Tinder /ˈtindər/
Noun: 1) Social search media app that's often used as a dating app. If you and someone like each other, you can stalk..erm... talk to each other.
2) The daily popularity and judging contest used by millions around the world.
3) Perfect training app for future stalkers and crazy exes.
4) One of the prime example of why you shouldn't trust what you read on the internet.

Via Imgur/AllHailTheMoose

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Tinder swiping at a concert… and that’s how I met your mother (Video)


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There are many people on Tinder who have absolutely no shame. Some of the best Tinder bios also fall in the epic fail category, including a guy who got banned after creating tons of outrageous bios. When it comes to picking up members of the opposite sex, some people go to the extreme. Some just make outrageous claims, such as being an MMA fighter. Others go as far as to post fake or photoshopped pictures. While sad, they make up some of the best Tinder bios.


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