So there’s gonna’ be an afterparty in Atlanta at Churchills!

church lead So theres gonna be an afterparty in Atlanta at Churchills!

All the Chivers have arrived in Atlanta. We’re in a hotel right now drinking and there’s a good vibe going on. Patty has already switched to bourbon.

Tickets to the official ATL meetup sold out in minutes and we know a lot of people weren’t fast enough on the trigger. We’re going to head over to Churchills British Pub, Buckhead tonight around 11pm for an afterparty. So if you missed out, this is your chance to raise a glass with everybody. Come as you are, no tickets needed.

We’ll see the rest of you tonight at the official meetup!

* If Patty doesn’t make it, don’t be surprised.

* Has anybody seen Mac? Please return him. Or don’t.


    If you get a chance, run over to Bone's. Best steak I've ever had.

    • jrock

      That's what she said lmao

  • Jen

    post the DAR first before you go out, dicks.

    • Guest

      Seriously? They really don't owe you anytning… least be respectfull. I's Friday, be happy. KCCO

      • D-Hole

        Thanks, Guest, for this grammatically accurate retort! Touché, as they say. And I'm glad that you's Friday.

  • svp

    boston please chive? thank you

    • David P


    • Andrew


      • David P

        Irish kcco's next Thursday, st patty's day on the horizon,
        I see a pattern developing.

  • bigyawns

    *clicks on picture to view gallery*
    *see's picture*

  • Baby_Steve

    I was there in November and was wearing my BFM shirt and ran into some awesome chivers that also Jäger bombs. Needless to say we ended up at a strip club

  • Underbaker

    KCCO and party hard you Atlantians.

  • MattKL

    KCCO guys! We expect lots of embarrassing pics from this.

  • Michael

    So no chance of any last minute tickets being made available?

  • Kassi

    You need to come home to the Fort and does have a meet up!!! Or just come home and hang out with us.

  • Buckhead

    First and only time in Buckhead I puked on a swing at Mako's then went over to the Cheetah. Good Time!!

    • Dot

      Dude Mako's is long gone unfortunately. Cheetah is still going strong though. Good times indeed.

  • asdf

    Will Dave on Wheels and Gina be there?

  • Paula_

    OK John, I'm beginning to think you don't want Mac back at all. And don't play dumb; you know all too well where he is.

    Since the deadline on my last offer, giving you Mac back for a black KCCO, has also passed, I'll make you ONE final offer.
    You can have Mac back for a Chivette sticker. Just one. It may be a second hand one.

    Just please, Please, PLEASE come get him!!1! He's eating all last years leftovers and the toilet is clogged again. And I can't bear the smell anymoar…

    So… pretty pretty please with barely covered nipples on top? ❤

    – the one you love to hate

    • Confused

      Paula, did your profile get hacked? Cause um….I can't hate this post. Is this some kind of joke?

  • Zedhere

    Have a great weekend Chivers!

  • lashonda

    I'm already here…

  • sam

    well damn. I'll be working at Fish Market right around the corner until 11ish, maybe ill stop by afterwards!

    • MylesofStyles

      Be sure to smell EXTRA fishy when you do!

  • hitman219

    Why Y NO have meetup in 2 weeks when I'm in Hotlanta?

  • Guamie

    theCHIVE and Steamhouse Lounge present theCHIVE's Official Atlanta Meetup and Oysterfest 2013. Atlanta's greatest weekend of the year. 'Shuck and Chive'

  • matt


    • matt


  • zmike


  • 神威

    Norcal meetup?

  • Gordy..

    One of the biggest St. Pat's parties is coming up in Portland….. Might be a good time to visit. Just sayin'.

    • Bryan

      Portland has to at least be behind Boston, Savannah, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and probably some others I'm forgetting about

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Why do 'British pubs' overseas look nothing like British pubs in Britain?

  • DriveBy

    Cmon down! Have a gay old time!

  • Mike

    Crap. I've been waiting for ATL Chive meet up for months but was traveling this week and missed it. I just hope that all gaps were minded appropriately.

  • John

    Aww yeah! Atl, Empire City of the South!!!!

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