Life is awesome! (35 HQ Photos)

  • gumbo

    best gallery ever. awesome!

  • Guest
  • anotherchiver

    Some are awesome some are just insane wish I could do a few of these things

  • AllTaco

    The 'Life is Awesome' is a great idea, I really like it. Thanks Doug

  • lovelilbrax

    #1 — "I'm walkin on sunshine…"

  • 99mike

    #30 made my testicles crawl up inside…damn!

  • Turrebo

    The title should be "Behaviour likely to cause death or severe injury is awesome!"

    Beautiful pictures, though.

  • Jim Hub

    No, MY life is awsome! your life sucks!

  • Tts

    Where is photo 23 taken!! Errrrrrmmmmeeerrrgggddddd

  • a7xdoomsday

    #32 going down Shit Creek with a paddle

  • Pope

    Yes, life is awesome! As long as you have money to travel to exotic destinations, indulge in massively expensive hobbies, and have the free time to do whatever you want whenever you want. Otherwise, life is pretty meh.

  • Ricky Price

    #16 hey that's me….seriously….

  • Zandy

    pretty much the: 'only skinny white people are cool' post

  • marcelo galizio

    just wondering where did you got those pictures, Im the kayaker at the #32 😉

    • Dan Englund

      I'm also curious since I took this photo (actually a frame grab from aerial video) of Marcelo's drop of Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Don't get me wrong it's an honor to have our photo featured in such a spectacular gallery! Anyway if anyone is interested in seeing the video footage that this image was taken from Marcelo's video will likely be online by the end of the day. The video will be uploaded to Marcelo's Vimeo page ( and I will also post a link to it on my company's facebook page (

      • Sofia

        Yup I gave your company credit at least 🙂 This is probably where they pulled it, i had posted it here to host it for a reddit post

  • cheese

    "Life is Awesome" a.k.a. "People really far off the ground"

  • Butters

    I wonder why #17 didn't submit a picture wearing his own wingsuit (that one is mine).

    • Butters

      Turns out #17 didn't submit the picture. So, how did TheChive get it?

      • snwbdr94


        • Wingsuit_borrower

          Number 17 didn't have his wingsuit yet, this framegrab was from July 4th.
          'Twas a grand ole' party

  • Sofia

    You should perhaps put the photo credit of each photo on here… because i'm pretty sure you took some off of Reddit, and the author/photog or original hosting site should be given credit . Just saying bc #32 I hosted on IMGUR with proper photographer/athlete credit 🙂 MARCELOOOOO

    • Butters


  • Mark

    #8 Danny Way is on of the all time greats.

  • dcannon1

    Life is awesome? More like get ready to have sweaty palms and a puckered butthole if you're afraid of heights.

  • theKid

    #28 dangerous spot to get blazed. but i respect it.

  • shel_lynn

    purely amazzzzing!!! breathe takingly awesome

  • Ryan

    #26 is from crankworx at whistler, BC

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