That’s doin’ it right (29 Photos)

  • Shea

    #23 Doin' it right

    • yoyo


    • Paula_fan

      That's assault brother!

    • bolweeve

      I bet she climbed up, turned to him and said, "you're buying me dinner".

  • tbjacobs

    #11 Friend Zone Level 1000

    • twins?

      I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they're fraternal twins.

    • yoyo

      Yea I'm going to have to agree, probably just siblings.

    • prison_mike

      nah i went to school with those kids.. the dude was totally pounding her cheeks out, so youre wrong

      • RSTLN E

        Yes, lets take the word of a guy named prison_mike.

    • tbjacobs

      I truly DGAF, fellas. It's called a joke. Overanalyze some more.

      • RSTLN E

        Overuse the joke some more.

        • tbjacobs

          Troll anonymously some more.

          • RSTLN E

            U Mad Bro? LOL

  • oqsig99

    #1 Couch surfing… yep, he's doing it right.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #28 well done #29 nice style

  • asdf

    RIP Dave on Wheels

    • gnocco

      never forget

      • Bathoris


  • bigyawns

    #27 sources say the missing words were "do" and "laundry." Yes he is a pirate

    • Bhodi

      That is brilliant. I'd leave out the laundry though.

  • sfb101

    #15 Pretty cool, or should I say ice cold.
    #29 Gutsy girl!

  • scuba

    #23 Doin' it beyond right!!!

    • Paula_fan

      Sexual assault is not right.

      • iamme

        that was NOT sexual assault. if you have ever attempted anything like that you would understand he was just trying to help any way he could. but a lazy bastard as you probably are wouldn't understand teamwork

    • tralfaz

      Gave her the old bowling ball.

  • MissChris

    #17 Bahaha, oh come on, I bet even Jesus found that funny

    • Hrdwood

      as long as it wasn't a ham sandwich… I've heard he's kosher.

      • tv_paul

        Well considering it involves bread you could add "This is my body you eat and it's yummy"

  • Enders Custom

    Is 29 tooth pulling… What happened to a string and a door?

    • Yep

      hunger games happened…

    • Kassie

      Dude, my dad tried the string and the door thing on me when I was a kid. We found out that tooth was not ready to come out yet cus I ended up slamming my face into the wall. Thanks dad.

      • guest 307

        funniest shit i heard all day thanks hahahahahaha

  • Juan R


  • r00s7a

    #20 Brilliant… except the liquor bottles are a bit small…

    • StevieB

      Couldn't agree more.

  • CndnChvte

    #26 All the way, that's doin it right!

  • FunKiller

    #29 Wow, I can almost feel the pain from here…….oooooh man!

  • Guest

    #29 I don't understand what is – OH MY GOD, NO!

  • tv_paul

    #25 Big Gulp..yes please.

  • tv_paul

    #24 Charades….movie….4 words…I got it ..”Boyz in the Hood"

    • Guest

      Thats "Boyz N The Hood". God, I'm so embarrassed for you right now…

    • TrueCapeBreton

      This is why I always look for your comments. lol

  • ben

    #13 did that whole story mean anything to people on here? im just curious if I'm in the minority or what. i read the whole thing and couldn't even to begin to figure out what the funny part was.

    • ashlee

      That is the greatest little kid ever. He evolved into Raichu . The latter form of Pikachu. Ever watch pokemon? Or played on a game boy?

      • ben

        heard of it but never got into it. guess it was a little after my time, was just curious how many people using the site actually did enjoy the story.

        • Guest

          I laughed my ass of, but only after googling "Raichu."


        Gameboy yes, Pokemon no.

        Damn kids… Get off my lawn!

    • Canucks_Rule

      never watched the show either. but got the gist of it.

    • GUEST

      yes… it was hilarious… but im a 23 yo nerd sooooo

  • wal-mart customer

    #3 go ahead and start saving for child support. just sayin.

  • Peerless

    Damn, Harry Potter is getting old!

  • FLChiver

    #8. Is doing it wrong.

  • @MeanzRock

    Many repeat photos in here…

  • Moe

    #29 that girl is awesome!

  • VT_Chiver

    #13 is forever my favorite kid ever

  • LoganExplosion

    #5 How are they both player 1 (or whatever)??

    • doyoucare

      Why wouldn't they be? The final achievement is "find a wife", so they probably started out with "speak your first word". they didn't even know each other back then and were playing their own console until now.

    • simon

      They're married now – he'll be playing 1 player again soon

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