Before the Cyber Monday madness begins, here’s to the Chivers in need

add charity Before the Cyber Monday madness begins, heres to the Chivers in need

Before CyberMonday officially begins, it’s time to address what this holiday season and theCHIVE is actually about, goodwill and charity. Right now there are thousands of Chivers waiting in cyber-line hoping to claim Keep Calm and Chive On for a friend or family member who simply can’t afford it. I’ve read all your emails, and although I can’t respond to every one, I can do something about it.

We’re going to begin the insanity by giving away hundreds of enhanced KCCO’s to Chivers in need. Email chiverygiveaway [at] gmail [dot] com right now on behalf of person who needs the KCCO. You must include their name, the reason, an address, and shirt size. You will not be charged. theCHIVE will assume all costs of the shirts, including shipping.

If you don’t absolutely need one, please wait a half our for the big show to begin. It’s your support that enables us to do this. As usual, I have not set a limit on how many shirts we’re going to give away, I’ll allow this giveaway to continue as long as I possibly can.



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