Friday Dopamine Dump (36 Photos)

  • 908s

    #6 ha yes… #34 dont stop, keep going

    • Jack Wagon

      My god, I have to see the whole thing!!!

  • fucked

    so keith stone is back huh?

  • LeO

    Santa u better not get drunk. Ima need them toys for the kids. I work everyday it's my turn to drink!

  • Noah

    #8 Heroes are remembered, but Legends never die

    • Courtesy Flush

      So true. #22

  • Dave

    #33 My kids leave Santa an IPA and chicken wings.

    • fireman

      I'm cumin to your house.


      • FNG

        For sure. Better leave two out!

  • Hammer_Pants

    I want to be that guy when I'm that age. Though I could go without looking homeless.

    • SnallaBolaget

      Beard = looking homeless??
      Then I wanna look that homeless when I'm his age.

    • Mick Taylor

      He is only 30. He's just had a hard life!

  • jai

    #4 damn, this guy gets all the chicks! who invited him?

    • Trav1121

      Looks like Pitbull's son…

    • Jake

      Douche Bag starter kit. Nothing to see here.

  • hpph00

    #34 Full lenght video, NOW!

    • Tom

      ask and ye shall receive

      • Jonny Apps

        Thanks, Tom!

      • StarboardEngine

        Wow, lots of gyrating humps, gaps, and flbp's in that video. Good looking out Tom.

      • Dapper_Dave

        Nice job

      • leafsfan2005

        Mother of god, you're my king. Thank you.

      • Eric

        you sir, are a good man.

      • yes yes I wood


    • Pretty Smile

      Why do people come here to get a link of a girl unzipping her shirt when they can just Google: Big tits girl unzipping shirt NSFW gif

      • Urethra Franklin

        Why do you go to bars and pretend to be interested in women for the possibility of seeing them naked…when you can go to a strip club? Chew on that one grasshopper…

        • Womb_Raider

          Seeing them naked from a bar encounter=dump a load
          Seeing them naked at strip club=Lighter bank account and heavier ball sac

          • Courtesy Flush

            You need to go to Ontario strip joints. Lighter bank account and lighter ball sac.

        • Working_Donkey


  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #1 Merry Christmas BRRRRROTHER!

  • Urethra Franklin

    #22 John Daly…The man, The myth, The gambling alcoholic

    • Courtesy Flush

      U mean diet cokeaholic

  • BallGag4X_Mas

    #33 I can't wait to be Santa

    • J. D. Rage

      when I see ur name my mind starts to wonder in naughty places!

      • BallGag4X_Mas

        Just trying to make the world a better place one mind at a time…after all, it is one of the best places a mind can be =D

    • Courtesy Flush

      Can't wait to see if you got what you wanted for X_Mas

      • BallGag4X_Mas

        I have a feeling this will be the fourth Christmas in a row where my dreams of owning a ball gag will be crushed /sigh. I could always get one for myself, but what fun is that?

        • GatOner

          You are very pretty.

          • BallGag4X_Mas

            Thank you!
            I think penguins that need boner pants are adorable by the way =D

  • tv_paul

    #33 #34 Is a nice thought but for a naughty thought Santa might want to have some milk with his cookie too.

  • William Moreno Colton


    • passwordistaco

      How many people stared at this thing like a damn Where's Waldo?

  • tv_paul

    #1 Maybe as gay as Twilight…tough call.

    • Courtesy Flush

      No where near as gay as Twilight.
      Now this on the other hand………………… #13

  • Dan

    #34 Can't……. Stop……. Watching……..

    • justin

      You…… are…… a loser…….

  • crustybubblechunks

    #6 You stay classy

    • doodoobrown

      It's a feral santa don't let it bite you! Oh its a Ferrell, herrrooooooooooooooo!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    That was my worst friday ever, thanks to make it better Chive. #34

  • thechivestofthemall

    #34 Little more…Little more…Little more…………..FUCK!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #27 Santa, don't be a bitch. Hook it up.

  • Jessi

    #34 eeee I would not own a zippered bra… sounds risky…. imagine getting a nipple caught in those metal interlocking teeth? yikes. no thanks

    • Holy Shamoly

      No worse than any day wearing jeans if you're a guy.

    • thechivestofthemall

      you could have a penis and have to worry bout ur zipper everyday

    • grebis

      You have weird nipples, are they centered???

    • LeftFlasherOn

      Metal teeth or enamel – what's the difference?!

    • Patrolman

      sounds like you got a botched tit job

  • Dr.Dank

    #5 needs to be a wallpaper!!

  • @Richteriano

    #34 So close…

  • nate

    #20 is Jack Handey

  • doublemeat

    #34 – Can I be her Santa? 😀

  • Kodos

    "Oh, shit.. Teddy's drowning in the beer cooler again… better go pull him out."

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