Build your own roller coaster costume and be Mr./Mrs. popular (17 Photos)

Honestly, if you build this costume you’re gonna get laid. I read that on the internet somewhere, so it’s probably true.

That might not be true.

  • urmom


  • chivecitybitch


  • John

    da da da dummmbbbbb

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    Ehh don't know how I feel about this costume it's kinda throwing me for a loop.

    • Hrdwood

      Not authentic without vomit everywhere… maybe if they drink enough…

      • for sure

        check the lap of the guy in pink.


  • xBigBossx

    I making this for Halloween.

  • Nigel

    Yeah it's all well and good to hit on a woman wearing a roller coaster costume, right up until the point she starts holding up sticks and telling you you're not "tall enough to ride". So you have to go find the woman dressed up as the tilt o' whirl and we all know that just leads to vomiting and regret.

    • Sue

      I wanted to keep voting on your comment but, apparently, I can only do that once. This was the best one yet. Cheers.

      • Nigel

        Why thank you, madam.

    • WaGGuM


  • Tigger

    Halloween isn't til October, can we hold off on these posts til then… thanks

    • fist

      don't worry, they will repost these pics many times like they do every other one

    • Gallus

      But – costumes are not just for Halloween anymore … 😉

    • Simon

      Other parts of the world have costume parties at other times; I'm at one next month.

  • frank

    That looks fun

  • whyme1973

    #14 Would ride.

  • Diesel

    If someone does this as duck-meets-face Fabio then you, sir/madam, will be my hero.

  • Iam_Davey

    makes me want to puke.

  • MylesofStyles

    The temptation to go naked underneath and go around asking women to pull the "handle" to release the safety bars would be too great.

    • Hrdwood

      and we all know how those things stick… so they'd have to jerk it a lot to get it to release.

    • Stupid


  • Guz

    She'd have been more popular if she'd just shown us her tits.

  • yuup

    What a gay post. That is all.

  • Minha Lenha

    Looks pretty lame actually.

  • zynD

    Why bring sand to the beach

  • unlevelsundevil

    #15 ayyyyy Mill Ave in Tempe!

  • Eric Mulvin

    Hey guys I'm the one who made this w/ my fiance, posted it on reddit the other day, if you go over there and ask questions I'll try and answer them if your interested in making this yourself –

  • Tillman61

    Eric, she could wear a potato sack and still be popular and attractive. Congrats and best of luck!

  • jokester


  • beerich

    You must be this tall to ride

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