Tiny fighter stumbles but never falls (17 HQ Photos)

Today is World Rare Disease Day. To raise awareness we’re sharing a very special story about a little girl named Aubree, who is affected by a disease so rare… it hasn’t been diagnosed yet.

Aubree’s story is one of perseverance and resilience, a daily search to find a diagnosis, and hopefully one day, a cure. Read and share her story to show your support of the underdogs!


With new independence, Megan looks forward to the future (11 Photos)

When side effects from Megan’s rare diagnosis stopped her from doing the things she loved, she turned into a recluse. From her window she watched her life go by, but 18 year-old Megan wasn’t a part of it.

Now, with a wheelchair-accessible van, Megan got her freedom back. And with a community behind her, she now has the courage to say ‘yes’ to a life of adventure.