The funny (and proper) way to hang toilet paper (5 Photos)

hang tp lead1 The funny (and proper) way to hang toilet paper (5 Photos)

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  • Looney

    This is so true. How do so many people go through life without knowing this?

  • Philipe

    They only hang it the other way when guests arrive.

  • jeffzero

    Be careful when showing this to your spouse and using sarcasm…. All of the rolls will later be placed the wrong way with the middle bar place just right to fall out when the paper is pulled.

  • junephilippines

    so basic!

  • sarah


  • mook

    Who cares… It is made to wipe your ass. Do you people really worry about things like this in your life?

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  • SquishyFlint

    So what if my comment is two years late? There is one basic factor that was never taken into account: cats. Fuck cats. If you have cats, you hang that shit backwards so that they can't unroll the entire damn thing like a ferret humping a disco ball.

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