A look behind the curtain: How a Chive Tee is made (video)

Tomorrow, theCHIVERY’s Custom Cut & Sew Line will be released beginning with Offerman Woodshop. From here out, all Chivery Shirts will be a cut above every other t-shirt made out there. All Chivery Tees will possess consistent sizing and uniform fit – with the same familiar softness; all made here in the USA.

We’ve received thousands of emails from Chivers asking how a Chive Tee is made and we’ve always declined. But the more we thought about how much time, care, and extra effort goes into making each individual shirt, the more we wanted to show the Chivers how much we actually give a shit about the shirts you wear.

Enjoy the video…

  • Jason

    Is it bad that I get as excited for the "possibility" to buy a new Chive shirt as I am when Apple announces new stuff?

  • Sally

    Awesome!!! Just makes the anticipation of the shirt coming out tomorrow even more intense I LOVE OFFERMAN! An I am dying for a Chive shirt!

  • Ta1ntSw3at

    So make 10,000 more shirts so people can actually get them instead of waiting around for an email only to find out that three minutes later they are all fucking sold out….maybe then people wouldn't have to copy your shirts and would just buy them

  • scratches head

    So why is it that this official Chive video you've embeded the youtube player… but other youtube sourced videos get re-encoded to be the chive video player?
    Some of those people on youtube rely on views for income and if the chive is so charitable to others it just seems inconsistent that they "steal" the views on others but embed their own. just sayin

    • Chris

      You are an idiot, my friend

  • Steve Grenier

    It's great to see how much care you put into making each shirt, they really are great. I wish they didn't sell out so fast. I'm sure if you had to hire more, or invest more, to double your efforts it would be returned quite quickly. I know many people who've been waiting months to get something from The Chivery, myself included.

    Speaking of which, bring back the hoodies!

  • Bill C

    Now could you pre-shrink the goddamn things! One wash and my 2x is now a L. $25 down the drain

    • Texan Chiver

      it is normally the dryer that shrinks the clothing not the washer. You should air dry them.

  • Fur Sure

    The t shirts are hard to get. That is the point.

  • jay

    Why ohhhhh why cant the sizes be the size the shirt says it is..such as a xxl is really a xl ..etc etc

  • chivettelover

    Slowly is how they are made, very very slowly.

  • mutant26

    looks awesome…now make enough that you have some available for more than 5 fuckin minutes! I have been trying to get one for months!

  • Canucks_Rule

    gotta say, u guys have great production in ur vids.

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  • Garrett

    Haha it was hard before to snag a kcco shirt.. But after that video it's gonna be in-freakin-possible haha. Chive I love and hate you… So so much. All my hate love. -Garrett

  • eseller2

    "Probably the best Tshirts in the World," that are always out of fucking stock…

  • Katt

    I work in a print shop in Georgia and we run almost an identical screen press to that Sportsman they were running your shirts on. Awesome to see you guys put up a video of the job I've loved having for over 10 years now. KCCO fellas…but lets kick those press operators in the ass and get some more shirts made, yea? Or, ya can always send em my way…I can always make some time to print for theChive.

  • Patrick

    My wedding is in May and I want to outfit the groomsmen and me in "Keep Calm and Chive On!" shirts. I'm starting to get nervous this isn't going to happen!

    "Help me BFM, you're my only hope!"


  • NEBaseball6

    I like the fact that theCHIVE is a company that tells it how it is. not afraid to tastefully curse when appropriate and sacrifice sobriety in the good name of creativity. all I can say is keep fucking going and KCCO

  • Haji

    Supply and Demand

    Current Model:

    Low supply + High Demand = Lost revenue

    Biz Model Adjustment:

    Increase supply + meet Demand = Increased revenue

    Hope that helps =)

  • Mondo


    I found this in etsy, I know it's not the real thing but people should know copy cats are everywhere!

  • Alex

    I need a green kcco or bfm so bad, I always get the email wait list thing and can never get to it quick enough. Love you, KCCo

  • Steve

    "Fix the fucking neckline!" I just wrote him back, "I'm fixing the fucking neckline!" Hilarious. Side note: only one of my four Chive shirts has retained its original neckline. Just sayin…

  • svp

    this is why the prices have gone up?? it's awesome but i don't wanna pay more with shipping on top of that. sorry but i wont be buying a $30+ t-shirt

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