Graffiti art can be a wonderful thing (39 Photos)

  • Texas

    #16 That would scare me shitless if I was a drug dealer. You don't mess with Heisenberg.

  • Porkins

    Laughed a little too hard over #38.

  • whoami

    #5 looks like little johnny just discovered the fruits of masterbation

  • David

    Little toooo much photoshop for my taste

  • Woody

    Enough of the graffiti. It's Friday let's have some more T-n-A please!!

  • Shawn

    first nmr

  • David_Lyons

    #23 "A good stiff buggering, getting you will be…"

  • Shawn

    I met the first poster at a truck stop in ND…..

  • Johnny Slappingham

    #13 Would freak me out

    • banksy

      what if it isn't graffiti an the kid is like "how about you put the camera away and help me out of here…?"

  • echogeo

    #6 #10 #12 #22
    The simpler ones are so clever I tend to like them more.

  • Schnizz56

    I just realized I have even less artistic talent than I did before

  • tv_paul

    #20 Paint the fence ..don't forget to breathe

    • TheBAMFinater

      In through the nose. Out through the mouth.

    • dutchie

      "Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, get squish just like grape."

  • Jeff

    #26 is awesome

  • aDoughnut

    #9 is a little fail, look at the yellow and purpel cubes

    • Chazz's meatloaf

      The problem with the purpel is the purple

  • Bassmint_Stile

    #12 It might just be nerd rage, but shouldn't it be little Dig Dugs or Mr. Dos instead of Pac-men.

  • Epitomizer

    Imagine what they could contribute to society if they quit defacing public property and started putting that talent and imagination to good use.

    • ap1.988

      typical fuddy duddy corny white guy answer……….and yes im white too

    • Dr. Gonzo

      Most of the street artists I have met have full time jobs as graphic designers, corporate artists, web designers and in a few cases, teachers. You wouldn't be able to tell a street artist from any other working individual by glancing at them on the street, or by serving them their lunch. Take a good look at yourself and really ask yourself what you contribute to society other than paying your taxes (assuming you do) before you start judging people on their passions.

      • Epitomizer

        Fuck It.

      • twocentsaintonecent

        Save your money you'll need it to paint over the graffiti

    • MtlGirl

      I understand your frustration, but many of these are actually commissioned pieces. Case in point is #5. I live right down the street from it. This piece is one of many amazing facades commissioned by the City of Montreal in the last few years. There is much to be appreciated in the ways of city art.

  • Mari

    #23 Somehow I always imagined ET was a boy.

  • Jung

    #20 'Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything'

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Makes me wish I kept at art.

  • Seldi84

    #20 #26. Awesome

  • blue_bronco

    Why doesn't Maggie have eyes?

  • Trig

    Banksy …tosser. Thats not art its a lazer printer and some screens.

  • Zerve

    #11 should have Oscar Prestorious as the runner

  • chris

    That isnt really graf art. Thats all Street art.Just sayin

  • spliggs

    Whatever. It's mostly dumb-ass wiggers destroying vandalizing private property and scummifying the neighbourhood.

    • gibby

      you're an ignorant idiot. street art is no different than works desplayed in a gallery. they are simply more accesible to the public. get it straight you dumb-ass wigger…

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