This guy hates life (10 photos)

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insane balance acts 3 This guy hates life (10 photos)

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  • Zach

    That is awesome!

  • Lagas5

    No, this guy doesn’t hate life, he is just having fun :)

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  • junephilippines

    hope he falls… hehehe

  • curious

    anybody have any idea where those pics were taken???

    • Towamba

      Most of the pics are taken at Lysefjord in Norway. I recognize the place because I go there from time to time. The stone in the crack is quite famous in Norway.

  • Nv_Me

    Will someone cut him his slice of ATTENTION, so we can move on……

  • Joe K

    Ha, well said

  • jonas

    Most of the pictures are from Norway.

  • Hammie

    They don’t hate life.

    They’re just bored.

    There is a difference.

  • Anonymous


  • Thrace

    I might point out that most of these are taken at Prekestolen, near a fjord on the west coast of Norway.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Late question, does anyone think of the poor photographer? I mean, he must be in some tough spots to get the pix!

  • acrilic_abyss

    what a trip.. no way would u get me to do that…

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