• nick


  • Ashly

    I feel so dirty after reading that title.

    • DirtBag

      I got so horny after reading your comment.

  • alan

    Damn this reminds me of how much I suck at mini golf

  • echogeo

    Did they make the hole extra large to accommodate the 9?

    • Craigery

      They removed the plastic liner/cup and dug deeper. (They showed how they did it on TV.)

    • too loose

      no…they just used your mom.

      • echogeo

        Well, she died of cancer 6 years ago, so good luck with that….Troll.

  • Craigery

    Yeah, I saw this on TV a few days ago.

    It took them 28 tries to get it right.

  • Ray

    Must be a deep hole for 9 golf balls

    • polkuba

      They dug all the way to China.

  • Epitomizer

    "It's all in the hips" ~Chubs

    • RSTLN E


    • mike

      "just tap it in, tap, tap, tappy, give it a lil taparoo" what a classic movie

  • tv_paul

    Mission accomplished guys… the first round of cardigan sweaters are on me.

  • jfd898

    I guess this is one way to come out of the closet

    • UhHuh


  • Mikeg01sf

    Not sure if impressive..or super douchey

    • Smitty

      I'm gonna go with pretty damned impressive little stunt.

      As for the guys… IDK. They might be douchy, they might be good guys. Can't tell from a harmless golf trick shot stunt video. You can play golf without having to be a douche, right?

      • TrueStory

        You can, but a lot of them are douchey.


    usually you have to pay $1.99 to see 9 balls go in one hole..

    • Epitomizer


    • Jay

      Lance Armstrong resorted to porn now that cycling is over?

  • T-rex

    The hole is like my buddy's ex, lets any and all enter it, even if its already occupied

  • Woop

    Insert cliched porn remark here

  • Beat to punch

    Wow Chive you a little late on this one. Usually you are one of the first ones to post shit.

    • Damnit

      I will say it once and I will say it again, if they hadn't posted it on here I never would have seen it. Sooo GET OVER IT!

    • abefrolman

      I would hope it took a bit of deliberation before deciding to put this on The Chive. I'd like to think there was a heated discussion prior to approving this video. Whether they made the right choice… That is a different matter entirely.

  • sam

    i read the title really fast and thought it said something about a butthole

  • Party hawk

    So that makes them all Eskimo brothers then, right?

  • U.B. Hotch

    I saw a pron like this once, but it wasn't golf balls…

  • meyouher

    Sir! It´s called gentlemanly gangbang…

  • 16inchzipper

    How am I the first say Brazzers!

  • Pep

    white people…

    • Nelson


  • Whitey

    This is the whitest thing you'll see today.



    • Yerp

      Please stop yelling at me..

  • acupofjoe

    Oh..oohhh OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!! Here's a towel.

  • Oscar

    9 Balls in One Hole… Brazzers

  • Bahhhh

    I did that once with nine buddies
    Haven't talked to the "hole" since
    And we sure didn't put that shot on the interwebs!

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