Friday Dopamine Dump (38 Photos)

  • meow


    • Bark

      Oh fuck off already, cat.

  • boylightning

    Coz Real Men don't mind having their ears chopped off!

    • Notknowing

      Real men shave with an axe…and I'm not referring to that body scent shit, either.

    • Alumni72

      'merica – fuck yeah!

  • Hunter

    with the storm of death barreling down on New England, I would much rather ride out this blizzard in bed with #9

    • GRyde

      Please Miss, if you're reading these comments, kindly bring us MOAR! And hunker down Hunter. I hope you loaded up on food and booze!

      • Wantomas

        I feel you dude, it's drizzling something fierce out in California right now!! And its down in the 50s. Brrrrrrrrrr.

        • Jen


          sorry, im bitter.

        • dwc928s4

          Fuck off Douche Canoe ! From ohio !

        • Yuppp

          Haha yep. It's been raining one day here in California and I'm already fed up.

          • KyleGamgee

            Yeah, its 2pm and I'm STILL WEARING MY HOODIE? Wtf California? We just HAD rain a couple of weeks ago.

            This is some bullshit.

      • RyanP9ca

        I had her submit a bunch and will get her to send some more in for you GRyde. She is spectacular eh!!

      • RyanP9ca

        She sent in a bunch of pics and I will have her take a bunch more GRyde. She is spectacular eh!!

    • Philly

      I hope that blizzard wipes Boston, the most miserable place on earth, and all it's inhabitants into oblivion. Fuck Boston and Bostonians.

      • hai

        Philly is most miserable, its filled with aggro rednecks… Boston is just a bunch of douchey elitists that think they are awesome because of where they are from.

        • derp

          First off, most people from Boston are not douches. Second, we are better because of where we are from. And yes, I can see where you might get elitist from.

      • marcjwrz

        you only exist for cheesesteaks. That's it.

    • Roger

      Went to high school with this Gal – last thing I expected to see when cruising through the internet's :s

      • Stormin'

        you can't just say that without including a story bro

        • Roger

          Yeah, I fucked her. Fucked her hard then wiped my cock on here dad's pillow.

  • LarsfromNorway

    #32 daaaaamn!!! moar moar moar!

    • DrGarnicus

      For real! Who be this lovely maiden?

    • WalterSobchak_

      This goddess must be found, get on it CHIVE!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan



    • Notknowing

      Baby got SQUISHAAAY!

    • @ricosensey

      FIND FIND FIND!!!!!!!!!

    • FLChiver
      • Shoestring

        Some hot, some not

      • cyclop

        You are amazing, sir!

      • lat297

        FLChiver, you and I should hang out…

        • FLChiver

          Say cool whip again. 🙂

    • Drtychez

      You know I have never posted on chive, but this one popped my cherry. Do us all some good with MOAR.

    • KyleGamgee

      GODDAMN! Moar, pls.

    • Scuba

      She is a MUST find!

    • zackgonick

      Wow. Between her and the similar looking brunette who burned her FLBP bra just recently, I cannot thank theChive enough! Those dimples and that smirk…

    • RocksOff

      She's a hipster, but she's a hot hipster.

  • otto


    I must have and need

    • credible hulk

      too bad she fucked up her face by sticking studs and crap in it.

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

    • Schnizz56

      He's Back!!

    • Yuppp

      It's an imposter unfortunately. SMD only puts "all the way off".

      • StarboardEngine

        What would happen if SMD and Paula had a kid together? God help us all.

        • i8paula

          Where's geen blanstein?! He's fucking hilarious

  • Hunter

    #10 Terrell Suggs is such an asshole

    • Raven

      Colin Kaperdick, I presume?

    • Yeahhh

      Still not as much of an asshole as Jim Harbaugh.

    • atp

      Ur face is an asshole

    • vfd


    • from behind

      yes but he looks faaaaaaaabulous!!

  • Take that bitch!


    Cute, sure, but one hard push and she'd split up the middle.

    • JetBuilder777

      Pedobear says "no bad man" but one eyed trouser snake monster says "just put in in a little see how it goes" damn trouser snake is always right!

    • steve

      I'm willing to take that risk.

    • toobad

      A "middle" you will never experience..

  • baddbuzz

    Godspeed little man . .#11

  • Forever Alone

    I wish I had #4 at home waiting for me.. fml

    • sycosam9

      no kidding. as soon as i got to her, i scrolled down to the bottom to read all the comments…..
      may we have some MOAR please?!

      • Forever Alone

        Yeah, isn't is sad that we're both such pathetic fucking losers.


    Should send #15 cool ass cake to this bad ass kid #11

    • Red

      Well said Dallas dude, well said.

    • blake

      take the robin layer out first

      • Pablo3520

        Or make a superhero cake that looks like him. Kick cancer's ass little hero!
        Damn onions…

      • Aquaman sucks

        and Aquaman.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      John, get on it. Send that cake to that little rock star. Hell, I'll send the money for you to do it. **wipes eyes**



      Chive charities! I'll pay for it!

      • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

        i'll split the cost with ya…chive on…


      • Lyrex

        I'm in too.

      • Lboogie13

        Count me in too! I'll pay extra for some guy dressed as that kid's favorite superhero to deliver it.

  • Constipated

    Is a Friday dopamine dump the kind of dump you take after 5 cups of coffee and half a pack of newports? Because in that case I just dropped a HUGE friday dopamine dump, and you should probably give the bathroom 10 minutes.

    • blake

      no, its more like one of those awesome one wipe dumps

      • Pablo3520

        Lol, the "Ghost Shit"! Nice…

        • Constipated

          The accepted vernacular for ghost wipe is actually the Harry Poo-Dini

  • fuzzbucker

    #16 Nope

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      i leaned forward in my chair…


    • Smokey

      But did he land it?

  • whyme1973

    #4 #9 #32 Beautiful FLBP's you have there, ladies!

  • tv_paul

    #11 Your damn right kid..fight the good fight and KCCO.

  • Judo

    #6 just hold still…

    #35 Where can I get this?

    #36 what am I looking at??

    • chad

      you don't get #35, you build it.

      • Karsten

        But if you dont know how to build it… buy it off someone who does lol
        Google – custom harley bobber

  • jamie

    #4 #32 Mother of God !!! #10 Suggs is Faaaabbbbuuuuulous !!!!

    • Beast24

      Squishy Bombs and Suggsy Bombs

  • jmonster

    #4 stunningly cute girl

  • BobbaFett

    Haha! It's a knock off.

  • EriktheRed

    #16 did he died?

    • UhHuh

      No, he dieded

      • Sebastian

        I believe you are both wrong. He lifed through it.

    • ...

      Parachute dumbass.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka


    • Dan Dierdorf

      Mixing DC & Marvel?! It is pretty sweet though.

      • sweet

        What the hell is between Robin and Spidey? Is that a yellow Hulk?

    • hal

      Unholy mix of Marvel and DC

      • awww shit

        robin and aqua man layers need to go

  • Chad

    #13 wow, that's sexy. Any id? moar

    • Brian

      No ID. Not old enough to drive.

    • random guy

      sexy? cute sure but she needs a cookie.

      • Guest

        If by cookie you mean cock and you just misspelled it… She is the bees knees!!

  • jai

    #32 those dimples!

    • Dan Dierdorf

      Top priority, please find her.

  • tv_paul

    #18 I wonder if you need brass balls to use these?

    • Tony

      The amount of splash-back would be ridiculous!

  • sfb101

    #4 My what big… eyes you have!
    #11 All the best to you little man.
    #23 Excellent, probably one of the priceless shows.

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