Crew of Halo fans build their own real “Warthog” vehicle from scrap (58 Photos)

Via Operationchastity

  • ryan


  • Bud

    …And then never have sex again

    • Tye

      …And then drowned in vagina!

  • rooster

    I left bare backs for this? See ya

    • Firefighter23

      The Warthog has a bare back. Not machine gun and what not.

  • Really

    It's made out of wood?

    • lat297

      You know the real one's made out of pixels, right?

      • leafsfan2005

        I think I hurt a rib laughing. Well played sir.

    • Dan

      Looks like wood to me…

  • Ben

    Where is the machine gun?

    • John

      Not all warthogs have machine guns, some don't even have weapons.

      • MylesofStyles

        Some don't even have warts.

      • Ben

        No point to drive a warthog with no machine gun on it.

  • Jack Kempsley

    I bet these halo nerds actually get laid.

    • glamis26

      Let me guess, your hero?

  • guest

    operation chastity lmao

  • Jonesy

    Steering wheel is on the wrong side for a UNSC spec vehicle.

    • jordan

      Funny that, being an English Land Rover and all.

  • AWB

    it looks like a puma to me.

    • jeff

      Damn it! Didn't I just tell you to stop making up animals!

      • @FourBeerMilky

        How about bigfoot? Unicorn? Sasquatch? Chupathingy! How 'bout that?

        • Firefighter23

          What is that music?!

        • Smitty

          Yeah, it's got a ring to it.

  • Signor_TD


    Now try it again in Legendary mode…

  • Murph

    wood? I'd sticky bomb the hell out of that thing. Nice work though.

  • ston

    #57 You ever take it off any sweet jumps?

  • Anonymous

    one more reason i wish i would have won the lottery.

    • sean

      …so you can use a few hundred dollars in parts and materials to make an OK-looking warthog?

    • dude

      except it cost about the same as a Toyota Camry.

      People spend way more than this on toys (sand rails, boats)

    • Dr. Gonzo

      To hell with just buying one if I won the lottery. I would buy the rights to mass manufacture Warthogs. If you can make the four wheel steering reliable, and the chassis as tough as they make it out to be in the game you would sell TONS of the things. Make it available as V-6 or V-8 with an option to turbo or supercharge. Make it diesel, sell it to the marines as a fast recon vehicle…

    • kigero

      If you win the lottery your best choice is to talk to crysler about the jeep hurricane concept

  • tigerraider

    Because girls are icky.

  • Manny

    Neat…I guess.

  • Thisguy

    I think it looks like a puma…

    • Sarge

      Stop making things up.

  • Chronuss

    What about a walrus…walrus have tusks.

    • Phoenix

      Go home Chronuss….You're Drunk!!

  • Brad

    I wanna see a video of it in action!

    • sixokay

      Pete's actually a really good friend of mine. Awesome to see him (and his hog) on the Chive. Here's a video about OC that features the hog in action:

  • Pokepoke

    #58 go home gordon, you are drunk

    • Daith_Lee

      LOL…Thank You.

  • BostonPauly

    Nice to see the A-Team are still going strong. Say hi to B.A. for me.

  • Anonymous

    yet another reason why i wish i would have won the lottery.

  • cweed

    It looks pretty cool but I dont think it looks $28,000 cool for a vehicle made out of plywood.

  • Mally

    press X to flip

  • Joe

    Chive, cell phone data plans these days are not unlimited. These video ads that keep popping up, not cool.

  • Cruise

    all that effort and the steering wheel is on the wrong side ahaha

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