I do What I Want

Phrase) 1. A statement one makes when they want to challenge authority or when they don’t want to listen to the advice of others.
2. The battle cry of teenagers and those who don’t want to follow sound advice.
3. The precursor to an epic fail.
4. The life motto of those that have zero f***s to give.

On this page, we have a large collection of “I do what I want” memes. They range from the “Whatever, I do what I want” types of memes like those you'd expect from teenagers to those who have reached a point in life where I do what I want is an accomplishment.


A person who has run a successful business and is independently wealthy can do what they want and have the means to finance it. Also, there are those who have worked hard towards a life goal, such as getting that dream job or playing professional sports. These people have turned “I do what I want” in a major accomplishment.


Some of the best “I do what I want” memes come from the older generation. They have seen it all and done it all, have reached an age that they can say “whatever, I do what I want," and we don't question them because they've earned the right to enjoy life on their terms.


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