Just like that, there’s hope for Tamara (37 HQ Photos)

I spoke with Tamara an hour ago. She was going in for her 7th chemo treatment, right on time. Medical bills paid courtesy of the Chivers. I wanted to give Tamara one last gift from theCHIVERS. As you know, after her 6th chemo treatment Tamara’s world fell apart. Let’s flip the script on the 7th treatment, shall we? By the time she gets home, let’s have completed her $20,000 goal (in addition to what we raised yesterday). It currently stands at $9,000. Something tells me we can hit it 🙂

It occurred to us all as we drove home that the Chive Nation may have helped save a life over the past few days. It’s truly amazing what this community has become, and I’m proud to be a small part of it. Thanks to all the Chivers who showed up yesterday. You continue to reaffirm how amazing this community has become.

Donate to Tamara RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: Just refreshed the donations page and watched it jump from $9,000 to $15,000 in minutes. Unreal.

UPDATE #2: In the blink of an eye, $20,000 and climbing…

UPDATE #3: $25,000

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