• etcrr

    Amazing video and these people make it look so easy

  • fash202

    need to find the video where someone is got a parachute or something though the cliffs!

    • queequeg26

      Jeb corliss grinding the crack?

  • Colin

    is the song saying "fucking awesome that's what she said?"

  • Bryan

    I want to hear this music every time I go to the bathroom. Walk out feeling like an accomplished badass.

    • walkingtheriver

      I know some orchestras that does music like it. Two Steps From Hell, X-Ray Dog, Audiomachine – just a few examples. Let me know if you want more.

      • Bryan

        Thanks man. I appreciate it.

  • tom

    i like how ive seen most of these videos already… on the chive…

    • uncle fisty

      i like how i have read unnecessarily negative comments like yours…everywhere.

  • myself

    Amazing. Makes me realize what a pansy I am.

  • cdanie10

    wow….i feel SO unaccomplished

  • Ever

    Well, I thought I had an ego. But now it's gone.

  • DC22

    music anyone?

    • EML

      Aqua Vitae by Future World Music.

      • JDB

        Grassy-ass poor-favor.

  • Josh Gorter

    Cut the music and the slow mo shots and you wouldn't give a fuck about it.

  • Aske M

    I want skills too 😦

  • Dan

    Makes me want to go buy an HD camera if it comes with all of that.

  • Huge

    They Chived.

  • Shak

    OMG! Extreme Violining at 1:10!!!

    • Alex

      I'm pretty sure that's this girl.

      • JDB

        Ya, Lindsey Stirling. She's pretty hot too.

  • Da Sandman

    my life sure isn't this this beautiful

  • GokuRipsCones

    Is that dude just taking a piss at .50?

  • FactsOfLife

    life is not slow motion!

  • IrishWolfhound

    Wow, rich people's sports. The pinnacle of human achievement.

    • B52

      pffft, you've obviously never met a rockclimber or snowboarder or surfer before…

  • Backslash

    Anyone else think the chick playing the violin was kinda random and misplaced?

  • rcjaos

    I'm going to set my TV to play this as my morning wake up call…….fuck me i'm inspired.

  • TheAutomaticMan

    I'm always really happy with my life until i see these videos.

  • Moppet

    Who does the music for this?

  • Madness

    Guy in 1:37 almost chipped off his head.

  • Cookie

    the basic concept i guess is that if you don't have balls of steel you will never really enjoy life…i'm cool with that 😀

  • Lisa

    damn. time to re-evaluate my lame-ass life.

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