merry_Jane

        This picture is also upside down. The jump is a heads down jump – a very difficult maneuver to learn and master to get into a large group formation like this. I mean really, the ground should have given it away.

      • anonskydiver

        You're missing out 😛

  • Skadoosh

    There is a severe lack of boobs in this thread. Dougy Fail.

    • Doa

      Go masturbate somewhere else and get over it

  • Hugh Honey

    With a little luck, my death will come from doing one of these activities. Anything but dying of old age…

    • Gross Toasties

      So jump off of the Golden Gate bridge. Hitting the water from that height will be like hitting pavement…and no waiting to die of old age.

  • Schnizz56

    Pretty sure most of these people wound up in a hospital with massive injuries at some point.

  • Spelling Police

    "Life is Awesome?" …for the people in these pictures, maybe. For me…not so much.

    • OzarksChiver

      So put your computer away and go do something exciting. How you enjoy life is your choice and if you choose to spend it in front of a computer, you'll never have a great, exciting and fulfilling time. Living vicariously through pictures and other people's activities sucks. Just do it!

      • D. Bateable

        everyone has different likes and dislikes. it only sux if they don't enjoy it… (whatever floats your boat)

    • Hugh

      Spelling Police, Life is awesome for anyone that doesn't turn life into a pissing contest. Your honesty is your awesomeness.

    • AllTaco

      Advice advice advice advice, advice advice.

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