One second from every day of a man’s awesome 30th year (Video)

Cesar Kuriyama has been saving up for a few years to be able to travel the world and generally be awesome for the 30th year of his life. During that year, every day he took one second of video and compiled them together into this amazing montage.

  • Ted

    lame, I already wasted too many seconds of my own life watching the first 30 seconds of this drivel.

  • nea

    Don't be a dick. You're scanning the Chive, you're clearly not doing anything else with your life.

  • nick

    I made it 10 seconds in and decided this was stupid… Give it a rest hipsters

    • Truth Hurts

      And that is your contribution?

      Ps You suck

  • Dirkler

    What happened to february 29th?

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  • Truth Hurts

    Nice vid!

    Ps Chive peeps are snarky dicks- get a life and create something yourself- and leave the country for once and you might realize you don't know shit

  • Yann

    I like the video and the idea of it ! Well done ! 🙂

  • Trevor Lewis

    On your birthday what was he doing?

    on mine he was getting a haircut

  • IrishInNJ

    Annoying, boring….that's about it…checked out after 40 "days".

  • Wrench

    Pretty cool as long as it real. But it kinda feel like its just a couple days spread out.

  • Caa

    Does he every work?

  • Zack

    Who was that in the hospital? And is she okay? Can we do anything to help?

    • Ballsy Llama

      Not unless you have a time machine, idiot

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