These people exist. Part VII (23 photos)

a weird ugly people exist 3s 12 These people exist. Part VII (23 photos)

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  • Katiie

    I don’t get what’s so weird about some of these people…


    Sitting there in your Stormtrooper uniform at your computer is completely normal. Why is that on this list?

  • Dookie

    Not to mention the guy on the 3rd pic.

  • pisadinho

    the girl in the 6 picture from top to bottom is actually sexy. i do not find her weird

    • Red-Joker

      that's what i would imagine cammy from street fighter to look lie in real life. so pretty hot indeed.

  • xclusive02

    that ripped chick is actually good looking.

  • (7'.')7

    if your GF is that hot, and she is willing to dress up as leia, then it’s not weird, it’s weird-tastic.

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  • top dog

    Whats wrong with #6 ?

  • Bobo Mojo

    The guy in the stormtrooper suit is Danny Choo…a well known otaku blogger on Japanese subculture. He is also the son of shoe designer Jimmy kidding…he is.

  • Equalizer

    Yap, 6th picture looks like the female version of Guile, “Sonic BOOM!”…..

  • db3300

    The Stormtrooper looks staged. He’s got 4 computers but they’re all just booted up to Windows and not running anything. I’d expect him to be geeked out on WoW or other role-playing game.

  • Elvellon

    This musy be the stupidest post I’ve seen here… The stormtrooper is not operating Windows, he’s on OS X!! And it is possible to have three screens (and many, MANY more) connected to one computer at once!!

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