WTF?! -Part 5 (26 photos)

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a wtf funny part 5 2 WTF?!  Part 5 (26 photos)

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  • Ladyshamisen

    What the hell is that eye-tongue monster thing meant to be (and do I want to know?)

    • SirDerpalot

      Check out in their section on teratology. It's a birth defect caused by specific alkaloids found in plants the mother may have grazed on.

  • wysiwyg

    nice photoshopped

  • lk444

    whats with the fingers

    • hugoi

      i CAN NOT look at those. oh my god, they fill me w/dread and make me want to vomit at the same time, HORRIBLE

  • Alicia

    the finger thing made me sick =[

  • Jaste

    Someone please tell us what caused that affliction with the finger tips… Just so i can avoid it happening to me.

    Proper horrible.


      Keep your fingers out of Lady Gaga……

  • Looney

    Yeah, I’d really like to know about that too. It looks like either some horrible burn, or a lamprey’s mouth photoshopped onto the ends of the fingers. Eccchhhh.

  • hiy

    does anyone know what the first picture is known by? I remember seeing others that were the same thing but I dont know what to search for

    • LiaMMV

      The title picture is from a series of photographs called understanding joshua. I forget the artist’s name. Google that shit, yo!

      • hugoi

        charlie white is the artist. shits freaky, yo. wth.

  • junephilippines

    omg… the finger thing gave my goosebumps!

  • liz

    The fingers are shopped. They took the mouths of a Lamprey sea eel and photoshopped them regular fingertips. It freaked me out so much that I had to find the correct source for the pic, since nothing is ever sited up here. had the information on them.

  • Rori

    Why do you have a picture of a lolita covered in swastikas and a hitler mustache? That’s just stupid. Someone took someones picture off the web and defaced it, yeah that happends but it’s not funny nor wtf worthy, I think it’s just rude. I’m not saying to censor yourself, but seriously you guys?

  • robin yates

    Rori,,,,,,,,,,, where is your sense of humour ?

  • Alex

    Wow, I know one of these people…

  • Draco

    Hitler chick is hot

    • anon

      id show her my struggle

  • forge

    Yeah, one would expect that someone would feel something going wrong with their fingertips and get them looked at long, LONG before they ended up looking like THAT.

  • forge

    People, go to Snopes and search “finger lampreys”

  • one booger

    this finger thing is def shopped and def a lamprey’s mouth. Still gross as hell

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